Seven seems to occupy a privileged role among the Illuminati.  There are seven days of the week, and there are seven ages of man.  Seven is considered lucky.

lucky seven

Lucky 7 was a pirate t.v. station, the first in the United States, that aired for three nights in 1978, at the programming center of Syracuse.  

syracuse university

Research universities are always riddled with MK-ULTRA.  


Joe Biden, Dick Clark, and Vanessa Williams are a few alumni of Syracuse.

dickclark vanessawilliams joebiden

Astronaut Eileen Collins, who bears the name of one of the thirteen Illuminati bloodlines, went to Syracuse.  She was a colonel in the Air Force, which provides a front for mind control and satanic activity, the first female pilot and commander of a space shuttle for NASA, which partners with USAF in our abuse under the mission, and a graduate of Stanford University, where CIA still runs mind control programs.  This person retired from service on Walpurgisnacht, or Beltane, an Illuminati holiday. 

NASA – Never A Straight Answer

USAF – A Hotbed of Child Molesters, Rapists, & Satanists

The Thirteen Bloodlines of the Illuminati

commander eileen collins

Another Syracuse alumnus is James B. Cunningham, who served first as Ambassador to Afghanistan, where we fight our longest losingest war for heroin, then as Ambassador to the United Nations, a front for human trafficking and satanic one world government, and finally as Chief of Staff to Manfred Woerner, Secretary General of NATO, another globalist institution.

The United Nations is a Front for Child Rape

CIA Drug Wars from Vietnam to Afghanistan

james b cunningham

In Syracuse, Lucky 7 screened shows used for programming under MK-ULTRA, like Star Trek and the Twilight Zone.  In Star Trek, people would later phase out as they imagined themselves on the holodeck, but first they would go through the Vulcan Mind Meld with their programmers.  I grew up in the same luciferian town and went to the same programming center as Marilyn Lange, the Playmate of the Year, as she was entrained to Star Trek.

PMOY Marilyn Lange in the Satanic Enclave of Westfield

Lucky 7 also screened films like One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, by MK-ULTRA victim Ken Kesey.

More on Ken Kesey – Don’t Get On the Bus! or Get Off if You’re On!

ken kesey hypnopattern

Lucky 7 showed pornographic films such as Deep Throat and Behind the Green Door.

Pornography, Masturbation, and Why To Avoid It

behind the green door

According to the New York Times, a man with a gas mask and a noose around his neck was seen on-screen speaking for the station.


Illuminati Motor Works makes a car called Seven.

illuminati motor works

Illuminati Motor Works Seven is a prototype of a four-passenger battery electric vehicle, which has won funding from the X PRIZE FOUNDATION.

illuminati motor works seven

Seven figures in numerology, where the sum of the spiritual three and the material four is seven.  In medieval education, students pursued the trivium (grammar, rhetoric, and logic) and the quadrivium (music, arithmetic, geometry, and astronomy), a total of seven subjects, collectively known as the liberal arts.  They were probably about as useful to medieval students as my degree was to me, as CIA used liberal arts colleges to sidetrack bright students.  Our parents paid an arm and a leg for our education, so we could earn degrees that made us unemployable.

California – Targeted by the New World Order


Did I mention my college graduated Illuminists like Lynn Forester de Rothschild, the wife of Sir Evelyn Rothschild, and Kris Kristofferson, a slaver for the Vatican, while our president was a Commander of the British Empire and the U.S. Secretary for the Rhodes Trust? 

rothschilds and clintons

Pomona College is named for the Goddess of the Harvest, just as we are about to begin the luciferian Season of Harvest, which runs forty days from the first day of Spring (322) to the first day of May, Walpurgisnacht or Beltane, on which naked children are hunted for sport.

Hunting Humans – The Most Dangerous Game

1000 Points of Light – Chateau des Amerois (The Mothers of Darkness Castle)

luciferian calendar

But my interest here is more in the use of seven for programming under MK-ULTRA.  Hypnosis figures heavily in mind control, and different types of programming, or alters, are placed at different levels up to seven.  As far as I know, there is no deeper level, but some subjects may be programmed only up to five.

Types of Alter Personality (Parts) in Dissociative Identity Disorder
Common: Apparently Normal Parts (ANP) / Host,Child alter,Internal Self-helper (ISH),Introjects,Opposite-sex alters,Persecutor,Protector,Sexual Alter,Suicidal Alter or Internal Homicide,Teen alter. Less Common: Animal Alter,Baby and infant alter, Caretaker/Soother, Demon, Demonic and ‘Evil’ Alter, Fragment, Military or Political Alter, Nonhuman Alter, Robot or Machine Alter, Shell, Spirit, Ghost, or Supernatural being Alters. Sub-parts.No particular types of alter are needed for a DID diagnosis, most people will only recognize a few types. Some people with DID may not recognize any, or may have types not listed. Types of alters depend on what each person needed to survive.

You can learn more about programming from Cisco Wheeler, the grand niece of General Earle Wheeler, Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler on Illuminati Mind Control Techniques

cisco wheeler illuminati book

My programming involved counting, and I would sometimes imagine myself going down different levels of a freight elevator into a mine shaft.

mine shaft

When the Tavistock Insititute held me in a facility in England’s West Country, either in Cornwall or Devon, my father and our host used to sing a counting song, Green Grow The Rushes O.  The song goes up to twelve, but I could only remember to seven.  Memory gaps and disconnects are often significant clues to programming.

Sesame Street, funded by Illuminati scumbag and klansman Robert Byrd, picked up the song, as CIA used it for programming under MK-ULTRA.

More on Jim Henson, the Muppets, and Sesame Street

Folk songs and folk rhymes used to be used extensively for programming.  In my school we did counting rhymes, and in my daughter’s they did Mother Goose.  See how satanic it looks.

mother goose 2

Seven is used in sound programming, since there are seven notes in the musical scale.  Sound of Music was used on me during hypnotic sessions, and sounds were also used over the telephone in OPERATION SLEEPING BEAUTY.

Seven shows up in color programming, used by the Illuminati.  The visible spectrum, with which Illuminist Sir Isaac Newton experimented, has seven colors into which light is split, just as programming splits our personalities.

newton spectrum

Cisco Wheeler writes,

One of the things developed in the California Universities and then implemented at China Lake was color programming, which will be covered later in this book.  Red and green were discovered to be the most visible colors for programming.  Various colored flashing lights were used in programming at NOTS. Survivors of the programming all remember flashing lights.  The use of flashing lights has been introduced into American culture by the CIA. If a person goes into bars and places where bands play, you will notice multi-colored lights flashing.  The flashing lights create disassociation, especially in people who are programmed.

Turns out seven ain’t so lucky after all….


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