The New Adventures of Wonder Woman is full of cartel signaling.  That’s how arrogant the scum at CIA are.  Not only did they use the show for mind control, but they advertised it.

I have written elsewhere about CIA’s use of the show in the 1970s, both to implant fantasies in men and to brainwash women.

Pornography, Masturbation, & Why To Avoid It

Wonder Woman, Sexual Play, Spinning, & Dissociation

Under PROJECT MONARCH, WonderWoman programming extended all over the country; but brainwashing occurred particularly on military bases China Lake, The Presidio, Ft. Dietrick, Ft. Campbell, Ft. Lewis, Ft. Hood, Redstone Arsenal, Offutt AFB, Patrick AFB, McClellan AFB, MacGill AFB, Kirkland AFB, Nellis AFB, Homestead AFB, Grissom AFB, Maxwell AFB, and Tinker AFB.


Here I focus on the use of satanic cartel signaling.  From start to finish, the show screams MK-ULTRA.  In episode after episode, Wonder Woman appears in her sexy and symbolic costume, complete with bondage equipment, often fighting the Nazis, who advanced mind control after CIA imported them in OPERATION PAPERCLIP.



Wonder Woman is drugged, hypnotized, and mind-controlled.  


She spins to shift from one identity to another.


Villains wrestle with her, suggesting rape.  



And sometimes it even looks as though a gorilla or an alien will have his way with her.


But at the end of the episode, there is some form of comedic redemption, and some villains even learn their lesson—making peace with Wonder Woman.  

After all, when subjects have been drugged, hypnotized, and abused by their handlers under the program, CIA needs them to return to a state of normalcy where they view those handlers as friendly.  That sets a person up for the next round of trauma-based mind control.  In the 1980s and 1990s, I even had my controllers’ telephone number.  To the extent I remembered them at all, I saw them vaguely as friends—since they had done business with my father and visited my home.  Sometimes I would telephone them, doubtless under hypnotic compulsion, and sometimes they would telephone me, under OPERATION SLEEPING BEAUTY.

Returning to Wonder Woman, let’s look at her costume.  Wonder Woman was invented by William Moulton Marston, a psychologist with strange ideas about bondage and submission, so it’s no surprise her costume is unusual.    



The five-pointed stars, or pentagrams, which cover her womanhood, are satanic cartel signaling.  That’s why heavy metal music, satanic by nature, has so many of them.  


Here’s Lynda Carter, later in her career, making music with KISS (Kings In Satan’s Service):


Since the masons are satanic, five-pointed stars can also be found in their lodges and the design of our capitol.



Because of her programming, Lynda Carter loves stars, and she often appears with them.


Likewise, Dr. Katherine Horton has commented on the use of stars as cartel signaling in my Mia Khalifa article.

Mia Khalifa & Satanic Cartel Signaling


Above the stars on Wonder Woman’s privates is a golden belt.  That’s the Venus Girdle for Dr. Marston, based partly on the Girdle of Hyppolita, which Hercules took from the Queen of the Amazons.  The Venus Girdle was an allegory for Marston’s theory of “sex love” training, where people are “trained” to embrace submission through eroticism.  

In the show, when a villain takes the belt, it reduces Wonder Woman’s strength, so he can have his way with her.




The phoenix that rises to cover Wonder Woman’s breasts is a symbol of the New World Order.



And, just in case taking the belt wasn’t enough, Wonder Woman comes with her own bondage equipment, the Lasso of Truth.  

In the t.v. show, Wonder Woman uses her lariat against others, but one can easily imagine a villain who turned it against her.  The creator of Wonder Woman, William Marston, writes of submission and bondage,

The only hope for peace is to teach people who are full of pep and unbound force to enjoy being bound….  Only when the control of self by others is more pleasant than the unbound assertion of self in human relationships can we hope for a stable, peaceful human society….  Giving to others, being controlled by them, submitting to other people cannot possibly be enjoyable without a strong erotic element.

And talk about an erotic element, how about that blue suit…

Here’s one that seems to say something like, “I’m wild, fast, and under robotic mind control.  Hop on back, and ride me….”


It’s easy to see where this is going.  In episode after episode, a male viewer can indulge in rape fantasies about a fictional character, while pretending to others or himself that he watches a show about women’s liberation.

The clips below, which a viewer on YouTube edited slightly to prolong the rape-like scene, are from the episode Mind Stealers from Outer Space.  Note that they start with the collation of Diana Prince and WonderWoman by the bad guys.  The subliminal message is…you know someone who looks like Wonder Woman, and you could rape her.  Indeed, if you are targeted under MK-ULTRA, it is very likely CIA will bring such a woman into your life.

It is easy to see where this is going….

Or how such images lead to a flood of Wonder Woman pornography—from costumes, to pornographic videos, to fan fiction, to the rape comics I was trained to view on Danger Babe Central.

Danger Babe Central: Where Bad Things Happen To Good Girls



Did you notice the leopard prints in the pictures above?


In my fantasies, I wanted to rape Wonder Woman, to have sex with her against her will—but that is nothing next to the violence of the “mainstream” comics published by D.C.  It disturbs me even to look at them.



This is satanic, hateful, and misogynistic.  And these sorts of comics were available at the same time Wonder Woman aired on national television.  CIA, with their absolutely evil and twisted mind control programs, works hard to lead people into perversion.

At first, fantasies may appear innocuous.  I have written elsewhere of how my controllers sought to connect Lynda Carter, as Wonder Woman, to Patty Duffek, who posed in Playboy.  That way, without the violent images, which would later be promoted, I could picture Wonder Woman naked.  Through a fog of drugs and hypnotism, I remember my controller snarling his command, “There’s your Wonder Woman!!!”

Pornography, Masturbation, and Why To Avoid It

Look at these pictures of the two beautiful women whom CIA defiled.


pattyduffek copy

Or look at this picture of Lynda Carter, a centerfold made for Apocalypse Now, in which she was meant to appear.  It was replaced by the adjacent picture of Coleen Camp, when circumstances prevented Lynda Carter’s appearance in the picture.


It’s easy to see why Dr. Katherine Horton wrote,

Playboy is not an adult entertainment/porn magazine but a Secret Service brain-programming and mind-control device. Men were hooked on the magazine due to the soft porn and didn’t notice that they gave themselves a regular dose of self-administered mind-control.

That’s at best.  I have written elsewhere of the use of drugs like scopolamine, which stops memories from forming, and chloral hydrate, a hypnotic sedative, in CIA’s abuse of women under PROJECT MONARCH and rape at the Playboy mansion.

The Playboy Mansion, Blackmail, and Rape

Playboy, Satanic Cartel Signaling, & the Computerization of Women

Why We Don’t Remember: CIA’s Use of Scopolamine (Hyoscine), Burundanga, or Devil’s Breath

It’s no surprise to see Wonder Woman drugged and hypnotized.  In fantasy, one can imagine taking advantage of her, and CIA has almost certainly pushed boys into date rape through the use of drugs like rohypnol.  Equally troubling is the thought that Lynda Carter has given such drugs, and hypnotized, by her handlers at MK-ULTRA, only to act out these scenes.  Not only do the scum at CIA abuse us:  they get off on advertising the abuse.  They are rapists who mock their victims.

Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler write about CIA’s use of drugs and hypnosis under PROJECT MONARCH, so does Cathy O’Brien, and so does Susan Ford.

Books by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler on Illuminati Mind Control Techniques

Cathy O’Brien: An American Hero

Thanks for the Memories by Brice Taylor a/k/a Susan Ford

Here, while she wears an Illuminati-style mask, a Nazi subdues Wonder Woman with chloroform.  Then he binds her with her magic lasso, which, like the drugs administered by the agency, forces her to tell the truth.  Breathing heavily, she is forced to reveal her secrets, so her abuser learns he can make her helpless, and take her prisoner, by removing her magic belt.

And, by the way, as for those Nazis Wonder Woman is fighting, let’s not forget that CIA (then OSS, an agency that shows up in this episode) brought Nazi scientists to the U.S. in OPERATION PAPERCLIP.  With the help of those scum, who used these techniques in the camps and on the Nazi leadership, MK-ULTRA started.


Like my namesake in The Prisoner, here, Wonder Woman is gassed with a hypnotic sedative.  A creepy man handles her body, interrogates her, hypnotizes her, and tells her to forget.  Then he calls her on the telephone to give her hypnotic commands, which she is forced to obey.  That happened to me, again and again, in OPERATION SLEEPING BEAUTY.  A viewer on YouTube changed the video to emphasize the hypnotism, which I find interesting.  It is further cartel signaling, but I can’t tell if the creator is a victim or abuser.

In the video above, dangling by her lasso—just as in the short where she falls through a trap door—Wonder Woman looks as though she has been caught in a trap—my controller’s word for the set of hypnotic commands he used to enslave me.  These scum love to mock us with our abuse.

Here, in a classic MK-ULTRA scene, Wonder Woman encounters a hypnotist who uses music and strobe lights to enthrall his victims.  Again, a viewer on YouTube has enhanced the hypnotic effect by prolonging the last few seconds.

Here, an abuser drugs Wonder Woman by slipping a hypnotic sedative into her drink.  As she slips into trance, he changes form in front of her, and he tells her to forget who she is.

Here, Wonder Woman enters a room where she sees leopard prints, symbolizing the slavery of a beta “sex kitten” under PROJECT MONARCH, then she is knocked out with an aerosolated truth serum, surrounded by monarch butterflies, and confronted by an evil doppelganger.  It happens in a toy shop, indicating that Wonder Woman herself is a sex toy, and at Christmas, mocking our children’s holidays.  As Wonder Woman slips groggily in and out of consciousness, while she lies face up on a bed, another creep interrogates her.

Indeed, the creation of alters, and the splitting of a person, an important aspect of PROJECT MONARCH, is picked up by Wonder Woman, who has a normal and a secret identity.


A similar theme may be picked up by the following scene, where Wonder Woman enters a hall of mirrors, which splits her into copies of herself.

As I have written elsewhere, children were taught to spin in order to induce trance, at which time they would enter different alters.  So Wonder Woman is constantly spinning, as she morphs from one identity into another, just as a pupa will metamorphose into the butterfly from which PROJECT MONARCH takes its name.

Wonder Woman, Sexual Play, Spinning & Dissociation

All this results in the mind control under which so many unknowingly suffer, as the trash at CIA enhance it with implanted technology.  I have written about this elsewhere, and it shows up on Wonder Woman.

Patents for Mind Control Technology

Mind Control & Misdiagnosis of Physical & Behavioral Symptoms



In the comic books, Wonder Woman has a “mental radio” that requires her to receive telepathic messages.  This was never shown on t.v., but Wonder Woman did suffer mind control.



Here, with several close-ups of the phoenix on her chest, Wonder Woman is forced to move her body, following telepathic commands.  With the technology shown above, our enemies do this to people everyday.  Watch your own movements and those of others, and you may be able to spot something. 

Here, Wonder Woman is turned into a statue, with a sick grimace on her face.  It’s the kind of expression one sees everywhere, as the sickos in CIA use cybernetic implants to manipulate our facial musculature.  

Dick Cheney, traitor to his country, and enemy of humanity, wears a similar expression, as he struggles to fight his masters.


So, occasionally, does Sarah Palin, about whom I have written elsewhere.

Sarah Palin, Superheroines, & Rape


The “intelligence” agencies are bombarding us with microwave signals constantly, including but not limited to voice to skull (V2K).  Much like Charles Xavier on the X-Men, here, Wonder Woman actually looks like she is receiving signals by using her arm as an antenna.  That’s another behavior you may find interesting to observe in people.



But the real tell for mind control—or at least the one I see a lot—is the eye-rolls.  I have posted a video of MK-ULTRA glitches, which shows some examples, and also below one can see these expressions on Wonder Woman.



This is what they do to us.  Watch other people’s eye movements—and your own.  You may not see something so dramatic, but you will see misfires as well as robotic up and down, or side to side, movements.




Watch where your own gaze travels, along with your attention, and open your mind to the possibility that others control you.  Watch your own behavior and the behavior of others:  for speech inconsistent with thought, thought inconsistent with ideas, and actions inconsistent with our welfare.  Mind control is real, and the satanic perpetrators behind it are the enemies of humanity.


There’s more to Wonder Woman, to mind control, and to cartel signaling; but, really, it’s not hard to figure out.


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  1. Keep these articles coming because they open doors to a wide world that is right in front of our eyes and sometimes in our own homes. I can confirm the forced eye-movements. I have them to and you are right that they are due to chip implants. I was illegally implanted by MI6 in Britain and have been some sort of remote-controlled sex slave intensely for 2.5 years and to varying degrees before hand. By now, I am convinced that both Oxford and Cambridge are key mind-control centres in the UK, and the student rooms in the Colleges are used to get easy access to the students for illegal implanting and experimentation by MI5 and MI6.


  2. Sorry about the spelling mistakes, that was meant to read “I have them too” and “varying degrees beforehand”. I’m just being machine-gunned with Pulsed Energy Projectiles as I am typing this and my focus jolts at times. I didn’t see an edit button or I would have corrected the spelling. But perhaps it serves as a testimony in itself that the MKUltra that you are describing is not just alive and well, it has been industrialised and combined with modern Directed Energy Weapons.


  3. Is there a significance in regards to her programming when Lynda Carter has curly hair rather than straight hair? The curly hairstyles always seemed more sexualized


      1. I guess i was curious because she wears her hair straight all the time. Whenever she curls it or lets her natural curls come out, it seems like shes aiming for something more or perhaps its something she doesnt know is happening.


  4. Theres a quote from her in an interview she did with Us Magazine in 1980

    “I never meant to be a sexual object for anyone but my husband. I never thought a picture of my body would be tacked up in men’s bathrooms. I hate men looking at me and thinking what they think. And I know what they think. They write and tell me.”

    What are your thoughts on that?,5446489&dq=i-hate-men-looking-at-me&hl=en


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