I am currently working on an article about Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, or RPI, to which I will link below.

Like all research universities, RPI supports fascism as it feeds satanic groups like USAF, NASA, NSA, and DARPA.

Fascism involves a team-up between big business and big government—-at the expense of our rights.

The team-up appears not only in military spending, medical insurance, and pharmaceuticals but also in education.

The deep state is satanic.

So is the New World Order.

Satanic groups share connections.

Satanic Hollywood connects to Satanic Washington, which you can see in my article on Steven Spielberg.

Satanic Washington connects to the Satanic Vatican, which you can see in the links between the Jesuits and the CIA.

The Satanic Vatican connects to Satanic London, which you can see in the honors both have conveyed to child molesters like Jimmy Saville.

And Satanic London connects to Satanic Hollywood, which you can see in the relentless propaganda supporting the British degenerates.

Don’t forget the connections between London and Washington!

It’s all connected.

Scum team up to screw us over.

And they screw each other over.

Let’s look at a smaller set of connections.

Vassar has satanic secret societies.

Rensselaer supports the satanic deep state.

And both have connections to Penny Lane!

Penny Lane made Hail Satan! 

There she dismissed the murder, rape, kidnapping, and molestation of hundreds of thousands of children.

FBI Agent, Ted Gunderson, exposed satanic ritual abuse and its connections to the deep state.

Senator John DeCamp exposed satanic ritual abuse and its connections to the deep state.

So did others like Susan Ford.

And Cisco Wheeler.

The brother of Cisco Wheeler’s grandfather was the Head of Joint Chiefs.

But what would she know about secret government programs….

Penny Lane knows so much more.

The Bush Family rapes children.

The Clinton Family rapes children.

But according to Penny Lane, this is all nonsense, and we need to have some sympathy for the Satanic Temple.

Penny Lane didn’t make only Hail Satan!

Penny Lane made Nuts!

Check out the satanic goat.

See the satanic goat on George Bush’s hat?

See the satanic goat on Prince William’s uniform?

See the satanic goat on Christine Lagarde’s brooch?

It’s like the statue that satanists put in front of a capitol building.  

See the devil corrupting children?

According to Penny Lane, there’s not a problem here—-except for my intolerance of satanism.

Penny Lane’s film, Nuts, deals with the transplant of goat testicles into a human subject.

Penny Lane actually brought those goats to the Sundance Film Festival.

Maybe her satanic friends lent them to her before they sacrificed the unfortunate animals.

Bizarre medical experiments, involving the perverted abuse of animals, are her thing.

Talk about bad taste!

Penny Lane made The Pain of Others.

That makes sense—-whether it comes from the criminals she describes or just from watching her movies.

In The Pain of Others, Penny Lane dismisses the symptoms caused by cybernetics.

People have nanotechnology inside their bodies as part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Physicians like Rauni Kilde, the Chief Medical Officer of Finland, have shown that microwave harassment is real.

The Norwegian Intelligence Service murdered Dr. Kilde.

But, according to Penny Lane, that’s just a crazy conspiracy theory!

Here you can see the Marine Corps demonstrating an active denial system.

Here you can learn about the misdiagnosis of microwave harassment.

Here you can learn how to fight back!

And here you can learn still more!

Smart dust is in your food.

Smart dust is in your water.

Smart dust is in your air.

And smart dust is in the vaccine.

This technology is developed at places like Rensselaer, where Penny Lane learned to make films that dismiss it.

You can see more of her sick garbage in this silent short:  The Pleasure Principle.

The film alludes to real cybernetics programs documented by real film-makers—-like Aaron and Melissa Dykes.

You can watch their documentary, The Minds of Men, in full, below.

Penny Lane didn’t just go to Vassar.

Penny Lane’s career as a director started at Rensselaer.

There she explored her mixed-up feelings about aborting her child.

It was Abortion Diaries!

Penny Lane felt others did not support her decision to kill her baby–or, having supported her in this, they did not listen to her feelings.

Here are some women to whom Penny Lane did not listen.

They talk openly about how Planned Parenthood pushed them into abortions they regret.

It’s part of the ongoing genocide against American blacks.

The government gives half a billion dollars ($500,000,000.00) of our tax money, every year, to Planned Parenthood.

That’s so they can put eighty percent (80%) of their abortion mills in minority neighborhoods.

Penny Lane stands for the Satanic Temple, and she denies morgellons, while she makes narcissistic films about her “feelings” about killing her own baby, the implantation of goat-testicles into men, and the cybernetic destruction of sex.

But wait there’s more!

Penny Lane stands against other people expressing themselves.

Remember those morgellons, whose existence she denies, which are caused by nanotechnology?

The nanotechnology is in vaccines—-according the pharmaceutical companies.

In 2016, Penny Lane discovered that the Tribeca Film Festival was planning to screen Vaxxed, an anti-vaccination documentary directed by Andrew Wakefield. 

In the film, mothers tell the stories of how their babies have been crippled by the makers of vaccines.

Penny Lane wrote a letter to the Tribeca Film Festival, demanding that these women be silenced.

They listened to her, and they pulled the film.

Vaxxed was also pulled from a film festival in Houston.

That’s the home of NASA, supported by Rensselaer, which uses satellites to attack us with microwave harassment.

Now the New World Order has fewer than five thousand (5,000) working satellites, but they plan to put up more than one hundred thousand (100,000) in the next eight years.

NASA has extensive ties to RPI.

RPI is where Penny Lane went to school.

Penny Lane makes movies to spread propaganda about NASA.

Penny Lane is a product of Vassar and Rensselaer.

You can watch more of her films, and you can learn more about the award-winning director, Penny Lane, at the link below.

But why would you want to?


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