I have written before on the plan, involving China, to build a high-speed worldwide railroad.

It’s part of the Belt and Road Initiative, through which scum like Erik Prince, who pretends to be a patriot, smuggle heroin to make billions as they destroy the lives of our teenagers.

The homosexual loser, Erik Prince, (i) pretends to be a Republican, while he conspires with Dianne Feinstein, (ii) pretends to be a patriot, while he smuggles drugs, and (iii) pretends to be a man, while he attacks the journalists who expose his lies.

It’s all at our expense, while he steals our tax money, not to mention the little coward’s master: Bill Gates.

Just look at them….

One can only imagine the videos of homosexual rape, used to control this traitor, made when he belonged to the military.

Unlike the women, real patriots, who expose their attackers, after they made the mistake of signing up, Erik Prince didn’t complain when they sodomized his rectum with objects, when they sexually abused his mouth, and when they urinated on his body; but he files his little corporate complaints, when I expose him, on Twitter, and he brings his little lawsuits, when others call him out.

There are no pretty words for it.

It’s no accident that, while the gullible wave the flag, we have fought our longest losingest wars in the parts of the world that produce the most heroin—the places where this boy puts his outposts in violation of federal law.

That’s what happens when we fall for false patriotism, when trash like Erik Prince cash in, and when real SEALs are murdered.

The railroads are using high-tech arson in California, through which Senator Dianne Feinstein cashes in, using her power, in Washington, to make big money for her husband.

It’s happening now.

Please watch the following video, by the John Birch Society, which I encourage you to join, about the plot to build a super railway under the United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA).

The train is like the one that Erik Prince is using to smuggle narcotics, so it will be used to bring drugs north to our country.

Erik Prince claims to fight the War on Drugs, stealing our tax dollars, but he is just a dirty rent-a-cop, creating a problem he pretends to solve in a classic false flag attack.

Read the announcement linked below, which gives you further information, along with an easy-to-fill-in form to contact your federal representatives.

Don’t get railroaded!

There should be neither a wall nor a train between us and our southern neighbor: Mexico.

And we need to view our northern neighbor, Canada, with extreme suspicion, as we boycott tourism and goods.

Support American Interests!

Stop the United Nations!

Stop the North American Bund!


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Our enemy depends on silence.

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