Romantic love is a psychological operation through which the Illuminati seek to manipulate people.

Romantic love did not exist as a concept until one thousand years ago.

Tristan and Isolde romanticizes adultery.

Lancelot romanticizes adultery.

Romeo and Juliet romanticizes suicide.

There are many other stories, songs, and movies to support similar themes.

All are driven by irrational obsession—-i.e. romantic love.

Petrarch saw Laura three times, and she was far too young for him, as he furthered this tradition.

The tradition forwards the idea that sudden irrational attraction is an ennobling force while it destroys those who feel it.

And the theme is picked up many other places, as romantic love is stupidly seen as a problem solver.

Teenagers are the most vulnerable, as they are drawn away from right behavior.

Romantic love is self-destructive, and it can lead to suicide, violence, or obsession—-distracting people at best.

The Illuminati are behind the popular idea of romantic love, so that plays like Romeo and Juliet, which serious critics do not highly regard, are taught to middle-schoolers as they are picked up in the movies.

They use romantic love to destroy people.

And they also use sexual obsession.

This promotes their breeding programs, as they lead people together in arranged pairings.

Through cybernetic mind control, they hypnotize people to feel a mysterious attraction.

And, through arranged meetings, they draw people together.

You can read more in my books, which you can download, for free, below.

People who enter into relationships should do so from a healthy and strong position where they use their reason to evaluate the suitability of their partners, and they should not look to save or redeem incompatible others nor should they see romantic love as something that will give meaning to an otherwise empty life.

They say love is blind—so open your eyes!


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  1. This is an excellent and very important post! I was mind-controlled around the age of 11 into “romantic love.” This was a crucial time when I was also trying to free myself of the constrains and exigencies of “social CON-structs.” I got sucked into the vortex and did finally break free, after much trauma and psycho-spiritual damage, at the age of 33 (interesting number, to say the least). Even more interesting, a good friend and I just started talking in the last few days about the damage of romantic love! Perhaps this means that our genuine, Divine psychic powers are emerging as we work diligently to reclaim our sacred being-ness and the “rights” that come along with it!


    1. Thank you for writing, lady!

      I took the liberty of cleaning up your English, just a little, in posting your reply.

      It is always an honor to meet an intelligent foreigner who takes the trouble to read my articles in what is not her native tongue.

      Please let me ask you, though: why do you call yourself Victoria Mortis, which means Victory of Death?


  2. Ed Donegan offered Terms which describe GangStalk methods

    Fixing on behalf of power holders: The “plumbers” operators go in and undercover fix situations politicians need fixed by altering appearances, outcomes, lives, and even facts which are derived from staged events that did occur but did not occur naturally.

    Indignification: Persons or business that are threat may be slandered, indignified by unjust smear tactics, and worth of targeted person hijacked by others via Espionage capabilities surveillance or Conspiracy against Rights including political, intellectual, speech, or religious rights. Selecting In, Out, Down. Selecting Down is a Card Trick of Con Artist who can move a card by slight of hand to a lower place in a deck or to the top of the deck.

    Assassination by Brinksmanship: So offense or existential threat conditions or such irreversible harm can be manufactured for the Stalk Victim a lethal and losing flash-fight fight may still result and cost the Stalk Vitim his or her life. “Brinkmanship involves the introduction of an element of uncontrollable risk: even if all players act rationally in the face of risk, uncontrollable events can still trigger the catastrophic outcome. In the “chickie run” scene from the film Rebel Without a Cause, this happens when Buzz cannot escape from the car and dies in the crash.” From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia/

    The name “chicken” has its origins in a game in which two drivers drive toward each other on a collision course: one must swerve, or both may die in the crash, but if one driver swerves and the other does not, the one who swerved will be called a “chicken”, meaning a coward; this terminology is most prevalent in political science and economics.

    The name “hawk–dove” refers to a situation in which there is a competition for a shared resource and the contestants can choose either conciliation or conflict; this terminology is most commonly used in biology and evolutionary game theory. From a game-theoretic point of view, “chicken” and “hawk–dove” are identical; the different names stem from parallel development of the basic principles in different research areas.[2] The game has also been used to describe the mutual assured destruction of nuclear warfare, especially the sort of brinkmanship involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    Time Consumption : Those like myself who wish to build an intellectual Natural Law Philosophy Scientific Epistemic fabric of political philosophy. moral philosphy, dirved from Natural Rights theory. Causing harrassing fights which consume time is an FBI system for disrupting “radicalism” by distracting activities and even distracting noise or other harassment.

    Maladministration, Road Blocking, and Double-Agent Gramms : Bad Faith harrassment of Targeted Indivciduals is achieved by Double Agents who pretend to be neutral parties acting in Good Faith but instead in bad faith make up reasons a lease will end, etc., with excuses like “a new roadway is planned, etc., so, unfortunately, it seems you home will be affected and you will have to move.”

    Social Sabotage: The Gang Stalkers will mob any new potentiall association in life and gossip destroy any fruitful result of the desired new assocation, and in fact often the gossipers will suggest characteristics or propety of the Stalk victim be obtained from the Gossipers instead, thus passing by the Stalk Victim in the roadway forward.

    Prerequisites sabotage or depletion: Peaceful environments, Sailboarding on a nice day, non threatening public locations, quiet for work, all go into effective mental states and normal life activities. Toxifying all of this creates frantic emotions and hassled frustrated struggles. I Ed Donegan have to MEET people by first warning them the FBI is stalking me and SOON they will Stalk you and you are now in a fishbowl and your friends may be too. Nice start to things.

    Slush Funds: Often the GangStalk is part of Shadow Government and includes lucrative illegal profits. Recruiting operatives into the program under various pay-ff methods allows the illegal operation Human Resources via ensuring recruits will be influenced by personal gains or desire to participate.

    Star Chambers: Blind Conservators or Misrepresentions behind the scenes who work in cahoots while a Stalk Victim is left out of proceedings though is the stakeholder in the outcome, the Shadow Gov works behind the Stakeholders back and protects itself.


    Generally Human identity, property, rights, and protection from assaults and protection from harassment is built into modern societies.

    The Gangstalk sets up getting control of an environment like taking over a local business then starts forms of trespass such as unwanted and maliciously motivated conversation that is both harassing and a threat from a fraud perspective such as photo-boming a Stalk victim near a security camera in the in the store by adding a child in who is being abused,in such as way the resultant photo is KOMPROMAT and an abnormal scene which people would call in to question as suspicious activity upon seeing the security cam photo. A Dopple in the same store may steal the ID of the Stalk victim and confess to misconduct, perhaps even in the stalk victims home when the stalk victim is not home. It is a common complaint of Stalk Victims that landlords and business owners will go along with Stalks and often when a Stalk victim moves in to an area the Stalkers will buy local business and gain positions of power and access to the Stalk victim, and setup precursor material to later gossip. -Ed Donegan

    As I write this book about the FBI people (city employees) begi9n banking on dumpsters near me “accidently,” children in nearby apartments start shreaking, sex noises high offense next door are shouted, junk phone calls come in just as I am typing etc., In acts called Brighing cqrs emphatically flashy lights, honk horns, skied tires or rev engines and intense and sharp gesturing out of place with the environment. Death threat can occur such as flahses of knives from outside windows, other activities, even attack or stealing somputers.

    All are intrusive violations of space and vary in legal meausre as individual acts but are in also in furtherancxe of disruptions into a home or use of public property.

    The Trespass in my case often involves Sexual Attack, psychotic shouted “cum” noises” or pervert type gestures such as children making sexual gestures or positions near me or even outside my windows or as I am undressing for the shower or to use the toilet. Sexual attack in the outdoors public area rather than through my apartment walls and vents don’t need a condition of nudity, just things like underwear stolen from me strewn about, lewd comments, lewd acts, etc., even if clothed, an unwanted physical contact, assault and battery.

    Fate Kontrol And Rooadblocking-Hijacking

    Sometimes called Mind Control or Mind Kontrol which is more general, the idea of manipulating thinking is what PsyOps is about. Fate Control may slander a Targeted Person, a person Targeted for Harassment, an the Espionage Stalk Team my undermine the Stalk Victims life covertly and effectively.

    At its most successful a person under Stalk my alter life plans, life decisions, and life outcomes because of the stalk. In Corpus Christi I decided to stay safe in my apartment after a trip the the grocery store on foot and the bus led to 3 very near violent fights setup by an illegal operation and as in most cases some of the people attacking me were crazy and likely thought I was out abusing children or something like that.

    It is also possible that the police operating as criminals changethe Stalk Victim to an anti-government stance and acts in that direction also alter the perception or life outcomes of a Stalk Victim. I Ed Donegan hold anti-police sentiments that are not out place in the context of police abuse I have been subjected to but are out of place if the police instigation are successfully denied by police and police are the good guys. I have suspected the FBI or others needed Russian Terrorist to attack Boston and the JFK library and the Tsarnevs were sensitized against the USA just as loyal patriot Ed Donegan has been mentally directed to as political position.

    “Power gives people an opportunity to act as predators because it reduces the risk of consequences from what would otherwise be social suicide. No one can rape the president without being exposed and punished, but the president may believe he can rape someone without consequence because his power can be leveraged to keep silence victims, dismiss allegations, and punish accusers. Tragically, powerful people believe they can get away with it because in fact they often can. Power truly insulates a person from the vulnerability and risk that most people face. This is true of political power, physical power, social and communal power, and especially spiritual or religious power.” Sexual Assault and Abuse of Power *

    Landlords, grocers, or others by Sexual Assaulting a tenet or parishner can create a grievance procedure which from the position of power can be resolved against the tenent and a tenet evicted, etc., I have found the Gangstalk uses positions of power to assault from so that a fight with a needed service such as financial, housing, or other emerges which creates a break. I had been assaulted and evicted from so many laundry mats where police started the fights I thought I would have to wash my laundry in a home wash tub because there were not places left I was not banned from. Often a defense act from an attack victim like me leads to my eviction as a roadblock and someone else will assume my identity after I am moved off property I signed up for or entered. The scheme is hijacking starts of something by creating a block is called .. a Roadblock where a person is bumped off the path they had initiated and were on until attacked.


  3. Romantic love is not love , it is a societal obsession People leave their families for a delusion They lose their logic to crave a lie


  4. Did you see what they did to Andrew Pero (M1ch4el Andrew Pero III)? The MK project superman/montauk slave? His whole book was available in the internet. They managed to drive him to a city to meet an ex acquaintance/girlfriend from college and what happened next is that he was arrested for murdering her. After reading his book four times it’s impossible to think he would do that by himself, but people who met him personally after he started denouncing the mind control he went through as a US soldier said that in his last days free he was far from “normal”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for writing.

      I remember reading parts of Superman after I woke up and shortly before I set up this website.

      Click to access Project%20Superman%20-%20Mind%20Control%20and%20the%20Montauk%20Projects.pdf

      Andy Pero gave me some helpful insight, which I have used in writing books and articles, although I think it is plain that the enemy was playing games with his head, since there’s no such thing as time travel or aliens.

      I imagine he was probably framed for the lady’s murder, as he was targeted.

      I put.some links above, but, if you have a better link, for other readers, please send it along, so people can read more of his story.


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