In the 1970s, CIA promoted the New Adventures of Wonder Woman.

Gloria Steinem, who worked for Central Intelligence, lay behind the revival of the character.

Wonder Woman was filled with rape fantasy material, while it purported to advance a feminist agenda.

Wonder Woman was filled with references to mind control, and it was used under MK-ULTRA.

I know because the show was used against me, as I was drugged, hypnotized, and sexually abused under PROJECT MONARCH.

They don’t call them television programs for nothing.

The Banana Splits was another program used against me.

Danger Island nested within the children’s variety show.

Wonder Woman promoted the rape of brunettes, while Danger Island promoted the rape of blondes.

Through the bad influence of television, the Tavistock Institute led children to play act rape, while girls dressed as superheroines from rape-laden programs.

This never worked on me, although they would later lead me to rape fantasy comics–a process that took more than twenty years.

The comics advertise the methods used against us.

You see something similar in Charlie’s Angels–another show from the seventies replete with rape material and cartel signaling.

CIA tried to lead me to Charlie’s Angels through MAD, but it didn’t work.

CIA tried to lead me to Wonder Woman through Saturday Morning Television.

Land of the Lost replaced the Banana Splits, and a new program appeared.

The Secrets of Isis!

Diana Prince spun to turn into her alter ego, girls copied her, and they dissociated.

Likewise, as she cried, “O Mighty Isis,” Andrea Thomas morphed into a superheroine.

The teacher became a goddess.

Boys fantasized about Isis, as they read comics that suggested rape.

The comics also suggested mind control.

Who wouldn’t want a teacher who looked like Andrea Thomas?

Even when she wasn’t Isis, she was hot!

If you were bad in class, perhaps she would punish you, or you could turn the tables on her; but, if you were good, maybe she would give you a special reward.

Joanna Cameron, who played the sexy schoolteacher, had also played a naughty student.

No perversion is beneath the scum that run PROJECT MONARCH.

In Pretty Maids All In A Row, Joanna Cameron played one of several high school students who had sex with their teachers.

But, of course, that wasn’t enough for the sickos at CIA:  the teenagers who fucked their guidance counselor were also murdered by him.

Yvonne Millick, played by Joanna Cameron, tried to blackmail the culprit into marriage–suggesting that teenagers try this tactic with their instructors–but she was killed offscreen, so the janitor discovered her body in the boiler room–suggesting sinister doings there.

This wasn’t the only messed-up movie in which Joanna Cameron appeared.

When she wasn’t playing Isis, she did other sexy features.

And she played in truly sick films like Sorority Kill.

Doubles, or alters, are key to MK-ULTRA.

So is electroshock.

And so is jewel programming.

Isis was famous for the amulet that transformed her.

Today NSA uses cell phones to spy on us.

NSA uses cell phones to send signals, too.

NSA can relay signals to cybernetic implants.

One of Isis and Wonder Woman’s contemporaries, the Bionic Woman, mirrored this process.

But people didn’t have cell phones in the seventies, so signals were sometimes piggybacked through circuitry hidden in lockets or similar jewelry.

You can see this signaled in an earlier show, which tells you everything you want to know about MK-ULTRA.

The Prisoner!

In Checkmate, a woman is hypnotized to fall in love, as a transmitter is hidden in a locket she always wears.

If you have Isis jewelry, I guaranty there is a computer chip inside it.

Check it out, and, if you like, perform the simple tests described in my article below, for only twenty dollars, to discover implants in your body.

CIA has implanted people for a long time….

And Tesla Technology predates CIA.

You can learn more in The Minds of Men, an excellent documentary, about the cybernetics program.

Isn’t it curious that amulets appear in another movie with the star of Isis?

Joanna Cameron also appeared in How To Commit Marriage.

She was put forward by the rapist, pimp, and handler, Bob Hope, whom Brice Taylor exposed.

Joanna Cameron, who played Isis, was friends with Bob Hope’s daughter, just as Lynda Carter, who played Wonder Woman, was friends with Bob Hope.

What a sleaze.

Do you see the checkered pattern?

It’s like the tesselated pavement in a masonic temple.

Here you can see it again in a song from How To Commit Marriage.

The Comfortable Chair sang Child’s Garden.

Their single album features pyramid shapes and a man with an all-seeing eye.

That’s a symbol of the Illuminati.

Jim Morrison discovered The Comfortable Chair, while John Densmore and Robby Krieger produced their album.

The Doors spoke of the need to be an assassin, or a spy, as Jim Morrison, the son of an admiral, wrote songs like “The Spy,” which described sexual programming, sexual blackmail, amnesic walls caused by sexual trauma, and hypnotic command words.

The Minds of Men shows the prominence of naval intelligence in mind control programs.

Cisco Wheeler, the grand niece of General Earle Wheeler, Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff, describes the role of the Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) China Lake in widespread mind control programs.

These involve the rape, torture, and enslavement of millions of Americans.

No wonder the Navy named a ship after their programmer:  Bob Hope.

It makes me want to vomit just to look at this piece of garbage–let alone to see him with a beautiful woman.

Here he is again with Lynda Carter, who played Wonder Woman, dressed as a White Rabbit.

Just like in Playboy or Alice in Wonderland….

Did I mention that Wonder Woman’s alter ego, Diana Prince, serves in the navy?

Here is Bob Hope with Joanna Cameron.

When Joanna Cameron wasn’t playing Isis, she was the host of the Navy Network, a TV series produced by USN about navy life, and she directed a commercial for the Naval Academy titled Razor Sharp.

That’s ironic since she not only featured in slasher films, but, as Cathy O’Brien relates, handlers often apply razors to the genitals of their victims.

But The Secrets of Isis promoted feminism.

Wonder Woman connected to the Amazons of Greek Mythology, but Isis drew on Ancient Egypt.

Isis was the incarnation of Hatshepsut, one of the most successful pharaohs, reigning longer than any other woman of an indigenous Egyptian dynasty.

Here is another picture of Hatshepsut, wearing the beard of a pharaoh.

The New World Order loves trans-sexuals!

Here is the Temple of Hatshepsut.

And here is her fallen obelisk.

The New World Order loves obelisks!

But let’s return to The Secrets of Isis.

What was in that program?

The show we all watched as kids?

The one on CBS, home of the All Seeing Eye?

Below you can watch every episode of The Secrets of Isis.

Episode One, The Lights of Mystery Mountain, deals with UFOs.

That reminds me of PROJECT BLUE BEAM.

In my article below, you can learn how NASA and USAF will effect a fake alien invasion to drive us to one world government.

NASA seeks control of the earth–not exploration of space.

USAF is full of satanists, child molesters, and rapists–deeply involved in our abuse under what they call THE MISSION.

But let’s move on to Episode Two, Spots of the Leopard, which you can watch below.

Leopard prints signal sexual slavery.

Episode Three is Fool’s Dare.

Episode Four, The Sound of Silence, involves a force field generator.

It reminds me of the Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) that they use for microwave harassment.

Active Denial Systems are commonly used by the military.

Episode Five, Rockhound’s Roost, involves an apparently wholesome lesson, like many of the shows, to provide a front for what lies beneath.

Episode Six, Lucky, involves the death of a pet.

Programmers often threaten and kill beloved pets, as they murdered many in my family, while they rape women with dogs.

Episode Seven, Bigfoot, involves the mythical beast who played a part in my programming, as they encourage wildness in boys.

Episode Eight, How To Find a Friend, involves the danger of guns.

Sending a similar message, CIA tries to disarm us through OPERATION GLADIO C.

They stage shootings in schools, churches, and public places to undermine second amendment rights.

Through crisis actors, they send the message,

Give us your guns….

It’s all about false flags.

OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD controls the news.

And they control our minds through television.

Back to Isis, Episode Nine, The Show Off, concerns an escaped gorilla.

Sadly, gorillas, chimpanzees, and orangatangs are used at mind control facilities to rape people.

As part of PROJECT MONARCH, CIA will use not only dogs but chimps to rape and abuse victims. 

Dr. José Delgado cybernetically implanted chimpanzees and humans under CIA auspices, so it comes as no surprize that the same chimps abuse us. 

China Lake is only one naval base that employs these obscene tactics, housing chimps named Gabriel, which tickled bound victims, Elmore, which ate raw flesh, Toby and Zoro, which engaged in sadism of all sorts, and Rastice, which wielded an electro-shock scepter.

Marianne Barnard, who was raped by Roman Polanski when she was ten, run by Henry Kissinger, and abused at Vandenburg Air Force Base, told me that rape with chimps and dogs is common in PROJECT MONARCH; and Cathy O’Brien was forced to engage in sexual acts with animals. 

This was signaled in Wonder Woman.

And it was signaled in another program kids used to watch on Saturday Morning Television, which involved chimp secret agents.

Lancelot Link.

Rape by demented hillbillies also figures in PROJECT MONARCH, so it’s no surprize we see one, with more animals, in Isis Episode Ten:  The Outsider.

Episode Eleven, Funny Gal, shows Isis, the feminist, needing to call on a man for help.

Captain Marvel!

Episode Twelve, Girl Driver, involves Isis’s use of telekinetic powers.

Programmers often encourage beliefs in the paranormal.

Did I mention MK-ULTRA is a Nazi program?

Episode Thirteen is Scuba Duba.

This may suggest Wonder Woman’s blue suit, complete with camel toe, which in turn suggests a bondage outfit.

It certainly suggests Scooby Doo, a show we all used to watch, which was also filled with cartel signaling and rape programming.

Daphne is tied and gagged.

And Velma is on her hands and knees.

Episode Fourteen, Dreams of Flight, has a model airplane competition.

You know? Like drones?

The Secrets of Isis, Episode Fifteen, No Drums, No Trumpets, finds Andrea Thomas in a remote place, confronting a group of robbers, as the show suggests gang rape.

Episode Sixteen, Seeing Eye Horse, began the second season on September 11.

That’s not just the day the New World Order started the War on Terror.

911 has been a big day in the satanic calendar for a long time.

To give just one example, it’s the day the largest battle of the Revolutionary War took place–just a few miles from my home.

Episode Seventeen, The Hitchhiker, describes the dangers of hitchhiking–which further suggests rape.

Episode Eighteen, The Cheerleader, shows one member of the pep squad cheating on a test in order to frame another.

This made one viewer feel comfortable expressing fantasies about group sex and rape.

The Class Clown is Episode Nineteen.

Clowns are big in MK-ULTRA.

Witness books like It, by Stephen King, which is heavily used in programming.

Plus the 2016 Clown Sightings, where bizarre and frightening clowns threatened people all over the world.

Episode Twenty, The Year of the Dragon, seems to have a wholesome lesson, but, on the surface, and only on the surface, that’s just about every one of these shows….

Frankly, I haven’t gotten around to watching it.

Then we get to Episode Twenty-One.

With Twenty-Two it makes a double:  Now You See It, Now You Don’t.

The last two episodes of the series concern a top-secret government device that can control the weather.

That’s HAARP, which not only broadcasts microwaves into our bodies and our heads but also weaponizes weather.

The Rockefellers built HAARP with ARCO.

HAARP caused the earthquake in Haiti, which has allowed the Clinton Crime Family to make billions while they traffic children.

With the failure of the Army Corps of Engineers, HAARP caused Hurricane Katrina, which defrauded taxpayers out of one billion dollars while it gave Uncle Sam a chance to herd survivors into FEMA CAMPS.

NWO may use those camps as we head into medical martial law.

And the maps recall a more recent series:  HUNGER GAMES.

The whole thing makes me say, “O MIGHTY ISIS!”


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