In 1952, MAD was founded by Harvey Kurtzman and William Gaines.  At the time, it was a comic book, and it focused on horror.

mad horror 3

Gaines’s father, Maxwell Gaines, started the Wonder Woman franchise with Dr. William Moulton Marston, a psychologist who invented an early version of the lie detector.  


Wonder Woman’s inventor had strange ideas about bondage and submission, which the CIA would use for sexual training under MK-ULTRA.

MK-ULTRA – What CIA Did To Me With Wonder Woman and Pornography

Television Programming & Sexual Play – Wonder Woman, Spinning, & Dissociation

But Maxwell Gaines preferred to make comics like Picture Stories from the Bible, so he called his company Educational Comics (EC).

picture stories from the bible

That would never fly with CIA, whose agent, Gloria Steinem, popularized Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman on Television – How CIA Used Her Image To Promote Rape


CIA was founded on July 26, 1947.  One of their first acts was to kill Maxwell Gaines, whom they had used to develop the first comic books.  They did it less than a month after their founding, on August 20, 1947.  

CIA – A Study of Assassination (Photocopy)

CIA – A Study of Assassination (Readable Text)

Gaines Death Newspaper

Gaines died suspiciously in a boating accident on Lake Placid when the daughter of a retired judge, Joseph Proskauer, a name partner of Proskauer Rose, whose clients included Warner Bros. and DC Comics, crashed into his motorboat.

Site of Gaines Boat Accident

Joseph Proskauer had connections with the New World Order.  He was often in the news, as the head of many charities and civic organizations, president of the American Jewish Committee (AJC), advocate for the establishment of an Israeli state, and the primary spokesman for the adoption of human rights provisions into the charter of the newly formed United Nations.


Despite the advocacy of human rights provisions by Proskauer, the United Nations became a front for child molestation.

The United Nations – A Front for Child Rape

After CIA’s assassination of his father, William Gaines inherited EC Comics.  

william gaines

There would be no more bible stories.  Now Gaines was free to publish all kinds of filth.

william gaines 3

Tales from the Crypt was one of several subsidiaries that William Gaines started.

ec comics 01

So was MAD Comics….

mad horror 2

So was The Vault of Horror, where women were chained, tortured, and raped.

ec comics 4

In the publishing company that CIA had delivered to the creator of MAD, women had their heads cut off with axes.

ec comics 2

The United States Senate investigated this filth and its effect on children’s minds, and the publisher of MAD said, under oath, he had no problems with pictures like the following, which he deemed “in good taste.” 

ec comics 17

The creator of MAD claimed that, because the woman’s decapitated body was not shown and no blood was dripping from her neck, no one should object to placing this comic in the hands of children.

1954 Senate Subcommittee Hearing on Juvenile Delinquency (Comic Books)

1954 Senate Subcommittee Hearings on Juvenile Delinquency (Comic Books)

No wonder Gaines felt comfortable publishing filth like Shock Suspenstories, where women were strangled on the covers.

ec comics 15

Or where women were threatened with ritual sexual abuse by Illuminati minions….

ec comics 7

Or where women had knives held to their throats before degenerates raped, violated, and killed them.

ec comics 8

Meanwhile in Crime Suspenstories, by EC Comics, the owner of MAD, rapists lurked in the shadows with knives.

ec comics 6

They used these knives to threaten women, as they dragged them off to be raped in the shadows.

ec comics 20

In comics put out by the publisher of MAD, William Gaines, rape survivors were strangled and tossed in a lake–not unlike the murder of his father at Lake Placid, which left him the company.

ec comics 0

Others were strangled underwater.

ec comics 10

Or they were buried alive so they could not identify their attackers.

ec comics 11

Meanwhile gang rape was threatened on the covers of MAD.

mad horror 1

These were snuff comics, pure and simple.  In the comics put out by William Gaines, the creator of MAD, subhuman trash not only raped women, but they abused their victims in the most horrible ways before killing them.

ec comics 13

No wonder horror comics were banned, and the Comics Code was established.  The industry chose to police itself, just like Hollywood twenty years earlier, which produced similar filth before the adoption of a code.

White Zombie, Mind Control, & Sexual Slavery

EC Comics, started as Educational Comics, with Bible Stories, by Maxwell Gaines, whom CIA murdered, had sunk under his son’s leadership to the promotion of degeneracy. 

william gaines 2

A congressional inquiry largely put a stop to that, but Gaines kept one, exactly one, title operational.  He rebranded MAD Comics as MAD Magazine, through which he continued to pervert American children.

How CIA Use MAD Magazine To Poison Young Minds

MAD Kids – As If MAD Weren’t Bad Enough

alfred e neuman

Harvey Kurtzman, who founded MAD with Gaines, went on to do “adult comics,” like The Jungle Book, in which the aptly named Thelonious Violence teamed up with a thug to blackmail Lolita Nabokov, a character whose name suggested an underage girl.

More on Lolita, the Literature of Degeneracy, & the Push to Perversion


Gaines’s partner created Little Annie Fanny for Playboy, which CIA used for mind control.

Cartel Signalling in Little Annie Fanny

Playboy, Mind Control, and Rape

mad little annie fanny spied on

Meanwhile, MAD took off.  Aside from issues that introduced children to material they never would have otherwise encountered, and its corruption of their formerly innocent minds, Gaines’s remaining project continued to promote horror.

mad magazine hitchcock

In the films of Alfred Hitchcock, women were raped and murdered in the shower–a theme developed by Brian DePalma in Dressed To Kill–just as in EC Comics’ earlier titles.

Meanwhile, the “magazine”–remember it’s MAD Magazine not MAD Comics even though it’s all hand-drawn and there are no advertisements–advertised CIA’s abuse of people with cybernetics under MK-ULTRA, as defense contractors developed hundreds of mind control patents.

Patents for Mind Control Technology

Mind Control, Microwave Harassment, & Misdiagnosis

mad magazine frankenstein

Aaron and Melissa Dykes have made an excellent film about CIA’s implantation of American citizens, The Minds of Men, which I highly recommend.

Cybernetics and the Minds of Men

Cybernetics and Anger Management

MAD featured Scooby Doo–likewise cooked up by CIA to start small children down the road to horror and rape.

Scooby Doo – Rape Programming under MK-ULTRA

mad magazine scooby doo

They would start me on that in the early 1970s, before I discovered MAD, but later, through a host of programming sessions, CIA would lead me to rape comics.

Danger Babe Central – Rape Comics, Sexual Programming, & Project Monarch

PROJECT MONARCH – Read More About What They Did To Me Here


MAD would feature the Addams Family, whose creator, Charles Addams, grew up in my home town, Westfield, New Jersey, a hotbed of satanic activity.

The Jersey Devil – CIA’s Promotion of Homosexuality through Children’s Books

mad magazine addams family

MAD would also feature The Shining, by Stanley Kubrick, a director who described (i) rape training at the Tavistock Institute (Clockwork Orange), (ii) Illuminati sex orgies (Eyes Wide Shut), and (iii) the fake moon landing (2001:  A Space Odyssey).  Doing so, the comic featured themes involving satanism, murder, and possession–not to mention extraneous references to homosexuality and transsexualism on the cover.

Never A Straight Answer (NASA) – More on the Fake Moon Landing (A Front for Surveillance, Mind Control, & Sexual Slavery)

mad shining

When CIA wasn’t using comics to promote rape, it was using them to promote homosexuality.

Read More on Cartel Signaling in Batman Here

mad magazine batman

Over time, Batman and MAD would become creepier still….

mad magazine batman 2

The porn star Mia Khalifa, an unwitting victim, would be brainwashed to desire Batman, while she gave her gun away in OPERATION GLADIO C.

GLADIO C – Mia Khalifa, Sex Kittens, & Second Amendment Rights

More on Mia Khalifa and Cartel Signaling


Meanwhile, CIA brainwashed the Batman Shooter, James Holmes, to kill innocents in Las Vegas, so they would have an excuse to take our guns.

GLADIO C – Gun Rights, False Flag Attacks, & the Manipulation of Public Opinion


As CIA mocked us through MAD, asking “Why so stupid?,” the laugh was on us….

mad magazine joker

William Gaines, the owner and creator of MAD Magazine, was laughing all the way to the bank. 

william gaines 3

Our political system was a horror show, full of false choices, run by the Illuminati.

The Bushes, The Clintons, Satanism, & Crimes against America

More on CIA’s Use of Double Binds and False Choices

mad devil politicians

It wasn’t just bad luck, but it definitely had something to do with satanic holidays.

mad friday 13th

It was a conspiracy….


Bands like KISS, Kings In Satan’s Service, provided the music.

mad magazine kiss

And Lynda Carter, who played the comicbook heroine, Wonder Woman, danced to their music, while she wore an erotic outfit that screamed both Satan and Disney.

The Whore of Babylon – Lynda Carter, Fake Feminism, and the New World Order

It was a phantom menace, while Satan, using CIA and MAD, directed the show.

mad phantom menace

You’d have to be a zombie not to notice.

More on Zombies, Mind Control, and Sexual Slavery

mad walking dead

Unfortunately, that’s what most people are….


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