Neurosurgery goes back to Ancient Egypt, and so does cybernetic implantation.

Why do you think Imhotep, the father of brain surgery, built the first pyramid?

Is it a coincidence?

Or a plot?

The Step Pyramid of Djoser, at Saqqara, was a signal tower, which Imhotep built, while he implanted the slaves on whose brains he operated.

Why would a genius build this thing, and what was on top of it?

Signal towers and cybernetics go together like beans and rice.

And the tradition I represent has been fighting these scum since pre-sand Egypt.

The surgical methods used by Imhotep are partly described in the Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus.

Imhotep, who is credited with the discovery of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), committed his crimes almost five thousand years ago.

Meanwhile, his name, like the implicit message of the United Nations, meant,

I come in peace.

Fuck his peace, and fuck the peace-keepers—the blue helmets sent by the satanic U.N., which rape small children.

Imhotep staged the beginning of the attack against humanity.

That’s why the enemy has such a thing for Ancient Egypt, about which you can read in my admittedly long article on the Rockefellers’ feud with the Rothschilds.

Like imbecilic criminals, beaten-up wimps, who send cryptic clues to the police, the enemy can’t resist advertising their moves, showing off, in their mind, while, in reality, they weaken their pathetic position.

It’s why we see another ancient symbol, associated with Egypt, as it is repeated, again, and again, and again.

From the London Olympic Games, the home of the Banksters, where they staged their big globalist event, to the periodical run by Lady Rothschild, who went to my college, to the new and old attacks, in Viet Nam, and America, against the best and the brightest, we see it.

The phoenix!

The use of brain surgery, and primitive cybernetics, combined with a signal tower, by Imhotep, helps to explain why the Illuminati, the Masons, and the Banksters have a thing about Ancient Egypt.

Egyptian technology wasn’t from the imaginary time machines that CIA, and MI-7, try to sell through Q-ANON.

Egyptian technology wasn’t from the imaginary aliens that USAF, NASA, and AATIP try to sell through PROJECT BLUE BEAM.

Military technology is always light-years ahead of what they show us.

That’s why you see evidence of cybernetic implantation, brain surgery, and radionics in the classical music that arose over two hundred years ago.

That’s why you see evidence of cybernetic implantation, brain surgery, and radionics in the work of Tesla, as he was driven by the Eiffel Tower, like the Pyramids, over one hundred years ago, while Paris became an iconic tourist destination.

That’s why you see evidence of the secret nuclear program at Tunguska, long before the ending of World War Two.

But the plot goes back much further.

Look to Ancient Egypt.


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