America is just as much of a lie as England, where people fail to live up to the standards they espouse.

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The land of the free and the home of the brave is nothing but a bunch of slaves and cowards wearing masks.

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The Federal Reserve plunges us into debt and the government takes our liberty, while they kill our presidents.

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Meanwhile, they go for our guns.

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The revolution itself was a fake:  one-third of the colonists were loyalist, one-third were breakaway, and one-third were neutral with only five percent active in the Continental Army.

So slave-owners who wanted to be free fought a war started by a false flag attack, the Boston Tea Party, arranged by a secret society, the Sons of Liberty.

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The word patriot was just as much a lie back then.

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And the soldiers are in on it!

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The war started over a sales tax on a luxury good, but George Washington was quick to smash the Pennsylvania Whisky Rebellion.

He was against taxes on tea, collected by others, but not taxes on booze, collected by him….

It’s something you can read about in my books, as the American Indians were exterminated by the government that claims to admire and protect them.

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The English Freemasons were behind the whole thing, so America never became independent.

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That’s why we saved the Limeys’ bacon in World War One and World War Two—when we absolutely should not have.

Then there’s Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit Jew, who founded the Bavarian Illuminati, on May Day, immediately before the announcement of independence on July Fourth, so, while our government would stay the same as the English form, with an upper and lower house, and an executive, a president but not a king, and the common law would remain unchanged, as the property rights of neutrals and patriots remained unaffected, we would take the name of our new money from the Jewish bankers.

That’s how the thaler became the dollar.

Magic days are important to the luciferian scum that run the conspiracy.

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So we see the largest engagement of the American Revolution on September 11, 1777, as the Battle of the Brandywine was fought next to my home.

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Likewise, we see the Civil War determined through its most important engagement, the Battle of Gettysburg, in which my great-great-grandfather fought, on Independence Day.

Did you know that our second and third presidents, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, who were apparent rivals, each died, hundreds of miles away from each other on the fiftieth anniversary of the original Independence Day?

Did you know that King George III, who was actually a nice fellow, showed all the symptoms of microwave harassment, just as the child molester, Benjamin Franklin, who belonged to the Hellfire Club, teamed up with Matthew Boulton, in England, of the luciferian Lunar Society, to experiment with sound and electricity?

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Radio Free Europe, which made its first broadcast on July 4, 1950, sounds innocuous, but it’s not:  it’s never been radio free in Europe….

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Given the satanic enemy’s preoccupation with dates, let’s look at other significant events that happened on July Fourth.

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The satanic conspirators are interested in the stars.

Orion is a secret group in the Air Force.

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And the Seven Sisters, or Pleiades, are a constellation that is important to them.

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So, perhaps it is significant that, as the luciferian lunatics practice their star magic, the brightest known supernova, SN 1054, which created the Crab Nebula, was first reported on July 4, 1054.

And, since the American Revolution is an asset strip and a constitutional change, just like the one the masonic conspirators effected through the English Civil War, it seems interesting that the English Barebones Parliament, through which a military dictator came to dominate their country, went into session on July 4, 1653.

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We can skip over stuff that obviously builds on American mythology, like the founding of West Point, the announcement of the Louisiana Purchase, the Texas congress voting for annexation, or changes to the flag to reflect the introduction of Alaska and Hawaii as our forty-ninth and fiftieth states.

But we might look askance at the installation of William Howard Taft as the first governor general of the Philippines, on July 4, 1901, the establishment of civil government in the Philippines by Theodore Roosevelt, on July 4, 1902, and the supposed independence of the Philippines, as proclaimed by the United States, on July 4, 1946.

Then there’s the declaration of independence of Ethiopia by Great Britain, France, and Italy, on July 4, 1906, while Ethiopian New Year falls on September Eleventh, and the country’s emperor, Haile Selassie, was deposed for exactly five (5) years between the fifth day of the fifth month (5/5) in 1936 and the fifth day of the fifth month (5/5) in 1941, as, meanwhile, Cinco de Mayo (5/5) is another satanic holiday.

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Or how about the end of the Ottoman Empire, as the British carved up the Middle East, redrawing the map, to get oil, make Israel, and set the stage for World War Three on July 4, 1918?

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It’s a great day to set up fake nations!

Or how about, as the banksters run the Reds, the opening of fire on protesters in St. Petersburg, by the Russian Provisional Government, as the final step in the Russian Revolution on July 4, 1917?

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It may be significant that (i) construction was begun on the Erie Canal, an enormously important superhighway, one hundred years earlier, on July 4, 1817, (ii) construction was begun on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, the first American passenger railway, on July 4, 1828, (iii) the first London bus began service on July 4, 1829, (iv) the world’s first long distance railway, the Grand Junction Railway, opened in England on July 4, 1837, (v) the first transatlantic crossing with a scheduled end began, as the RMS Britannica sailed from England to Canada, on July 4, 1840, and (vi) the first scheduled transcontinental passenger train reached Port Moody, British Columbia, in Canada, on July 4, 1886.

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Canada is in on this, too.

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So, in England, America, and Canada, which never actually separated, the bankers who gave us the dollar work to control transportation, one of the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto, which they sponsor.

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So, of course, they laid the cornerstone for the Second United States Mint on July 4, 1829, to make the Grecian Temple in Philadelphia.

That sounds about as American as the Obelisk in Washington.

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The homosexual child molester, Walt Whitman, published Leaves of Grass, sounding his barbaric yawp, as he was attacked with microwave harassment on July 4, 1855.

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And, in one of the most commonly used pieces of programming, the masonic child molester, Lewis Carroll, created Alice in Wonderland on July 4, 1862, while he published it on July 4, 1865.

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They are like the homosexuals in the United States Military!

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Meanwhile, the first public exhibition of electric light, while the electric grid is used to attack our bodies with microwave harassment, was made on July 4, 1876.

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That was in San Francisco, but, on the same day, in New York, Bartholdi visited Bedloe Island, the future home of his Statue of Liberty, which France gave to our country on July 4, 1884.

Thus, the satanic trans-sexual god could welcome millions of unwashed and illiterate immigrants to destroy our country.

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They mock us.


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  1. Great post, Tim. So much evil, it’s almost unfathomable! The trains section got me recalling the film “Snowpiercer,” which is probably another horrific HellyWeird piece of predictive programming.


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