Most people know better than to have an account on FaceBook, which started the day DARPA ended LIFELOG.


FaceBook is a tool for the deep state to spy on people who foolishly share private information with an unseen world of creeps, predators, and spies.

Julian Assange has spoken against the illegal collection of data from Yahoo, Google, and Facebook.

Google is deeply connected to the CIA.

Amazon is another culprit.

Directed by global intelligence, corporations use computers to spy on us.

They Also Use Your TV – Click Here To Learn More!

IN-Q-TEL provides a front for CIA to invest in tech companies.

Our tax dollars pay for the abuse of our liberties and the invasion of our privacy.

That’s why Bill Binney, formerly of the National Security Agency, says Congress should defund NSA.

Silicon Valley crawls with spooks.

I’ve been making maps to understand how CIA, NSA, and DHS occupy our country.

Click Here To Learn about my Map of L.A. Below!


Today I made a map of Sunnyvale, California, the headquarters of LinkedIn, which is bordered by Moffet Federal Airfield.

LinkedIn - Map of Sunnyvale

Moffet provides a home for the NASA Ames Research Center, which facilitates our abuse.

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As thousands of satellites and “spin-off” technologies plainly indicate, NASA seeks not to explore space but to control the earth.

Click Here To Learn More about the So-Called Space Program!

LinkedIn borders not only on NASA but also on the headquarters for the Army’s Seventh Psychological Operations Group.

As Dr. Naomi Wolf has shown, our government uses psy-ops against us.

LinkedIn’s headquarters are surrounded by the apparatus of the deep state.

Only twelve miles away sits the mind control hub of Stanford University, in Palo Alto, where the mayor begs tech giants to stay away from his city.

Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, and the surrounding Silicon Valley house the corporate beneficiaries of deep state largesse, who sell American freedom for our own tax dollars to international conspirators.

All around the headquarters of LinkedIn stand bases and companies run by the satanists in the military.

aquino presidio

The military, like the deep state, has been captured by a satanic conspiracy.

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aquino set

When we look at the luciferian calendar, we can see that LinkedIn was launched on May Fifth, the Day of the Dead, which follows Walpurgisnacht to end the Illuminati’s Season of Sacrifice.

May Day:  Click Here To Learn More about the Satanic Calendar!

luciferian calendar

That’s not a coincidence.

Summerween:  Click Here To Learn More about the Satanic Calendar!

gravity falls calendar owl

LinkedIn is a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft, run by the Malthusian degenerate, Bill Gates.

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Is Microsoft the platform you are using now?

billgates microsoft

LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft, which is owned by Gates, and it partners with the deep state.

linkedin cia nsa fbi

LinkedIn has been compromised by Chinese spies.

Through LinkedIn, the police state gathers private information.

It’s part of a project run by NSA:  PRISM.

Click Here To Read More about NSA’s Project PRISM in the New York Times!

nsa prism

We know the National Security Agency spies on us.

nsa flowchart

But somehow we forget….

Click Here To Learn about Microwave Harassment and Subliminal Suggestions!

v2k-diagramThe satanic trash at NSA, CIA, and DHS do not merely gather information, but they use it against us.


People who would never use a social media platform put their information on LinkedIn, a company whose revenue derives from the sale of that information.

sleight of hand

Why on earth would anyone do this?


So much that LinkedIn has 690,000,000 registered members from more than 200 countries?

octopus political cartoon

I hold several advanced degrees, I have more than two decades of distinguished experience, and I have a strong network of contacts.  I regularly find and hold jobs, but still I have maintained a presence on LinkedIn for the last four years.  During that time, I have not received a single offer or even an inquiry through LinkedIn.  I have never met anyone who was hired, or who hired anyone, through LinkedIn.  And, when I worked as a corporate lawyer, none of my firms even used the service to look at candidates. 

bowler hat businessmen

I came to my senses, as I encourage you to examine your experience.

wake up callI took down my profile this week.

cut cord

It’s common sense.

Common Sense Thomas Paine

There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

free lunch

The platform Bill Gates bought for twenty-six billion dollars does not exist to provide a complimentary service for jobseekers.

cash money heroin

LinkedIn has one purpose:  to collect private information so degenerates can mess with you.

marionettesEven if you get a job from this thing, you do so because CIA pulls the strings.

cut board

Take down your LinkedIn profile, line by line, and cancel your account!


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Our enemy depends on silence.

uncle sam freedom job


  1. Howdy! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading your posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same subjects? Thank you so much!


  2. Hello, all the content on this site is very interesting. I particularly think that some statements seem feasible, but there are others that seem paranoid to me. My question is: what about the rest of the countries that make up the world? Since as you know the world is not just the US, I am particularly from a South American country, Bolivia. Do you think that the CIA travels here to break into our houses and that we should secure doors and windows? I say it without double meaning.
    pdta. I am using a translator to write this, thanks for replying.


    1. CIA is deeply connected with the Catholic Church, so some call it Catholics in Action.

      The Jesuits are particularly culpable, and the Catholic Church helped spread Nazis through Latin America.


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