The Armed Forces are full of rapists.

infographic rape 1

Military sexual assault is on the rise.

rape statistics 2

Every thirty minutes one of our soldiers rapes someone.

rape statistics

It has recently gotten worse.

rape statistics 3

Rape is a recruiting tool, so thugs sign up with dreams of rape overseas.

rape statistics 4

They turn on their comrades in arms.

military rape statistics 6

More than half of military rape is male-on-male.

military rape infographic

I can’t stand to look at specifics, but I felt obliged to draw some attention to the epidemic of crime and betrayal.

I applaud the brave survivors who come forward.

military rape survivor

Rapists thrive on silence, so, for those who have a legitimate interest, I have posted two documentaries.

Why do all these crimes happen? The answer is simple.  The military is full of woman-hating freaks, and cowards who do nothing to stop them.

aquino presidio

Heterosexual assault could be lessened if men and women served in separate units.

wac poster

But the brass want this situation.

aquino set

We’re paying for it.

Click Here for the Federal Debt Clock!

defense spending budget

Under the Constitution, Congress has the absolute Power of the Purse–to fund or defund any government agency, and it is required to review the budget of the army every two years with a view to disbanding it.

The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes…To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years.

Congress should defund the military–not to mention CIA, NSA, DHS, FBI, and the other traitors to our country.

capitol money

Meanwhile, for God’s sake, don’t sign up.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

america first


    1. That’s the Virginia Courts all over–not to mention the United States Military.

      I saw eighteen years of the Virginia Courts, as they worked, unsuccessfully, to destroy my daughter’s life, while shitboys, who whore themselves, prattling of honor, pretend to be gentlemen.

      (And I am sorry for the language, ma’am, but there are no pretty words for it).

      My father “served” for four years with scum who were put in by judges from 1959 to 1963, while he hated it–including the time he spent on Shore Patrol, for the Coast Guard, beating the hell out of jarheads and squids who sought to cause trouble in Norfolk.

      Rest assured that the rapist who attacksd your friend was violated by others, repeatedly, with objects, in military bases.

      Rapists rape rapists, while the little woman-hating homosexual cowards seek to earn the approval of the scum that do it to their boy-bodies.


      1. maybe I should do a post on this….rapists get outta trouble by going in the military and attach your link on the Military being full of rapists! BTW I lived in an expensive high rise in Richmond, Virginia…Monroe Park Towers . A 26 year old school teacher was violently raped and then stabbed to death on the top of the building where she was sunbathing. The 19 year old Maintenance man did it. I fled from there subleasing my apartment cuz I couldn’t stand being there after that. I had ridden in the elevator with this creep 11 at night and got a Horrible vibe. I was picking up his thoughts that he wanted to do something VILE to me. I was So Terrified I ran out of the elevator and Ran All the way down the hall to the end where my apt. was. My hands were shaking so hard I could barely get the key in the lock. One month later the schoolteacher was DEAD! Think the state of Virginia likes rapists! I can’t believe this 19 year didn’t have a CRIMINAL RECORD. That’s what the managers told me. I didn’t believe this. Virginia was full of rapes and murders. I barely escaped a violent attacker who had a black belt and Thank God the Police showed up. I bet he got away with not even a citation for Attempted Rape/forced confinement.

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