Many years ago, when I was a student at Cambridge University, I fell in love, and I travelled to Paris with the woman who became my girlfriend.  I didn’t know that both of us had been hypnotized under MK-ULTRA, that the enemy had sinister plans for us, or much about anything.

I didn’t know that the Statue of Liberty was a sick joke, a statue commissioned by the Illuminati to mock us, depicting the trans-sexual god Attis who castrated himself.

Liberty is a Trans Woman

I just thought it was neat, as Charlotte and I held hands, and floated down the Seine, that the French had a Statue of Liberty, too.

Paris Statue of Liberty

I didn’t know that the Illuminati lay behind the ugly pyramid at the Louvre.

great seal


I just knew we all didn’t like it, and it was a shame, aesthetically, what was happening to Europe.

louvre pyramid

I also didn’t know that I had been programmed to rape Charlotte, a plan that would never work, and that we had been programmed to fall in love with each other, a plan that did.  

Some of my Background under MK-ULTRA

More on my Programming under MK-ULTRA


People can fight hypnotic suggestions even in their sleep, subconsciously turning evil to good, and rejecting insistent and abhorrent suggestions at the cost of anger and bodily tension.

yin yang

I would never turn against Charlotte, or any woman.  I had no idea what was going on, and I was simply over the moon, happy to stroll the City of Love.

In the end, the whole thing would turn out something like Casablanca, which is isn’t so bad.  

We’ll always have Paris, and I have a new sense of purpose fighting the inheritors of a Nazi regime.


Today, Paris is a different place, more akin to the Paris of the French Revolution, the Paris of the Barricades, or the Paris of 1968, than the Paris I remember.

This is the nineteenth week of the Yellow Vest protests, and it’s not pretty.  Police brutality is rampant.

Back in February, over 1800 people had been convicted, and 1400 awaited sentence.  By January alone, over 2000 protestors and 1000 police had been injured.  People have lost eyes and hands, and several have been killed.

Police Brutality, Disinformation, & Infiltration of the Yellow Vests

President Macron’s approval ratings are another statistic to bear in mind.  The Yellow Vests call for his resignation, but he refuses to step down.

Macron Approval Ratings

In Paris, more than 40,000 people took to the streets just a couple weeks ago.  The movement is not slowing down.

In fact, it’s spreading to other countries, where it has met with a similar repressive response.

Why You Can’t Buy a Yellow Vest in Egypt 

yellow vest map

England used to be known for exceptionally civil police officers, but now they knock protestors down, kicking them in the face, as they lie on the street.

What else can you expect from a regime headed by the Windsors, who are nothing but a pack of satanic child molesters?

English Heroes and Traitors: Andrea Davison & The “Royal” Family


The movement is growing, the enemy is desperate, and the Yellow Vests will not back down! 

I have covered the protests elsewhere in addition to the CIA’s attempt to cover them up.  Do not trust the mainstream media.  Real journalists like Tim Truth on YouTube or Luke Rudikowski at We Are Change are the ones who tell the real story.

Paris 2018: The Murder of George Bush, the Rise of Le Pen, & the Yellow Vests


Who knows what will happen this weekend, or what has happened already, given the satanists’ penchant for marker days like March 22 (322), the beginning of the Illuminati’s obscene “season of sacrifice.”

From May 1 to September 11: Lara Logan, Osama Bin Laden & Bengazi


Things are so bad that the United Nations has called for a full investigation of excessive force by the French police.  Since the UN is a globalist institution, and the Yellow Vests oppose globalism, I’m not sure what to make of this….

I guess it’s so bad that even the UN feels obliged to pretend, at least, that it cares about human rights abuses.

Just as protests did not subside, neither has police brutality.

Here you see a female medic, beaten and dragged through the streets.

Here you see police pepper-spray a man in a wheelchair.

Here you see police chase a woman down the street and beat her with clubs.

Of course, if you complain about any of this, or about the invasion of migrant rapists into Europe, you’re guilty of “hate speech.”  By the way, Macron wants people convicted of “hate speech” to lose access to social media platforms for life, and his opponent, a real French hero, Marine Le Pen is currently on trial for “hate speech.”  Why? Because she speaks out against an invasion of muslims, who gang rape women in the streets.

The Illuminati’s Sick Experiment in Sweden

The Rise of Taharrush


And they call us Nazis….  Somehow, when Macron talks about “hate speech,” I don’t think he has in mind the kind of slander endured by a patriot like Marine Le Pen.

lepen defaced

By the way, in November, when all this started, Le Pen’s Rassemblement National overtook Macron’s party in the polls, and we’re coming up on European Parliament elections in May….

chart eu populist

Still, attempting to silence his opponent, and having his police beat protestors in the streets, while they teargas them and shoot their eyes out, is not enough for the traitor Macron, the robotic despot of the New World Order.  He’s declared martial law.

Meanwhile, the French Parliament has passed laws against the Yellow Vests.

Macron violently represses real protests, claiming they are instigated by Russians, but he supports staged environmental protests, while he passes new “climate” laws.

It reminds me of the way the New World Order put forward a neo-fascist “Green New Deal” in the United States, through Soros-supported ex-bartender Alexandria Occasio-Cortez….

AOC 2.0: Dr. Naomi Wolf Calls Out The New Green Deal

There’s a good panel discussion of these issues below.

Meanwhile, Macron, who declares martial law on his own people, declares Venezuela’s election of Maduro “illegitimate,” while the European Union imposes sanctions not on Macron but on seven Venezuelan officials….

The New World Order, which opposes all national sovereignty, opposes each country’s right to elect its own leaders–whether in France, in Venezuela, or in the United States.

Say Hello To My Little Friend

venezuela polls

Previously, NWO questioned President Trump’s legitimacy.  As the blue-pilled morons say, “He’s not my president.”  But now that Trump incorrectly supports regime change in Venezuela, the mainstream media do not attack him with such severity.

mockingbird 05

What could lie behind the United States’ interest in Venezuela?

venezuela oil

I can’t connect all the pieces, and I welcome comments below; but a lot of this seems connected to fake environmentalism, which masks the petroleum industry, which drives wars for oil.  Protests by the Yellow Vests began in response to a fuel tax by Macron’s government, which accompanied the repeal of a tax on the rich, and did little or nothing to help the environment, despite the claims of its proponents.  NWO is pushing worldwide satanic government through false flags, destroying the environment with chemtrails (sprayed from jets flying on petroleum) and plastic bottles (made from petroleum), while they offer global environmental “solutions.”  At the same time, they fight wars for that petroleum, and they claim the United Nations needs to stop those wars, just as it needs to solve environmental problems.  As Myron Fagan points out, they love these kinds of false binds.

Myron Fagan: His Stand against Globalism, the Illuminati, & Rothschild Scum


NWO supports the Green New Deal and Macron’s “environmental” laws, along with a spate of staged environmental protests, while they also support oil-driven wars in the Middle East.  And they’d love a war for oil in Venezuela.  On the one hand, NWO promotes false “environmental” solutions; while, on the other, they grab all the oil in sight.

sleight of hand

As for Venezuela, where NWO seeks to depose the lawful government of Maduro, CIA has a long history of meddling with its neighbors….

Condor South America

Usually CIA’s Latin American interest lies in cocaine rather than oil.

Remembering George Bush: Pedophilia, Cocaine, & Murder

cia cocaine

In Vietnam and Afghanistan, where America has fought our longest wars, CIA’s interest lay in heroin.  Those wars have lasted longer than shorter wars, like those in Iraq or Libya, driven by oil.  I suppose one needs to end a war, making a country relatively stable, to take oil safely from the ground, whereas one needs to continue a war, making a country continually unstable, to move drugs.

CIA’s Heroin Wars: Vietnam and Afghanistan


Whatever its interest, CIA needs to keep its filthy hands off Venezuela.

yankee go home

And the will of the French people needs to be respected.


But without accurate news, no one will know what’s happening.  

mockingbird copy

Without accurate news, people will think the Yellow Vests don’t exist, or they’re a mob ransacking Paris, ruining vacations and luxury shopping, while Macron tries to make the city safe.  That’s what the fake news says, as witnessed by the following trash in The Evening Standard.

Without accurate news, people will think Maduro is not the legitimate leader of Venezuela, and that the people of Latin America welcome our interference in their affairs, an interference that extended once to Chavez but now to Maduro.  Those pesky Venezuelans just can’t seem to elect a leader who meets our approval….

Debunking the Lies about the Venezuela Humanitarian Aid Showdown (online)

Debunking the Lies about the Venezuela Humanitarian Aid Showdown (archived)

The Nature of CIA Intervention in Venezuela (online)

The Nature of CIA Intervention in Venezuela (archived)

Think for yourself:  Don’t trust the mainstream media.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

Liberty Leading The People


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