More than thirty years ago, the National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Tavistock Institute went to great lengths as they attempted to arrange a sexual liaison between me and a classmate, as we both attended Pomona College.

You can read about Pomona, named after the Roman Goddess of the Harvest, in my book, Playboy’s Progress, available for free below.

It’s where Lynn Forester went to school before she became Sir Evelyn Rothschild’s wife.

And it’s where the Disneys send their brats; so it’s not just one of the very best liberal arts colleges in the country, but it’s also full of mind control, as the Illuminati and Freemasons run the place.

The classmate with whom the mind control boys sought to pair me was the granddaughter of Heinz von Foerster, a cyberneticist who worked for Hitler before he worked for the Macy Foundation, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Pentagon, as he founded the Biological Computer Laboratory at the University of Illinois.

You can learn more about Heinz von Foerster in The Minds of Men by Aaron and Melissa Dykes, which describes MK-ULTRA, under which CIA used cybernetics for mind control.

You can learn more about Heinz von Foerster in Das Netz:  The Unabomber, LSD and the Internet, which connects cybernetics, the counter-culture, and state-sponsored terrorism.

And you can learn more about the enemy’s use of sudden romantic or sexual attraction, induced by cybernetics, and paired with arranged meetings, in my article below.

It’s what they used to attack Marilyn Lange, the first woman drafted by the North American Soccer League, who posed as Playmate of the Year, as she grew up in my town and we were both brainwashed at the same programming center disguised as a soccer camp.

Anyway, as they used mind control on all of us, NSA, CIA, and MI-Whatever worked to bring me together with the granddaughter of their cyberneticist: Heinz von Foerster.

I have written about their placement of us in the same courtyard at Pomona followed by their movement of us to Vienna, where they arranged what seemed a coincidental meeting.

That didn’t work, as you can read in the article below.

Or you can read a parallel passage in a chapter called “Musée des Beaux Arts” in my second book:  Playboy’s Progress.

I have also written about the placement of a lookalike to this woman, the granddaughter of an extremely evil man, in Playboy Magazine, by Army Seventh Psychological Operations Group and Military Intelligence, Section 7, or MI-7, as you can find in a chapter called “Lookalikes” from my third book:  Wonder Women.

The enemy was going to extraordinary lengths to pair us up, placing us in the same courtyard for a year, moving us together “by chance” six thousand miles away, and putting a lookalike in Playboy.

But they didn’t have to go to all that trouble because the courtyard might have been enough to get us together if they had just left us alone.

In the fall of 1987, my classmate and her friends built a fire in the lounge that overlooked our courtyard, and I stopped by to join them for about half an hour.

At a college where alcohol consumption was not forbidden, as we drank beer under its protection, bought with college money, at college-sponsored parties, we easily could have made the fireplace lounge a weekly tradition.

It’s always chilly at night in the desert, so the fire would always have been welcome.

We could have had wine, cheese, crackers, and apples—feeling like real grown-ups.

We were used to drinking cheap keg beer, with low alcohol, so the wine would have made us loopy.

Wine, cheese, and crackers every week probably would have led to the hook-up they tried to arrange through the placement of a Englishwoman in Playboy Magazine, as they moved her from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, and the movement of my body and my classmate’s to a train station six thousand miles away.

But that was just too simple, not to mention unachievable, for the scum that seek to arrange, structure, and destroy our lives, as they failed utterly in their plans for us all.

It’s so them.


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