Dams are a favorite of the New World Order, while the World Bank, with the International Monetary Fund, uses them to create environmental disasters.

The United Nations, which sponsors child rape, calls them clean but they put out more greenhouse gases, in the form of methane, from rotting leaves, than a modern coal-fired plant.

That’s from that hotbed of right-wing conspiracy theories: Environmental Science Technology.

The Tennessee Valley Authority had a bioweapons facility in one of its stations, which connected to the Center for Disease Control.

See the masonic 33?

It’s like the pyramid on our dollar.

The New World Order has plans to blow the dam at Three Gorges.

You can read more in my third book.

The New World Order has plans for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

You can read more in my second book.

But dams aren’t just environmental disaster areas, which destroy cultural treasures, and displace people.

They are also used to cover evidence, flooding large areas, so that no one can uncover what went on there.

The Aswan HIgh Dam is a classic example.

It flooded the Nubian Monuments from Abu Simbel to Philae.

Nine sites were moved, but who knows what had not yet been excavated.

There must have been more sites, but now we will never find them.

Why would Egypt destroy priceless undiscovered treasures?

Why not build the dam someplace else along the river that runs through the entire length of the country?

And if that’s the best place to build a dam, wouldn’t the Ancient Egyptians have found it and built a dam there, too?

Cybernetics were part of Ancient Egypt.

Imhotep pioneered brain surgery.

Akhenaten was implanted.

They broadcast from the obelisks and the pyramids, which were strangely topped with pyramidions made from electrum, a highly conductive alloy still used for industrial purposes since it is made from gold, silver, and aluminum.

Hydropower was well within the capabilities of the scientists who could do this, but the New World Order didn’t want anyone to find an ancient power station.

And they didn’t want an archaeologist to find an ancient lab.

These things would lie in the original site of the Nubian Monuments, but you can’t look for them now because the whole place was flooded.

They covered the evidence.


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  1. Mariana dam was in 2015.
    Brumadinho dam was in 2019.
    They (Vale do Rio Doce and Samarco – which belongs to Vale) knew the dams were going to collapse, still they insisted on calling them “accidents”.

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