I am happy to say this website is doing well.  People often write to express their support, and I hope that Fighting Monarch inspires and informs my fellow human beings as we fight the New World Order. 


Traffic is good.  In the last twelve calendar months I have received over 130,000 hits; last week was a solid week with over 5,000 hits; and my new article, on Raquel Welch, received over 1,000 hits on its first day.

Raquel Welch: Her Manipulation by CIA under MK-ULTRA & PROJECT MONARCH

raquel western

Of course, some of that is the bad guys, who are so stupid that they use the front door.  As CIA conspires with the enemies of America, I get unusual traffic from other countries.  I have received over 1,000 hits from Indonesia; over 300 hits from Singapore; over 100 hits from each of Hong Kong SAR China, Cambodia, and Vietnam; and over 50 hits directly from mainland China, where internet use is extremely restricted.  Because CIA, NSA, and DHS conspire with China against American citizens, I got hits from China the very first week I set up my site.  How would they have known I set up my site? Why would they be interested?

My Website Traffic over the First Ten Months


At one point, CIA even directed readers to my site to distract them from news of the Yellow Vests.  Because of OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD, and MI7, people read my article on the Bush Family instead of learning about an important populist movement in Europe.

Paris 2018: The Murder of George Bush, The Rise of Le Pen, & the Yellow Vests


Fortunately, I figured out what was going on through extremely odd FaceBook shares, as discussed in the article above, so I wrote three more articles on the Yellow Vests.  The heroic French, like their compatriots in Europe, fight for freedom against the New World Order, and the press barely covers them.  I hope that people read these articles, because CIA is working really hard to stop accurate news, or any news, of the Yellow Vests from reaching you.

Police Brutality, Disinformation, & Infiltration of the Yellow Vests

The Yellow Vests against the New World Order: Why You Can’t Buy A Yellow Vest In Egypt

Springtime in Paris: They Just Don’t Get It


Meanwhile, my computer has been hacked, and I have suffered multiple cyberattacks.

CIA Cyberattacks My Computer


I have also received death threats, which I have reported to the FBI.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation says the case is open, but, as far as I can tell, they have taken no action to protect my family or to investigate the crimes against us.  That shouldn’t surprise me, since we are talking about an agency that has committed untold crimes against American citizens and illegally spied on everyone from First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt to President Donald Trump.

Read More about the Degenerate J. Edgar Hoover Who Ran FBI for almost 40 Years

Of course, this is nothing next to the abuse I have endured at programming centers in England and New Jersey.

The YMCA Programming Center, Linden High School, Union, NJ, 1976-1978 (part one)

The YMCA Programming Center, Linden High School, Union, NJ, 1976-1978 (part two)

And it is also nothing next to the abuse my family and friends have endured when CIA has broken into our houses under cover of darkness.

Read Part of My Story Here

Read More of My Story Here

What They Want To Take From Us


Most don’t remember because of trauma, hypnosis, electroshock, and memory-blockers like scopolamine, whose use by CIA is well documented.

Congressional Report on Human Drug Testing by the CIA – 1977

Why We Don’t Remember: CIA’s Use of Date Rape Drugs


Meanwhile a family court has taken my daughter from me, after ordering a psychological evaluation that recommended I spend more time with her, simply because I maintain this website.  There’s a picture of my daughter’s mother below, to whom the court gave sole custody.


That’s par for the course in the life of a targeted individual, as is the continual microwave harassment described by doctors like Rauni Kilde, the Chief Medical Officer of Finland.

Microwave Harassment, Mind Control, and Misdiagnosis

Doctors Who Stand Against Microwave Harassment


Today, the enemy took it up a notch, trying a technique they have not used on me before.  As I walked home from the post office, through my white upper middle class suburban neighborhood, surrounded by the countryside, an unmarked black military helicopter hovered three hundred yards off the ground in front of my path, over my neighborhood, for ten minutes.  Clearly, it was a threat, but I just waved and gave ’em the finger.

middle finger

As soon as I reached home, the telephone rang.  I picked it up and identified myself, but the line was silent.  This is how these cowards try to threaten me.  I have seen the number call before, and I have heard it go silent.  Usually, I just ignore it, but this time I hauled off.

As I gave my harassers a piece of my mind, the line went dead.  Then I called the number in Oxford, Pennsylvania, home to a lot of white trash, where there is actually still a KKK presence:  (610) 467-8923.  A recording told me my call could not be completed.  No doubt the enemy will have that number assigned to an ordinary person shortly; but in the meantime I encourage you to call it.  Let’s turn this thing around on them!

New York street scenes

This kind of harassment, gang-stalking against targeted individuals, is organized by the Department of Homeland Security through fusion centers.  Senator Rand Paul has pointed out that these fascist institutions, paid for by the U.S. taxpayer, are often used against whistleblowers, political activists, and just plain ordinary Americans.

That’s why I recently travelled to our nation’s capital, just for a day, to do some lobbying with Richard Lighthouse, Susan Olsen, and Midge Mathis, so we can get another congressional investigation of these crimes, as happened in the 1970s with the Church Committee.

Senate Select Committee on Intelligence – Transcript from August 3, 1977

The folks at Targeted Justice really know their stuff, and I encourage everyone to visit their website and to fill out their affidavit.

Targeted Justice for Targeted Individuals

In Only Ten Minutes, You Can Help Prosecute Criminals in the Deep State

At the website of Richard Lighthouse, you can download free resources like The Governors of Gangstalking.  This short ebook describes the leaders of the gangstalking program in our country:  David J. Glawe and Brian J. Murphy.  Lighthouse tracked down these criminals when three brave police whistleblowers revealed that fusion centers were being used as gangstalking control stations. 

The Governors of Gangstalking by Richard Lighthouse

The Website of Richard Lighthouse

Markus Wolf, the head of the East German Secret Police, or STASI, was hired by the Department of Homeland Security to set up these Zersetzung techniques against us.

Markus Wolf – The New World Order Anti-Christ Who Got Away With It – Eurasia Review


Traitors in the Air Force, run out of Schriever Air Force Base, use their super-computers to attack American citizens.  Dr. William Deagle has an insider’s knowledge of these underground facilities and the satanic trash, ORION, that run them.

The Air Force is Full of Satanists, Rapists, & Child Molesters

So I shouldn’t be surprised to see an unmarked military helicopter show up, hovering, in my front yard.  Black people have been dealing with the ghetto birds for years, but now they’ve moved into prosperous white neighborhoods.  I am reminded of the powerful statement of Martin Niemöller, a Lutheran minister who described the rise of Nazi Germany, as the fascists picked off one group at a time.

martin niemoller

I pointed out the helicopter to a man working on his yard, and he actually thought we needed it to protect our neighborhood from terrorists.  Obviously, he didn’t know that 911 was a false flag, just like the school shootings, under CIA OPERATIONS GLADIO B and GLADIO C.

Gun Rights, False Flag Attacks, & the Manipulation of Public Opinion

GLADIO C – Mia Khalifa, Sex Kittens, and Second Amendment Rights

Most people don’t even know that the British Broadcasting Company announced the fall of Building Seven hours before it happened or that no plane ever struck it.

The Bush Family, Satanism, & Crimes Against America

Heroin: Why We Fought in Vietnam & Why We Fight in Afghanistan

Helicopter harassment is surprisingly common.  That’s how brash the enemy is, especially thanks to useful idiots like my neighbor who, frankly, deserve to live in slavery.  

Urgent Political Action Item – Oppose the PATRIOT ACT

franklin on liberty and safety

Here you can see members of a civil rights group in Phoenix, Arizona, gangstalked by helicopter as they exercise their rights as Americans, engaging in political activism against the police.

That’s the same Phoenix, Arizona, that was started by Freemasons, and is overlooked by a pyramid called Hunt’s Tomb, which offers a panoramic view of the eastern Valley of the Sun, while housing the first governor of Arizona, George Hunt, who held office for seven successive terms.  Hunt was an open member of the Odd Fellows, the Blue Lodge of Masons in Globe and Knights Templar, and Globe Lodge P.G.  In true masonic style, his tomb was built on an ancient astronomical site, aligned to the cardinal directions, with the entrance facing the rising sun.


Its dimensions are the same as the missing capstone of the Great Pyramid, so it evokes the Illuminati symbol we find on the dollar bill right over the words Novus Ordo Seclorum.  That’s Latin for NEW WORLD ORDER.

great seal

The city takes its name from the phoenix, a mythological bird that rises from its own ashes, a symbol of the New World Order.

More on NWO Symbolism – Thunderbirds, Firebirds, & Phoenixes


Many have suffered in Phoenix, under PROJECT MONARCH, including Lynda Carter, whose costume picked up the phoenix, and Patty Duffek, who posed in the first Playboy I ever bought.

The Whore of Babylon: Lynda Carter, Fake Feminism, & the New World Order

The Playboy Mansion, Blackmail, & Rape


Other ghetto birds have appeared in Baltimore, not only during the riots, as you might expect, but in quiet suburban neighborhoods.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Civil Rights Movements (Real and Fake)

More on the Boston Violence Project & the Manipulation of Anger

Meanwhile, in another part of our republic, helicopters harass another fellow American for posting a video on freemasonry.

Here the police state that has hijacked our country harasses yet another woman in her once quiet suburban neighborhood.

And here’s a helicopter that looks rather similar to what showed up in my neighborhood, hovering for ten minutes before the gangstalking scum called my house.  It attempted to intimidate still another American who posted a video on YouTube.

The moronic degenerates that destroy our country are acting up–wilder and wilder, more and more desparate.  These subhuman drug addicts, who use amphetamines and cocaine, are cowards that judge others by themselves; so they actually think that I will capitulate in the face of threats and attacks.  I can only hope they punch themselves out, just as Foreman did against Ali.

Beating the Odds – Muhammad Ali vs. The New World Order

I must be getting to them.


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Our enemy depends on silence.



  1. I’ve been a Deep State targeted for at least 10 years. This process has robbed me of every asset and ruined all other areas of my life. I have been battling electromagnetic, microwave assaults daily for the past 3 years, at different varying levels, duration and intensity. As I type radiation is being directed at my body. Thankfully, this Deep State, New World Order psychopathic political process is being revealed, addressed and therefore progress towards solutions are forthcoming. I have recently joined Targeted Justice and plan on joining in on the law suit. I also want to contribute as much as possible to all organisations fighting to free us all from this worldwide societal plague. Please look for my name, it will be known, as the Washington Poet’s motto states…”Democracy Dies in Darkness”, I however will not, nor will I stand by and allow Democracy to either…Megann Cunningham, Capitol Hill, Washington DC

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