As many of you know, I strongly endorse Dr. Katherine Horton, who has taught me a great deal about the scum that abuse us.

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Here I want to talk about the scum that harass her.   Jonathan Sumption, a.k.a. Lord Sumption, has stalked Dr. Horton in Oxford, in London, and in Munich.  

sumption 1

At the same time, he was promoted to the supreme court, the highest court in England, straight from the bar, without having served as a judge in lower courts–an exceptionally rare promotion.  Maybe he would do better to call himself Lord Presumption.  And you have to wonder what he did to earn this promotion, so, who knows, maybe Lord Suck-Up would suit him better.

sumption gown

What else can you expect in a country governed by child molesters, rampant with corruption, where members of the royal family rape children.

English Heroes and Traitors: Andrea Davison and the “Royal” Family


Meanwhile, other members of the royal family are simply high-level versions of the village idiot.

Edward Windsor: The Boy Prince at Jesus College, Cambridge

edward uniform 3

Under the watch of Lord Sumption’s associates, England sits idly by while her children are raped by muslim hordes.

Immigrant Child Molesters in the United Kingdom (archived)

Immigrant Child Molesters in the United Kingdom (online)

taharrush white 03

Aside from his work as a barrister, and his stalking of Dr. Horton, Jonathan Sumption is known for his history of the Hundred Years War.  No doubt research into the atrocities of this period allows him to indulge his sick fantasies.  It’s a sophisticated version of watching Game of Thrones.

Cartel Signaling in Game of Thrones

game of thrones

Sumption may not have been able to work dragons and zombies into his magnum opus, but he does have sophisticated weaponry at his command.  As soon as Dr. Horton exposed him for the pervert he is, she was hit with a barrage of directed energy weapons.

Microwave Harassment, Mind Control, & Misdiagnosis

Doctors Who Stand Against Microwave Harassment


Here I’m interested in Jonathan Sumption’s tattoo.   The Illuminati hypnotize people to brand themselves like cattle, and those brands have meaning.


The Nazis, run by the Illuminati, tattooed the people they herded into concentration camps.


The Illuminati hypnotized the royal heads of Europe to brand themselves.  Tsar Nicholas II, whose son they destroyed with hemophilia and hypnotism, before they killed his family, is only one example.

Tsar Nicholas Tattoo

Likewise, you can see Illuminati brands in the all-seeing eye tattoo worn by sex-slave Miley Cyrus.

Satanic Cartel Signaling: From Miley Cyrus To The Beatles

miley-cyrus-eye-finger-tattoo copy

Mia Khalifa is another sex-slave, brainwashed by the Illuminati, who wears an upside-down cross, indicating satanism, on her arm.

Mia Khalifa and Satanic Cartel Signaling


Dr. Horton’s stalker is old-fashioned.  Like Winston Churchill, who pimped his mother for military assignments, and his wife for political favors, Sailorboy Sumption wears an anchor tattoo.

anchor tattoo

That could indicate homosexuality, since the British aristocracy is rife with pillow-biters, like Edward VIII and his cousin Lord Mountbatten.


Certainly, the Illuminati love to dress homosexuals in sailor suits.

sailor cologne

And let’s not forget the hit by the Village People:  In the Navy.  Either owning up to its reputation for rampant homosexuality, including man-on-man sexual assault, or simply not getting the joke, the navy considered using the song for a recruiting campaign.  Top brass provided the homosexual group access to the San Diego Navy Base, where the USS Reasoner (FF-1063), several aircraft, and the ship’s crew were used in the video.

The navy has more sinister overtones, as so many are raped and abused at China Lake, its base in the middle of the desert, described by Cisco Wheeler, the grand niece of General Earle Wheeler, the Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Books by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler on Illuminati Mind Control Techniques


Aside from indicating homosexual abuse, which he certainly got when buggered at Eton, and later sexually abusing younger boys, Jonathan Sumption’s anchor tattoo may suggest fish-hooks, which are put into the privates of victims by Illuminists, just as fishing is cartel slang for the rape of girls.


The symbol is picked up in films by Disney, the same company that lies behind the destruction of Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, and so many other children.  Susan Ford describes horrific abuse at Disneyland.

Thanks for the Memories by Brice Taylor (Susan Ford)


I think it’s fair to regard tattoos as rape scars.  In the Sudan, which the New World Order has destroyed, horrific rape is unbelievably common.  In Juba, the capital of South Sudan, seventy percent of women living in “protection of civilian sites” were raped, mostly by police and soldiers.  In the north, during the Darfur genocide, government forces employed a systematic campaign of rape, mutilating the privates of survivors, sexually assaulting children, and killing babies.  Most were gang rapes.  One third of the victims were children, and the atrocities went on for years.  Across the north and the south, women are gang-raped with sticks and knives, while men are sodomized and castrated.  Attackers inflict scars on their victims, biting off a nipple or a chunk of someone’s face, in attempts to devalue them.  These atrocities are caused by the Illuminati, and I think it’s fair to regard tattoos not only as brands indicating the ownership of slaves but as rape scars indicating sexual abuse.

If that’s so, one can’t help but wonder.  Who raped Lord Sumption? Who is his controller? And who is his owner?


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