When I was young, I used to play chess with my father; so sometimes the great American player, Bobby Fischer, would come up.

bobby fischer studying a move

You can learn more about this targeted individual in HBO’s excellent documentary.

Bobby Fischer - 1971  

Watch the entire movie, Bobby Fischer against the World, in full below.

Fischer was a targeted individual if there ever was one.

Bobby Fischer & His Mom

His mother lived in the Soviet Union before she settled in the United States, so it’s easy to see how CIA targeted this unfortunate woman and her son.  

regina fischer

Deep state degenerates love to prey on single women and lonely children.

Child Sexual Abuse Underlies The Deep State – A Conspiracy Of Silence

Bobby Fischer & His Mom 2

Fischer won tournament after tournament, winning the Game of the Century at thirteen.

Although a genius, Fischer had trouble in class, moving through different schools, and dropping out at sixteen.  

Keres Fischer

The Illuminati implanted people with cybernetic technology long before Fischer was born.

Nikola Tesla – The Origins of HAARP, V2K, and Microwave Harassment

Wardenclyffe Tower (Tesla)

You can learn more about CIA’s cybernetics program, under MK-ULTRA, in Aaron and Melissa Dykes’ excellent documentary:  The Minds of Men.

Cybernetics and the Minds of Men

More on Cybernetics and the Minds of Men

Bobby Fischer was a natural candidate for mind control, vulnerable as a troubled child of a single mother, and catapulted into fame at an early age.

Bobby Fischer Handsign

No wonder he was flashing masonic handsigns….

Illuminati, Masonic, and Satanic Handsigns


Although unconventional, Bobby Fischer’s later play was labelled as suspiciously full of computer moves.

Bobby Fischer was implanted with cybernetics.

Patents for Mind Control Technology

v2k patent 2

Thirty years ago, Deep Blue advertised the connection between computers, cybernetics, and chess.

Deep Blue

Bobby Fischer resented the use of chess to sidetrack geniuses.

bobby fischer on genius (limitations of chess)

Bobby Fischer appeared in suspicious company.  

Bob Hope was a programmer under CIA’s PROJECT MONARCH, who raped Susan Ford.

Thanks for the Memories by Brice Taylor (Susan Ford)

When Bobby Fischer didn’t appear on Bob Hope’s t.v. program, he did The Dick Cavett Show.  

Dick Cavett went to the programming center of Yale, and I’d be surprised if was not a member of Skull and Bones.

More on the Bush Family, Satanism, and Skull & Bones


Dick Cavett advocated electroshock, which is commonly used in mind control.

Meanwhile, Bobby Fischer continued to play brilliant chess.  

You can watch Bobby Fischer defeat Boris Spassky in Game 6 of the World Chess Championship, in Iceland, below.

Bobby Fischer’s play was so good that his opponent rose to applaud him.

Bobby Fischer - Iceland

Meanwhile, the genius behaved in an increasingly erratic fashion, as he complained of microwave harassment.

Microwave Harassment, Mind Control, and Misdiagnosis


That’s the same microwave harassment against which Dr. Rauni Kilde, the Chief Medical Officer of Finland, spoke, before she was assassinated by Norwegian Intelligence.

Doctors Who Stand against Microwave Harassment

It’s also the same microwave harassment used not only against whistleblowers but against many others–including our embassy workers in Cuba and China. 

Targeted Justice – Protesting Microwave Harassment

After Bobby Fischer mysteriously left the world stage, he spoke of worldwide satanic conspiracies run by the Illuminati.

Myron Fagan on the Illuminati

When Bobby Fischer emerged from isolation, after an arrest on a trumped-up charge, he went to Yugoslavia to play chess.

Bobby Fischer Old 2

The United Nations, which deals in human trafficking, embargoed Yugoslavia.

United Nations – A Front for Child Rape

Following the U.N.’s lead, Bill Clinton issued an executive order imposing sanctions.

That’s when Bill Clinton, like Prince Andrew, wasn’t raping underage girls on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island.

Prince Andrew Is A Liar And A Rapist

clinton 11

Or when Bill Clinton, through Janet Reno, wasn’t ordering the murder of people at Waco.

WACO – How Linda Thompson Exposed The Big Lie

Because Bobby Fischer played a chess match in the Balkans, the United States issued a warrant against him, Japan arrested him, and he fled to Iceland.

That’s what I call targeting.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

bobby fischer - young and old


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