Have you seen Sharknado?

Did you know there was a firenado?

No jive!

A documented firenado, fire whirl, or fire tornado has occurred only four times!

Each was in the last twenty years.

What could account for that?

There was a firenado seventeen years ago in Australia.

There was a firenado seven years ago in Missouri.

There was a firenado two years ago in California.

And there was a firenado last year.

They never happened before, but now they’re happening more and more.

The last two were in California.

In 2020, for the first time in its history, the United States National Weather Service issued a firenado warning.

That was in the Loyalton Fire.

In the Carr Fire, a fire allegedly caused an ice-topped cloud that doubled in length in only fifteen minutes, reaching seven miles into the sky, spinning at more than one hundred and fifty miles per hour, burning hotter than two thousand five hundred degrees, and covering three football fields at its moving base.

This thing is man-made!

If something like this had happened before, people would have heard about it.

Don’t you want to tell your neighbors?

Why didn’t firenados happen before?

Listen to the scientists and newscasters explain how they think firenados happen.

They are the mainstream science and media run by CIA.


In England, Australia, and other parts of the Commonwealth, it’s called MI-7.

Don’t get fucked by the BBC.

Or by this lady.

They are lying to us.

It’s propaganda.

They say that global climate change causes bizarre weather.

And firenados are man-made.

But firenados are not accidents.

These things are weapons.

And they are tricks.

Weaponized weather has been around for a long time.

That’s from that hotbed of conspiracy theories:  The Department of Homeland Security.

The government was studying weather modification almost seventy years ago.

Do you trust them?

Companies team up with the government.

It’s called fascism!

Here’s some more on companies playing with hurricanes.

Does this seem normal to you?

Check out the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly.

It looks as natural as a firenado!

The government, scientists, and media say the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly was a failed missile launch….

Here you can watch a video of the Norway Spiral.

Here’s another video of the Norway Spiral.

Here are the bad guys talking about the Norway Spiral.

And here are the good guys talking about the Norway Spiral.

The deep state used ionospheric heaters to cause the Norway Spiral.

There’s one called HAARP.

There’s one called EISCAT 3D.

And there’s one called ARECIBO.

Weaponized weather is real.

Immediately after the Norway Spiral, there was one blizzard after another, and there was CLIMATEGATE, which happened only a few weeks earlier, and the UN CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE, which happened at exactly the same time.

Does that sound like a coincidence?

They want to drive us to the UNITED NATIONS.

They say it’s the only solution to global warming.

They say the same about the pollution that they throw in the ocean.

Apparently, the United Nations is the answer to all our problems.

Too bad it’s run by criminals and child molesters.

Below you can watch one of several videos about child molesters in the United Nations, which was put out by another hotbed of conspiracy theories: PBS.

The United Nations pretends to be our friend.

But the United Nations is our enemy.

No wonder the United Nations shares the Rockefellers’ taste in art.

No wonder the Rockefellers gave the United Nations the money for its headquarters in New York City.

The Rockefellers are scum!

The Rockefellers pretend to be our friends.

Or, at least, their tool, Jenna Bush, does, as she broadcasts every morning from their network and their building.

The Rockefellers are internationalists.

The Rockefellers use false flags to drive us to the New World Order.

The Rockefellers are behind the UN, and the Rockefellers are behind the CIA.

The Rockefellers are behind the pandemic, and the Rockefellers are behind the news.

When they weren’t running Radio City, they were planning the coronavirus with their pal: Bill Gates.

It’s called the LOCKSTEP SCENARIO.

Their pals, the Rothschilds, have Prince Charles shilling for the New Normal.

Look at this oily character promote fake environmentalism!

Through the media, which played up Covid, while it provided a false solution, they not only shut down the world, but they seek to remodel it.

They just won’t leave us alone!

The Rockefellers, the United Nations, and the federal government want to take our property, our rights, and our guns, so they can take over.


That’s why their pals, the Rothschilds, put the number one porn star with the number one video on the British Broadcasting Company—-not once but twice.

That’s why Mia Khalifa gave her gun away in front of millions of viewers, and the national press picked up the story.

And that’s why, by controlling ISIS, and the news, CIA, MI7, and MOSSAD drew further attention to the useful idiot by arranging public threats against her life.

And it’s why the United Nations put up this statue in New York: THE KNOTTED GUN.

Get the US out of the UN!

Get the US out of the WHO!

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is a war criminal, who does not have a medical degree and who covered up multiple outbreaks of cholera.

Don’t let this character tell you to put a syringe full of god-knows-what in your body!

The United Nations is run by satanic trash.

We should not surrender our sovereignty to a foreign power that won us without blows.

But sometimes the enemy plays for smaller stakes, or more slowly, as they continue to cheat.

Sometimes the conspirators are less bold in their thinking.

You have to watch out for that, too.

When they engineered Hurricane Katrina, they merely sought to empower the federal government.

That was small time.

They only defrauded the federal taxpayer out of one billion dollars—-for a town that’s still a mess.

As with the fires, they use the disasters to herd survivors into camps run by FEMA.

Check out the districts.

It’s like the Hunger Games!

Just as they hide behind their masks, the Illuminati hide behind false flags.

The Illuminati are using environmental disasters, like firenados, just as they used the Norway Spiral.

And they’re playing with masks in other ways.

Whether it’s school shootings, or the epidemic, or whatever, they want to drive us to satanic one world government.

That’s why we see environmental disasters like the firenados, which the news and the scientists attribute, not to the industrial-military complex that causes them, but to global warming.

Check out the mask!

Did I mention Joe Biden practiced at my old law firm—-for less than a year?

Good thing he had politics to fall back on when his career as a lawyer flopped.

Or maybe it’s not so good for him….

Still, firenados aren’t just outrageously eye-catching—-and a false flag to lead us to the United Nations.

The Illuminati are also using firenados, and other weaponized weather, to burn people out.

It’s for a high-speed train that will go around the world.

The worldwide highspeed rail will form part of China’s One Belt and Road Initiative.

That’s the transportation system that Erik Prince, the traitor, coward, and war profiteer, uses to smuggle heroin.

As Erik Prince, the rent-a-cop, teams up with foreign governments, he moves drugs and contraband through his company: FRONTIER SERVICES GROUP.

That’s when the craven moron, Erik Prince, is not taking money from his boss, the dweeb, Bill Gates, to harass Americans.

Or having his goons threaten federal investigators.

Or lying to Congress as he defrauds the American People.

But Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater and Academi, isn’t the only scumbag seeking to railroad the American People.

The worldwide highspeed rail is going to cost two hundred and fifty trillion dollars, so there’s plenty to be stolen by others.

Here you can watch the Chinese talk about the high speed train.

Here’s some more about how the train will reach, across the Bering Strait, from Asia to North America.


And it’s run by trash.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, from California, has a billion-dollar interest in the high-speed rail project that will go through California.

Here’s Feinstein with another senator from California: Kamala Harris.


But, all in all, global warming still isn’t a hoax.

It’s a conspiracy!

Whether we look at firenados, or superstorms, or the melting of the polar ice caps, we need to focus not only on what causes global climate change, and specifically what causes these events; but, once we see the cause is deliberate, and how global climate change is played up in the media for political ends, we need to see who causes global climate change and what they hope to gain.

That’s how not to be played.

That’s how to make a plan.

That’s the intelligent way to stand up for the earth.

And that’s the intelligent way to fight the scum.

Get tactical!


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