Hanna-Barbera is heavily used by the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Tavistock Institute, for mind control programming.

Hanna-Barbera did not only advertise junk food for the body, attacking the health of children, but they filled children’s minds with junk.

I know because I was programmed to the Banana Splits.

It was at the same programming center, disguised as a soccer camp, where the Playmate of the Year, Marilyn Lange, was brainwashed, before she became the first woman drafted by the North American Soccer League.

We both lived in Westfield, a satanic cesspool masquerading as a cute suburban town, which was the home of Charles Addams, whose satanic Addams Family was reprised by Hanna-Barbera.

See Uncle Fester?

Doesn’t he look like Aleister Crowley, who sired the moonchild, Barbara Bush, who married the Director of CIA?

You can read more in my books, which you can download, for free, below.

Here are press releases.

People are given drugs, like hyoscine, to block memories, and to weaken the will, a common practice by the Central Intelligence Agency, exposed by Congress, so I did not remember for many years.

Most never remember at all—a fact discussed, inter alia, by Cisco Wheeler, whose grandfather’s brother was Head of Joint Chiefs.

But what would she know about secret government programs….

Scooby Doo was only one of Hanna-Barbera’s productions.

There they sought to build interest in horror, corrupting small children, who were encouraged to fantasize about Daphne being tied up and gagged.

Velma crawled on her hands and knees.

And both teenage girls were chased by the Creeper.

He was one of many bad guys, dressed up as something else, whom they would encounter.

This didn’t work on me when I was little, and it didn’t work when I watched Scooby Doo with my child: the enemy’s plans fail on normal people, going unnoticed, so it’s just a fun series.

Or maybe those shows were wholesome because Warner Brothers, although far from perfect, took them over—leaving Hanna-Barbera in the dust.

Hanna-Barbera was always weak, and they ruined Tom & Jerry when they took it over from Metro Goldwyn Mayer.

Still, later, Scooby Doo would be reprised in the rape comics to which I was entrained.

Penelope Pitstop was another popular character, who encouraged children to act out rape-games, while her guardian, the Hooded Claw, chased the leggy blonde across the screen, and she called for help.

You see something similar in Wonder Woman, while she spins to disassociate, taking a new identity, or alter, and is chased and captured by her would-be rapists.

This would also be reprised in rape comics to which I was entrained.

They hit us hard with Wonder Woman, not to mention Wonder Girl, at the programming center, where they brainwashed not only me but also the Playmate of the Year.

Wonder Woman is full of rape disguised as feminism.

Wonder Woman is full of cartel signalling.

Marilyn Lange, my playmate neighbor, would have gotten Batman, and Star Trek, not to mention the Banana Splits, since Wonder Woman was not on TV in her day.

In one of many incarnations, the amazon, who carried her own bondage equipment, who was created by a psychologist, and who was popularized by an officer from Central Intelligence, would be reprised by Hanna-Barbera.

Building on the satanic Archie series, which ended with issue #666, Josie and the Pussycats encouraged girls to fall for guys in a band, exposing themselves to dangerous situations, while CIA entrained their sexuality.

This would be reprised in a film, replete with cartel signalling, put out by a town full of child molesters.

And this, too, would be reprised in the rape comics to which I was entrained.

The outfits of the Pussycats would appear on women of all descriptions, as part of the enemy’s signaling, while they also appear in Playboy.

I Dream of Jeannie was reprised by Hanna-Barbera, as a sexy woman, with a bare midriff, and harem pants, asked her master what she could do for him.

Air Force is deeply involved in mind control, as are their masters in satanic groups like Orion or the Freemasons.

The same goes for NASA.

Bewitched was another show to which Hanna-Barbera contributed, as it featured a sexy satanist.

Along with Sesame Street, this was used in my childhood programming, in Westfield, New Jersey, through a process described in my books, which you can download, for free, below.

They are very entertaining and informative!

As I discuss in my books, and in multiple articles on this website, the Tavistock Institute, Army Seventh Psychological Operations Group, and MI-7 can’t resist putting cartel signaling, little winks and nudges, in their programs.

They are a bunch of overgrown teenage punks—perverts, homosexuals, and virgins—who spray-paint the neighborhood of the world with their gang-signs.

Meanwhile, their masters in the Masons, like the Illuminati, flash their stacks.

You find the same thing with the Rockefellers, from whose building, at Radio City, shows are broadcast.

And you find the same thing in the sky, where immature perverts, who are raped by their colleagues, use chemtrails to spray-paint male sex organs.

That’s when they’re not spray-painting satanic pentagrams, full of fungus and nanotech, which they breathe themselves, as part of Operations Cloverleaf and Indigo Sky Fold.

It’s like the signaling you see in our nation’s capital—whether it’s in the Pentagon (which should be defunded and investigated).

Or whether it’s in the streets themselves.

The enemy is satanic, they are perverts, and they are addicted to signalling.

Pizzagate is real!

I have written about the use of gnomes in cartel signaling.

That’s why shows like Gravity Falls feature gnomes, kidnapping children, whom they tie up, as they plan to make them their wives, and children are encouraged to imagine or play-act the scenes.

Did you know that “gnome” is slang for an airman stationed in a Deep Underground Military Base?

The little perverts play with each other’s toys at Schriever Air Force Base, which they call the Magic Mountain, as it houses an enormous supercomputer, which they use for mind control.

I used to live on top of a secret base, dug by the Rothschilds, where I was programmed, while the Nabobs of the New World Order met at the palace on the mountain’s summit.

It’s something I’m writing about in my third book.

Like Grissom, Nellis is another base, housing the losers who rape each other’s bodies, while they play video games, and molest children, while it employs cartel signaling.

This is picked up in the rape comics to which I was entrained.

As they lay the ground for Project Blue Beam, the fake alien attack through which they will promote one world government, USAF, AATIP, and NASA encourage belief in little green men.

Meanwhile, they use voice to skull, or V2K, to broadcast radio to our heads.

They didn’t spend billions of dollars on this technology, inventing hundreds of patents, in order not to use them.

Scientists like Dr. Jose Delgado, funded by Central and Naval Intelligence, continued these programs, working on animals, as well as humans, while Hanna-Barbera mocked us with characters like Dynomutt.

And Hanna-Barbera mocked us with depictions of robot characters.

Did I mention that electroshock is a common technique used in mind control sessions?

You can learn more in the Prisoner, which you can watch, for free, below.

You can learn more in the Minds of Men, which you can watch, for free, below.

You can learn how to fight back in my articles.

Here’s another on how to fight microwave harassment.

Like NSA, the scum are run by the Freemasons at GCHQ, at Cheltenham, in England.

So it’s no surprise that we see satanic cartel signaling in shows like the Flintstones, which Hanna-Barbera put out, before it was reprised in a town rife with child abuse.

There we see a little green man, with an English accent, appear, invisible to all, as, in another town rife with sexual abuse, in the shadow of Nellis Air Force Base, he directs the life of an imbecile.

While the satanic calendar provides another means of signaling for the enemies of humanity, the Great Gazoo first appeared, on the Flintstones, immediately before Samhain.

That’s the day we know as Halloween, when children take candy from strangers, teenagers vandalize property, and spooks run riot.

They mock us.


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