Linda Thompson was a lawyer, a film-maker, and the founder of the American Justice Federation, a non-profit group that promoted gun rights and the United States Constitution.

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I have written elsewhere of GLADIO C, the worldwide attack on our gun rights by CIA and its affiliates.  When you look at the stories Linda Thompson told, you’ll see our need for guns.

Gun Rights, False Flag Attacks, and the Manipulation of Public Opinion

Mia Khalifa, Sex Kittens, and Second Amendment Rights


Linda Thompson saw Bill Clinton for the rapist garbage he was, just like his wife Hillary Clinton, who is a grande dame of the Illuminati.  In connection with the Clintons’ crimes, she compiled a list of twenty-four people who had died under suspicious circumstances, to which United States Representative William Dannemeyer referred in a letter to congressional leaders, as he called for hearings.


Among many others, Cathy O’Brien and Susan Ford have written of their rape by the Clintons under CIA’s obscene PROJECT MONARCH.

Cathy O’Brien – An American Hero

Thanks for the Memories by Susan Ford

Hillary Clinton

These scum are as bad as the Bush Family.  There’s good reason why the Bushes told people to vote for Hillary Clinton against President Trump….

The Bush Family, Satanism, & Crimes against America

Remembering George Bush: Pedophilia, Cocaine, & Murder


Bill Clinton presided over the murder of seventy-five Americans in Waco, Texas, who were exercising their constitutional rights to freedom of religion under the First Amendment and to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment.  There the federal government killed twenty-five children, as it purported to rescue them from their parents.  


Linda Thompson did not remain silent.  Exposing the many inconsistencies in the official story, she worked to expose a government cover-up in a film called Waco:  The Big Lie, which you can watch below.

As Linda Thompson pointed out, three ATF agents killed by “friendly fire” were former bodyguards of President Clinton….


A year later, Linda Thompson produced Waco II:  The Big Lie Continues, which you can watch below.  There she offered rebuttals to critics of her first film.  

That same year, in 1994, Linda Thompson made another film, America Under Siege, which you can watch below.  The film accused FEMA of setting up concentration camps and the government of using black helicopters against patriots.

The traitors have sent those helicopters into my neighborhood in direct response to this website.

Ghetto Birds: Helicopter Gangstalking

black helicopter

They don’t intimidate me, and they didn’t intimidate Linda Thompson either.  This American hero is now silent only because she is dead.

Let’s make her life more meaningful by watching her films.


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Our enemy depends on silence.



  1. Thank you very much for the clarification. We know from our great historical thinkers that the light of truth ultimately destroys the darkness of lies. I count myself as one of the torchbearers for truth in Germany and count it a lucky moment when you were brought to my attention by American Intelligence Media. I am very eager for your further reports and remain with warm light greetings!

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