Arranged meetings, through brainwash and social engineering, are vital to mind control.

This is a theme of my first two books, already published, and available for free, below, in which I describe arranged meetings, arranged hookups, and arranged relationships, between me and others.

One of those arranged meetings, which failed when I was asleep, back in 1987, was with a woman who gave the title to one of the chapters.

Mating dance!

Another arranged meeting, described in my books, was with the granddaughter of a Nazi cyberneticist, who later worked for the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency.

Do you see her similarity to the woman below, who posed for Playboy, shortly after she showed up, by apparent coincidence, 6000 miles from where we first met, and immediately after my girlfriend, whom I met at Cambridge, left for England, leaving me in the company of the lookalike in Playboy….

As I describe in my third book, currently in progress, the placement of lookalikes in one’s life, or one’s life and the movies, or magazines, or the internet, is a common tactic of the Tavistock Institute.

Check out another woman they put in Playboy just for me.

She didn’t think she was good-looking enough to beat out the hundreds of women who did photoshoots for each month of the calendar, with five thousand trying out that year, but she looked exactly like my girlfriend at the time, whose grandfather is pictured below, while she posed on an English horse farm, just like the one on which my girlfriend lived, while she told the reader she needed a man to overrule her at exactly the same time my girlfriend and I stopped having sex while we continued to sleep in the same bed.

As the unlikely Playmate, who posed, looked, and spoke exactly like my increasingly estranged girlfriend, put the matter,

I can be very stubborn with men.

I have my own ideas and I won’t shut up about them.

A man has to respect me and have the strength to fight with me.

I need someone who can overrule me.

They were trying to push me to rape, but it would never work.

Don’t forget:  Army Seventh Psychological Operations controls not only the magazines but also the internet, and the images that appear thereon, as does MI-7.

They have put not only women in Playboy, and in the movies, as part of their attacks against me, but also women in my life, and on the internet.

Below is another article in which I exposed the moronic plans of the Freemasons who lie behind the imbeciles at GCHQ, USAF, MOSSAD, and their affiliates.

Here you can see, as I exposed in that article, the uncanny similarity between a woman about whom I used to fantasize, a great deal, and a woman whose likeness appeared in videos made by Art Lab Studio, which I found myself watching, while that same studio lay behind rape comics on a website about which I used to fantasize an equally great deal.

And here, as discussed in that article, you can see the similarity between characters made by Art Lab Studio and characters on Danger Babe Central, the site about which I fantasized.

Art Lab Studio is surrounded by military bases.

Do these sound like coincidences to you?

MOSSAD is run by the Masons.

The Air Force is run by the Masons.

And the Parsis are run by the Masons.

Hold on to that thought.

They often put trolls, or unwitting people online, in arranged meetings, or through pop-ups, in plots I love to blow up.

You’d think they’d learn their lesson, after so many failures, but they keep going back to the three or four tactics that fail every time and that I plainly find so easy to see.

Like that fool in Owning Mahowny, they seek their own destruction, as I force them to hurt each other; so, even when reality comes crashing in, they soon go back to their old ways, digging, and digging, the hole deeper for themselves.

Like a gambling addict, who cannot step away from the table, and keeps blowing money he does not have, in hopes of winning back money he has lost, while emotion clouds his judgement, they just keep coming at me.

Every time, I win—and they lose!

I guess they never heard that song, full of wisdom beyond their years, by Kenny Rogers, called “The Gambler.”

You gotta know when to hold ’em

Know when to fold ’em

Know when to walk away

Know when to run….

Sing it with me, and laugh at their foolish failures, their patent lies, and their ridiculous pretensions, because I guarantee that they are watching and this simple action will infuriate the impotent and cowardly enemies of humanity.

Plus, you can mock them, and how the largest supercomputers in the world serve only to mess the weaklings up, by reading my article, below, about their attacks, against me, with weather weapons.

Again and again, they lose!

So, anyway, let’s take a look at the latest attack from the imbecilic victims, who dream of world domination, while they have trouble with their shoelaces.

Remember that woman from Pomona College, and Cambridge University, with whom they failed, while she and I made out, for an evening, in 1987, and afterwards in 1990?

She was a Parsi whom I found myself remembering only last evening.

And so is the lady I found on the internet tonight, whom I saw through in less than a half hour, and whom the enemy worked for years to place in front of me.

One of the many reasons they fail, and for which their highest planners will be punished, is because they insist on using microwave harassment to rape my body, while they say dirty words, and tell lies.

You can learn more in my article below.

Here’s another I wrote.

And another.

And what a coincidence!

The Parsi lady who resembles my former classmate, and hook-up partner, whose picture I just happened to look up last night, immediately after I remembered Lisa, did an expose on microwave harassment.

That’s what drove me, subliminally, through hypnotic voice-to-skull, to find these ladies together.

What other subjects has she investigated that overlap with mine?

How about the Freemasons….

Like me, she has Master Masons, generations back, in her family, and she’s interested in learning their secrets.

Unlike me, she has an open mind about Lucifer….

And unlike me, she spoke favorably of the satanic pervert drug addict degenerate, Aleister Crowley, who worked for British Military Intelligence, while he called himself ridiculous names like The Great Beast 666, Perabduro, and Ankh-f-n-Khonsu.

Like me, she comes from a very old family.

Unlike me, her family supported, not White South Africa, but the New World Order Stooge, Nelson Mandela, whom you can see holding a chair for the genocidal maniac, Mobutu, below.

Like me, she takes an interest in internet pornography and perversion, which I fight to expose in my writing.

Unlike me, she has an open mind, and she is “polyamorous.”

It’s kind of like that lucifer thing.

Like me, she takes an interest in yoga, meditation, and spirituality, which I fight to expose as satanic delusion.

Unlike me, she wants to stay calm, while I use attention to fight cybernetics.

Like me, she takes an interest in books, although they include novels by the MI-6 agent, Roald Dahl, whom I have exposed, as well as Milan Kundera, whose name she cannot spell, and whom I have also exposed.

This poor woman, deeply brainwashed, and completely clueless, has joints that constantly dislocate, through hypertonia, because they have been wrenched from their sockets, as her body was abused in marionette training.

People don’t remember these things, or how they are manipulated, because they are given drugs like scopolamine, sodium pentothal, or other truth serums, salts, memory blockers and hypnotic sedatives, something I have exposed in the article below and in my books.

That’s how stupid the enemy is, that’s how obvious their moves are, and still their failure surprizes them.

But let’s look more at how this unfortunate woman, the granddaughter of a Satanic Freemason, connected to British Military Intelligence, has been completely brainwashed so that every one of her videos overlaps with my interests, as the fools try to use her against me.

I am slightly interested in Zoroastrianism, which lies behind the conspiracy, and about which I know almost nothing, while she is its apologist.

Here’s a set of her videos, which overlap with my daughter’s imbecilic interest in K-Pop, the fixing of a Nobel Prize, which features in my third book, and microwave harassment, about which I constantly write.

Here’s a set of her videos, which overlap with my interest in Zoroastrianism, the hidden evils of Switzerland, and the college course I teach on interpersonal communication.

Here’s a set of her videos, which overlap with my expose of Covid, my conflict with “the tribe,” and my mockery of the sexual ignorance of the twenty-somethings that attack me.

Here’s a set of her videos, which comes back to sex toys, an object of disgust to me, but of constant promotion by the enemy, my exposes of pornography, and the Freemasons—not to mention my exposes of Project Blue Beam, and the planned fake alien attack, and something I could learn about India, while she comes on to her viewers with “whacky facts about me.”

Here’s she’s getting into another of my interests, currency, not to mention my recent work on the naming and manipulation of cyclones, my work to expose the use of anime for sexual programming, a subject researched by a favorite student of mine, and a pun similar to that used in one of my articles.

Here she picks up my disdain for the Statue of Liberty, NWO’s collection of data, my interest in life-coaching and my interest in food, while she comes on to her viewers again, through history, describing Indian Ancient Sex Facts.

Here she describes Assam, which just so happens to be the home of the regiment that my girlfriend’s grandfather died leading, as its colonel, while she describes Unsung Heroes of India, in addition to other Freedom Fighters You’ve Never Heard Of, presumably including me, with lectures overlapping the college courses I teach on interpersonal communication and public speaking.

Here’s more on the Parsis, and India, the bad effects of porn, combined with sexual come-ons, books that changed her life, and self-improvement tips—all subjects of direct interest to me.

Do you think the coke-heads behind this operation put enough stuff on her channel, on the platform they own, to make me think the appearance of this woman, clearly suffering from heavy mind control, was Kismet?

Of course not—it’s more, more, more!

Here she addresses covid conspiracy theories, like mine from when I called the plandemic before it happened, and the battle between the sexes.

Here she addresses more subjects of direct interest to me—spies, science fiction, fake news, and the interface of west and east through yoga.

Here’s more stuff about India—because I’d like to learn about it, the reason I just so happened to find this woman, with so many of my very same interests, and her odd resemblance to a woman with whom I fooled around, on a platform controlled by military intelligence.

Here’s more about Pakistan, which I despise, as this lady also does, and cyber attacks, which my website suffers—plus silly things, since that’s really my style, and what I look for in a friend or partner.

Here’s one of the very few tweets this lady has made, over a period of two years, about a beautiful lamassu, like the one about whose destruction by ISIS, which is simply CIA and MOSSAD, I have written.

Here’s another of my betes noires, the commercialization of holidays, about which I have written, not to mention stuff on psychology and how to manipulate people for the good, which is the subject of one of the college courses that I teach.

Here’s another odd reference to “the tribe,” which I despise, and monetary policy, which I teach in my course on central banking, plus stuff on introspection, which I teach in my course on interpersonal communication.

Here’s more on international companies, which I attack, stuff to move me from my present platform to YouTube, the Battle of the Sexes, and the break-up of the Indian Army, in which my girlfriend’s grandfather served, plus stuff I can learn about India!

Does it seem suspicious?

Every page of this woman’s podcasts has a good three connections to areas of direct interest to me, while she strongly resembles a woman with whom I had a sexual encounter and about whom I was thinking right before this material appeared.

They want me to contact her, or to obsess about her, or at least to waste time watching her videos, through which they use her to mislead others, and they actually think I will fall for it.

The international intelligence community is just that stupid.

And look how long they’ve been planning this operation….

The plan to interest me in this woman goes back at least five years, but they blew it because of their need to tell lies, be disgusting, and attack me constantly.

I spotted their bullshit move in less than thirty minutes.

But they still think it will work.

Let’s see what else they put in her videos—just to interest little old me.

Here’s more on body language, staying youthful, psychology, puppies, and sex toys.

Here’s more on computers, condoms, ghosts, emojis, bacteria, drugs, the film industry, and the coming water shortage.

Here’s more on the Panama Papers, healthy relationships, spotting liars, effectiveness tips, and shielding.

Like the subjects above, every one of these topics overlaps with the subjects about which I research, write, or teach—or that otherwise take my interest.

Here’s more on Pi, numerology, sexual perversion, the planet Mars, motivational tips, gravitational waves, and Zika.

Here’s more on the negative effects of the internet, the inadequacy of education, the extinction of beautiful rhinos, the development of babies, and the body.

Here’s more on personal improvement, internet privacy, dealing with your parents, and the limits of science.

Here’s more on self-awareness, the Chinese trade deficit, cutting off narcissists, body language, and breaking the ice.

Every one of these things directly connects to my teaching, my writing, and my personal interests.

Here’s stuff on how to beat depression, how to attract women, how to be independent, artificial intelligence, and a mocumentary—just for fun—along with a public service announcement.

Here’s stuff on beer, debt, sex, music, cartoon conspiracies, and wacky facts about the poor lady they used as failed bait.

Here’s stuff on crazy and long court cases, dirty drug cartels, and unheard-of careers.

Here’s stuff on Tesla, anime, sunglasses, and sex facts.

Here are bloopers, a mocumentary, earthquakes, the murder of scientists, Harry Potter, Star Trek, and the Flight of the Conchords.

Here are crazy laws, Lars and the Real Girl, Iron Man, X-Men, vampire facials, and puppies.

Here are superhumans, cyborgs, puppies, and weird weddings.

And here is stuff about getting arrested, naked festivals, phallus festivals, Black Mirror, Shameless, and Moonrise Kingdom.

Here’s more on K-Pop, its connections to conspiracies, and the brainwashing of teenagers like my daughter.

And here’s still more on the stuff my daughter has been brainwashed to consume.

And here’s another of the very few tweets this lady has made—this time on parental alienation, like the attacks my daughter’s mother makes against our daughter and me, as she keeps us apart.

What a coincidence!

But the seventy-five topics that interest me, which this woman and I could discuss, for years, if we met, while we felt perfect for each other—that is, if I were asleep—were not enough for the idiots that put this pathetic lady up to it.

Since I have written on plastic waste, and its impact on the oceans, and I teach another college course on this subject, which requires service work, they’ve made it her big and only cause on Twitter.

She does one after another public service message on the subject.

And it just so happens to overlap with the only missing piece in a course I now teach: the list of service opportunities I have been neglecting.

The enemy thinks they are invisible, that this is a clever plan, and that it is unaffected by their obvious moves, exposed in my two books and nearly three hundred articles, while they attack my body and mind with microwave harassment, making it impossible for me to chill out, or to take any interest in any woman, or any video, or any article.

That’s how stupid they are.

That’s how easy to spot.

Find them in your life.


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12 thoughts on “KISMET MY ASS!”

  1. Fascinating discovery! I noticed within a minute or so of watching the first Freishia “Parsis” video you embedded that she is constantly making Freemason hand gestures. Thank you for your work.

    By the way, my BA (2016, magna cum laude) is in Communication Studies. I think it may be the only discipline remaining in Liberal Arts that teaches us to question everything we see and hear. I was a returning adult student in my late 40s, and I recall many major classes in which the young students would cry and even walk out as their cult “heroes” and perverted movies/tv shows were skillfully dressed down by the instructors. I love rhetorical and media criticism.


    1. Thank you, my friend. I teach at three different places in different departments, and my training is as a lawyer and an English professor. Only one of my colleges has a communications department, and I love the different approach. It has allowed me to teach important classes and skills like interpersonal communication and public speaking, which would never come up in a traditional literature department.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I imagine that your days are rather diverse and deeply interesting! The work you are doing here on the blog and also in teaching interpersonal communication and public speaking is all crucial to those of us opening our eyes and willing to take steps to protect ourselves, our families, and our properties. Those two courses definitely offer the chance for students to build skills that are vital to a healthy, strong, and discerning mind/body/spirit complex.

        I was terrified to take public speaking courses but found that not only do I enjoy it, but I’m pretty good at it, too. I think that my work as a private music instructor helps with that. Also, before returning to a college degree program, I spent 15 years living on my own in Hellyweird as a singer-songwriter/musician, and I know that forced me to learn street smarts — in a good way, though, as I averted every “opportunity,” shall I say, to secure a manager or publishing deal or record deal in the typical way. Thank goodness Michael Black at EMI didn’t think to install a Matt Lauer-style door-locking button under his desk, or I could’ve been the next MK-ULTRA “overnight success.” If you know what I mean, and I think you do: He had a gorgeous sofa in his office.

        Thank you, again, for your momentous work, my friend.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. If there are too much content on a channel I always ask myself — where did time of creating came from? Now this is the answer — it has been done for Mk ultra victims.


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