When I was a boy, I grew up in a luciferian enclave masquerading as a cute little town.

Westfield, New Jersey, was spitting distance from New York City, and it was loaded with satanic symbolism.

There I was abused at a programming center, disguised as a soccer camp, where CIA sought to promote homosexuality, as described above, and rape, as described below.

They used drugs and hypnotism to do it, so most don’t remember.

Marilyn Lange, the Playmate of the Year, was one of many from my town, programmed at my soccer camp, and used under PROJECT MONARCH.

A different lady stood in the distance….

Soon in the shadow of the Twin Towers….

Internationalists blew them up in a false flag attack.

The BBC was complicit.

The Statue of Liberty is a lie.

My mom took me to see the statue in 1978, with English visitors; but you could not even ascend above the pedestal because it was kept so poorly.

What a disgrace!

It would be another eight years until the Statue of Liberty was properly renovated, when my parents would attend the centennial party.

They went as guests of a war hero who was poisoned by his own government before he was buried in Arlington.

He was surrounded in death by Illuminist symbols….

My father’s company, run by the Illuminati, made the Agent Orange that did him in.

The equivalent of one trillion tax dollars ($1,000,000,000,000.00) in today’s money paid companies like DuPont, Dow, and Monsanto, who gorged on the blood of soldiers.

You can watch our tax dollars spent in real time, below, on another war, running now more than twenty years, at a cost of one trillion tax dollars ($1,000,000,000,000.00).

Funded by the families of the men who fought, the deep state sprayed our soldiers with poison.

Meanwhile, nurses who served, as women today, suffered an unusually high rate of rape by traitors who wore the uniform.

Some signed up, inspired by a phony statue that played on our compassion so NWO could turn our better feelings against us.

Years later, I would learn the true story of the Statue of Liberty from a true patriot, Laurel Glaze, whom CIA targets and whose website they shut down.

People say the Roman gods of Liberty and Sol Invictus, the Unconquered Sun, provided the inspiration for the figure.

But the statue resembles the Greek god Attis.  

Attis/Atys was a Phrygian god of sun and vegetation, born of a virgin. He bled to death after emasculating himself but was brought back to llife by his lover Cybele. His resurrection was celebrated by the Romans beginning in 3rd C. BCE. After two millennia, he traveled to the New World as a 150-ft. woman.

Attis’s parent, Agdistis, was a trans-sexual with male and female sex organs; so the gods cut off his penis and threw it away.

From the disembodied organ, Attis grew, and he was raised by a goat.

Later, Attis castrated himself, and the priests of Attis were eunuchs.

Look at the Statue of Liberty, and you will see it is a man.

He wears the crown of Attis, with the bronze rays of the sun extending outward.

The torch is his severed penis, possibly encircled by a cock ring, which he is holding upside down.

While we think the statue celebrates liberty and openness, as unique American attributes, it mocks that openness, which has caused America to enslave itself to foreign masters, to castrate itself, and to advertise its emasculation.

And our country embraces a movement to normalize trans-sexualism at the instigation of CIA and their masters abroad.

The Illuminati love to play this kind of sick joke on others, mocking what we hold dear, while they hurt us and promote sexual deviancy.  

The Statue of Liberty is famous for an invitation to weakling illiterate rejects, driven from their countries, whose exile is now celebrated.

The words are plain.

So was the message when Sacco and Vanzetti were wrongfully executed:  Don’t Step Out Of Line!

All were “processed” at Ellis Island, where some were held, so they could be implanted with cybernetics.

They couldn’t speak English, many were children, and no one would hear their cries for help.

They lost time on the island, while who knows what was done to them.

Threat of disease was used as an excuse to quarantine people–like Coronavirus.

Or the Spanish Flu of 1919, started at a military base, by the Rockefellers.

That’s the last time civilians wore masks.

The Spanish Flu hit exactly 101 years before COVID, just as David Rockefeller was exactly 101 years old when he died on the first of spring….

Ellis Island was kind of like the wall, which they claim will keep illegal immigrants out.

When really Mexicans are abused in FEMA camps.

Who knows what happens to them….

Or where they go….

Maybe that wall is built to keep us in–not to keep them out.

Mexico used to be the go-to place when you were in trouble with the government–the border easy to cross.

The other was Canada, but they serve the Crown….

Mexico isn’t part of the Five Eyes.

And the Spanish came here before the Mayflower, but they don’t count….

Meanwhile, my daughter, the eleventh generation of a family who has lived in Pennsylvania for three hundred years, was asked to write an essay on her background.

As my daughter told her teacher, we bought land from William Penn, in a colony that welcomed all faiths and peoples, and we kept peace with the Native Americans.

My daughter was told the same thing as the Spanish whose land was stolen, and the Native Americans from whose Cherokee and Seneca Nations she descends.

Immediately outside our nation’s capital, in Falls Church, my daughter’s teacher told her of her family’s ancient history in America.

That doesn’t count.

The government that voided Spanish land grants and violated the treaties it signed, while it killed the buffalo and distributed blankets poisoned with smallpox, disease disguised as aid, had said the same thing before.

My daughter’s teacher wanted a story about Ellis Island or a FEMA Camp….

That’s what they teach our children about America and how they deny us of our own heritage.

And they try to take our guns, killing our children in our schools, under CIA Operation Gladio C, under which my daughter was required to stand in protest to our second amendment rights at the same damned school–unlike the lady below.

That’s what comes of the Core Curriculum, enforced by public education, which requires vaccines, as a plank of the Communist Manifesto.

Bill Gates promotes it all, as he buys our silence with billions, and he controls the platform on which you read this article.

Like Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates works for the Rockefellers.

The Rockefellers have been working to destroy our country for more than 100 years.

Funny how the statue sits in their backyard….


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  1. Shocking truth for me today on the actual origins of the freemason “gift” to the USA – the “Statue of Liberty.” (What is this obsession freemasonry has with hermaphrodite sexuality and perversions?)

    It does explain much.


  2. Hi Fighting Monarch

    Great website. Just wanted to know with the COVID-19 tests happening (nasal swab…?) I suspect there is a microchip thing happening here. I’m concerned for family members, I’d like to know if aluminum or any other material will work in blocking any signals from microwave harassment? If not, what can you recommend for myself and others?

    Thanks, and God bless.


    1. I do not believe shielding works, but below you can find my article on how to fight microwave harassment.

      Avoid tests if you can. My belief is that they use them to collect DNA for a worldwide database, which the Rockefellers have sought for more than one hundred years.


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