I have written elsewhere about MAD’s connection to horror comics.

MK-Ultra, Horror, and Mad Magazine

mad horror 3

One month after the founding of CIA, the agency murdered Maxwell Gaines, who had used EC Comics to publish bible stories.

Gaines Death Newspaper

This placed the company in the hands of his degenerate son, William Gaines.

william gaines

Under Gaines’s ownership, CIA used EC Comics to promote degeneracy.

ec comics 20

Congress investigated, so EC Comics dropped all of its titles–all except MAD.

Harvey Kurtzman, who founded MAD with Gaines, went off to Playboy.

Gloryosky! It’s the CIA! – Cartel Signaling in Little Annie Fanny

Harvey Kurtzman

While Kurtzman corrupted the minds of older teenagers, Gaines focused on younger ones.

mad magazine swinging mad 1

CIA lay behind it all, and they used obscene cartel signaling to indicate their involvement.  Jane’s outfit above, with its leopard pattern, vine extending like a male sex organ between her thighs and wrapped around her ankle, bondage-like, was only one example.

Cartel Signaling in Playboy – More on Leopard, Tiger, and Zebra Prints


Look! There’s Jungle Babe wearing a similar get-up, about to be raped, in the pornographic comics to which MAD sought to move young boys.

Satanic Cartel Signaling in Underground Comics


But you didn’t have to wait until you found harder comics.  There was plenty of rape in MAD.

mad clockwork orange

Stanley Kubrick depicted horrific rape scenes in Clockwork Orange, as he described brainwashing by the Tavistock Institute.


But you didn’t have to wait until you found the movie.  MAD joked about homosexual rape, depicted the rape of a woman in front of her husband, and suggested that she enjoyed the experience.

mad clockwork 2

MAD showed rape when it parodied Rosemary’s Baby, a satanic film by the child molester Roman Polanski.

More on Hollywood’s Darling, Roman Polanski, The Child Rapist (Online)

More on Hollywood’s Darling, Roman Polanski, the Child Rapist (archived)

roman polanski

In the comic, Rosemary is told that she is only dreaming before she is violated.  

mad rosemary's baby

In CIA PROJECT MONARCH, that’s exactly the sort of thing that satanic programmers tell their victims, under hypnosis and drugs, as they violate them.

Thanks for the Memories by Brice Taylor

Why We Don’t Remember – CIA’s Use of Date Rape Drugs


Meanwhile, MAD showed the satanic violation of Rosemary’s naked body, while it made jokes about the rapist Hugh Hefner.

CIA MK-ULTRA – The Playboy Mansion, Blackmail, and Rape

mad rosemarys baby 2

Like CIA, MAD was satanic.

mad satanic

If that sounds far fetched, listen to FBI Special Agent Gunderson, who exposed satanic child abuse by CIA.

FBI Special Agent Ted Gunderson – His Fight against CIA’s Sexual Abuse of Children

Child Sexual Abuse Underlies The Deep State – A Conspiracy of Silence

MAD led children to Alfred Hitchcock films like Psycho, in which a peeper murdered a woman in the shower.

mad magazine hitchcock

Picking up where Psycho left off, MAD introduced children to Dressed To Kill, blurring the line between dream and reality, just as programmers did under MK-ULTRA, while it refered to Angie Dickinson’s rape as “her fantasy.” 

mad dressed to kill

In a world of easy access to internet pornography, it might be hard to imagine; but young boys masturbated to this stuff as they were entrained to rape fantasies.

What CIA Did To Me – Masturbation, Pornography, & Why To Avoid It

mad magazine rape

I didn’t have the issues above, but I masturbated to MAD’s version of Charlie’s Angels, which had as much rape as any of the t.v. episodes.

CIA PROJECT MONARCH – Cartel Signaling, Charlie’s Angels, and Rape

charlies angels mad magazine

I also masturbated to MAD’s version of The Deep, where Jacqueline Bisset was forced to strip, standing topless before her captor.

mad keep this issue out of the hands of your parents

It’s what I was entrained to do by the perverts at CIA, who sexually abused me, using drugs and hypnotism, at a programming center.

Wonder Woman – MK-ULTRA Programming Sessions (1976-1978)

Danger Island – MK-ULTRA Programming Sessions (1976-1978)

linden high school

That programming center, disguised as a soccer camp, lay at Linden High School in Union, New Jersey.  It’s the same place they programmed Marilyn Lange, Playmate of the Year, who lived in my home town.

Marilyn Lange in Satanic Westfield – Playmates, Superheroines, & Soccer Camp


CIA used Batman and Star Trek on Miss Lange, but they used Wonder Woman to program me.  It’s not surprising.  She was invented by a psychologist who had strange ideas about submission and bondage, and she was popularized by a CIA Agent.  Like Charlie’s Angels, her t.v. show contained many rape scenes.

Wonder Woman, Mind Control, and Rape

Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, and Rape

mad tarzan wonder woman

MAD introduced this filth to impressionable young children who never would have heard of it otherwise.

mad magazine greeting cards for the sexual revolution

As David Futrelle wrote in Salon, describing his own experience,

One of the joys of Mad for me at the time was that it was always slightly over my head….  I learned about “Gay Liberationists” and leather-clad “Sex Fetishists.”  I read the Mad versions of a whole host of films I never in a million years would have been allowed to see.

Something that went over my head was Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which refers to CIA’s use of mind control, while it contains images of a naked woman.

Video on MK-ULTRA, PROJECT MONARCH, & The Invasion of the Body Snatchers

mad body snatchers

Likewise I failed to see that, like the Bionic Man, I had been implanted with cybernetics.

Patents for Mind Control Technology

Cybernetics and the Minds of Men

mad magazine bionic man

Nor did I realize how CIA uses The Wizard of Oz to program people.

Books by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler on Illuminati Mind Control Techniques

mad magazine wizard of oz

Or that I was being spied on….

mad little annie fanny spied on

I knew that I wanted to see Animal House, since it showed topless women, but I didn’t know that CIA was using the film to lead teenagers to alcohol, peeping, and statutory rape.

CIA Pushes Teens to Perversion – Animal House, Revenge of the Nerds, & American Pie

mad animal house

They would never get me to sexual assault, but they would lead me to more interest in pornography than in actual women.

PROJECT MONARCH – Read More about Me Here

mad magazine bedside mad

Every copy of MAD contained a fold-in, just as every copy of Playboy contained a centerfold.  No wonder.  Al Jaffee, who worked for MAD, also worked for Playboy….

MAD claimed to parody pop culture, but its readers were children who did not know the culture and did not get the jokes.  In this way it resembles The Simpsons, just as Bart Simpson takes after Alfred E. Neuman.

More on the Spin-Off MAD Kids – As If MAD Weren’t Bad Enough

Boys who bought magazines like the following weren’t finding breast implants ridiculous:  they were fantasizing about large breasts.

mad statue of liberty breast

Sadly, child readers might take MAD’s advice on sex and dating seriously.

mad sex and dating

MAD encouraged boys to imagine “dating” their teachers, while it fed rape fantasies.

mad king kong 2

MAD encouraged boys to make obscene gestures.

mad middle finger

MAD encouraged boys to commit sex crimes, exposing themselves in public.

mad magazine nude beach 1

Meanwhile, led by MAD, boys fantasized about a night with the Spice Girls.

mad spice girls

And MAD introduced children to an alter of Miley Cyrus, a victim of MK-ULTRA, who went from a portrayal of innocent girlhood to twerking on stage.

More on Cartel Signaling and the Abuse of Miley Cyrus

mad miley cyrus

That wasn’t far off from what MAD did to child readers.


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