William Schaap, world-renowned legal scholar, author, and university professor, did much to expose the role of CIA in popular culture, showing that it spent one-third of its budget on media propaganda operations.  As publisher of The Lies of Our Times, Schaap showed CIA owned 250 different media networks:  radio, television, and newspapers. 

OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD never went away, and today it’s worse than ever.

mockingbird copy

The influence of CIA and its military affiliates extends into the music business.

cia music

Lookout Mountain’s control over Laurel Canyon is only one example.

The Doors, whose leader was the son of an admiral, is another.

The Scream of the Butterfly – Jim Morrison and PROJECT MONARCH


But maybe the worst is the Police, who were founded by Stewart Copeland, the son of an SOE agent and a CIA officer.

police 1

Even their name signalled the real controllers of the band.

police 2

The real leader of the group was Stewart Copeland, the son of Miles Axe Copeland, Jr., a CIA officer involved in coups d’état in Syria and Iran.

Miles Copeland

Miles Axe wrote several books about the Central Intelligence Agency, and you can read two of them below.

Read Miles Copeland’s Book: The Game of Nations: The Amorality of Power Politics

Read Miles Copeland’s Book: Without Cloak or Dagger

real spy world by miles copeland

As Miles Axe said in an interview with Rolling Stone,

My complaint has been that the CIA isn’t overthrowing enough anti-American governments or assassinating enough anti-American leaders.

That’s quite a statement–especially given CIA’s involvement in the murder of so many.


CIA killed tens of thousands of people in Latin America under OPERATION CONDOR, to name a single obvious example.

Condor South America

CIA sent the journalist Lara Logan to be gang-raped with objects in Copeland’s territory while they overthrew the government, but that wasn’t enough for Miles Axe.

Taharrush – What Miles Copeland’s Colleagues Did To The Reporter Lara Logan

More on Arab Spring & Winter – CIA’s Follow-Up Attacks Against Lara Logan

taharrush70 copy

That was the father of Stewart Copeland, the founder of the Police.  

stewart copeland 5

The drummer’s mother, Lorraine Adie Copeland, was in British Intelligence, and her father was a neurosurgeon.  You know?  Like the guys responsible for the deep state’s cybernetic implantation and mind control programs….

MK-ULTRA, Cybernetics and the Minds of Men

Many wrongly diagnosed ailments owe their origin to what CIA calls the program and USAF calls the mission.

Cybernetics, Microwave Harassment, and Misdiagnosis of MK-ULTRA Symptoms


Nowadays, cybernetic mind control largely involves nanotech, but you can see some of the old-fashioned patents below.

Patents for Mind Control Technology


Stewart Copeland, along with the rest of the Police, was brainwashed and cybernetically implanted.

stewart copeland 2

There’s something wrong with this guy.  Like all the Copelands, he looks truly evil.

stewart copeland

While Stewart Copeland founded the Police, his brother, Miles Axe Copeland III, managed the Police.

Miles Copeland

Miles Axe Copeland III founded IRS Records.

irs records

The third brother, Ian Adie Copeland, booked the Police’s gigs as president of Frontier Booking International–the other FBI.

fbi (frontier booking)

The Copelands were the gang behind the Police, and the CIA lay behind them.

copeland cia

I wonder if they connect to the DuPonts, one of the thirteen Illuminati bloodlines.  Since I live in DuPont country, I can tell you that Copeland, like Carpenter, is a DuPont name.

The DuPont Family & The DuPont Company – Behind The Nylon Curtain


Just as the Illuminati run the CIA, and the CIA ran the Copeland Gang, the Copeland Crime Family ran Sting.


CIA mocked Sting by dressing him in a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt.

sting mickey mouse 2

Mickey Mouse not only indicates a lack of seriousness, but Disney lies behind an enormous amount of mind control and sexual abuse.


The land for Disney World, with its underground facilities used in MK-ULTRA, was bought by Paul Helliwell, who ran CIA operations in Southeast Asia, and Wild Bill Donovan, head of OSS, the precursor to CIA.

wild bill donovan

Half the gang had oddball nicknames.  Wild Bill was pals with Axe, while his son Leroy Coolbreeze booked gigs for the Police, and Sting wrote the songs.  They called their music New Wave, but they were punks.

police punks

So were the freemasons, the criminal gang that stands behind so-called British Intelligence, a pack of homosexual woman-hating child-molesting satanic rapists whose “temples” contain tesselated pavements.


The freemasons signalled their control over the Police, not only through the group’s name but through other imagery.

police checkerboard

Zenyatta Mondatta was another example.

zenyatta mondatta

Light and shadow suggested the splitting of personality to create alters, while the same pyramids and all-seeing eyes decorate our money, a product of the same criminal cartel.


Ghost in the Machine, which referred to Gilbert Ryle and Arthur Koestler, seemed creepy, with its references to cybernetics in Rehumanize Yourself, sadomasochism in Demolition Man, overload in Too Much Information, and suicide in Omegaman.

police ghost in the machine

Synchronicity, with its reference to Carl Jung’s monograph, provided a false explanation for apparent coincidences, about which hapless subjects wondered, as CIA social-engineered our lives.

Read Synchronicity by Carl Jung

police synchronicity

The Police had a good sound, and they appealed to smart people.  Part of the psy-op was to lead listeners to read certain books containing unhealthy ideas.  Don’t Stand So Close To Me, one of their most popular songs, aside from its outright description of statutory rape between a student and a teacher, sought to direct listeners to “that book by Nabokov,” an author whose name Sting mispronounced who wrote books about raping children.

More on MI7’s Promotion of Perversion through Literature

lolita 2

Unhealthy sexuality was also promoted through songs like the insanely popular Roxanne, in which the singer addressed his prostitute girlfriend.  Can you believe the Police sang this song at Sting’s wedding? Or that it was one of two songs they sang on the special day?

Watch Sting’s body movements in the video above, and you will see that he is being remote-controlled. 


Every Breath You Take was another creepy song about a stalker who would not take no for an answer.

Every breath you take,

Every move you make,

Every bond you break,

Every step you take, 

I’ll be watching you.


Every single day,

Every word you say,

Every game you play, 

Every night you stay, 

I’ll be watching you.


Can’t you see?

You belong to me.

CIA was watching us, as it does now through the global surveillance network.

five eyes

Other unhealthy messages were sent through songs like Be My Girl (Sally) about the speaker’s preference for a sex doll instead of a woman.

sex doll

It was too early for the sex robots, or gynoids, which now appear on the market.

Robot Women – More on Gynoids, Bionics, and Sex Robots

Sexual perversion and existential despair were suggested by The Sheltering Sky, by Paul Bowles, to which the Police directed us through Tea in the Sahara.

sheltering sky

See the all-seeing eye and the sun on the cover?  Those are satanic symbols, which also appear in the Jesuits’ “christogram.”

Jorge Bergoglio, alias Pope Francis, and His Cover Up of Child Rape


As CIA Officer Howard Hunt said, “The Jesuits form the greatest intelligence service in the world and always have.”  No wonder the deep state recruits so heavily from Georgetown.

Remember how Miles Axe Copeland, the father of the gang that ran the Police, was a secret Arabist for the CIA?

miles copeland 1

The later film, The Sheltering Sky, tries to make this sick garbage look deep through its over-orchestrated soundtrack and beautiful cinematography of the desert, but you can see what this is all about from the trailer below, featuring creepy John Malkovich involved in a love triangle.

John Malkovich is famous for roles like the child-molesting retard, Lenny, in Of Mice and Men, the rapist degenerate, Vicomte de Valmont, in Dangerous Liaisons, or the murderer of prostitutes, Jack Unterweger, in Confessions of a Serial Killer; so he was perfect for the lead in the film to which the Police eventually led us.

john malkovich

Existential despair was a theme promoted by the Police.  Songs like King Of Pain, Message In A Bottle, Hole In My Life, So Lonely, Bring on the Night, and Deathwish typified their music, while the jejune sentiments of Can’t Stand Losing You suggested suicide.

can't stand losing you

Driven To Tears put forth the view that we could do nothing about the horrific crimes perpetrated by the New World Order.

It was followed immediately by Canary In A Coalmine, which mocked “oversensitive” people.

canary in a coalmine

Voices Inside My Head directly alluded to voice to skull (V2K), neurolinguistic programming (NLP), neurolinguistic formulae (NLF), and forced speech.

V2K – Voice To Skull

How To Spot Mind Control Through Unusual Speech Patterns

How To Spot Mind Control By Listening To The Sound Of Your Voice

voices inside my head

The object of Zersetzung is to drive you crazy, so the state can institutionalize you, just as CIA affiliates did in Soviet Russia or East Germany, where Markus Wolf, The Man Without A Face, ran the STASI.

Videos by Doctors on Microwave Harassment, Cybernetics, & Gang-Stalking

More On How CIA Uses Psychiatry To Destroy People’s Lives

The Man Without A Face later became a senior contractor for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).


Through the Police, CIA mocked their victims, while they made millions of dollars, calling a new album Certifiable, while millions of people became certifiably insane.

police certifiable

They should be arrested.


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