Harry Houdini was murdered.

He was killed by an international crime syndicate, which runs the hospitals, like the one in which he mysteriously died.

The Roman Catholic Church, which hates the Jews, like the English, while they traffic children, through an international network, is part of it.

And so are the masons.

Houdini was a 33rd Degree Master Mason, of the Scottish Rite, and he had just been admitted to the Shriners, but that didn’t stop the scum from killing him.

The article above was published on April Fools Day, by the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite, into whose Saint Cecile Lodge, No. 568, Houdini was inducted, since the scum make jokes against their own and their betters.

The Shriners, like the Courts of Jesters, are child molesters, who pretend to help the children they put in their hospitals, while they hold nine billion dollars ($9,000,000,000.00) of assets and ask us, on t.v., for more money.

Meanwhile, the scum use microwave harassment to cause the illnesses of the children they pretend to help.

It’s a classic false flag attack, where they create a problem to drive their victims, and the gullible, to a solution, while they make money off the deal.

Harry Houdini was about to expose these homosexual cowards, and, as soon as he was let into the Magic Circle, he held a prime position to do so.

They killed him on Samhain, or Halloween, the final day of the Season of Harvest, a satanic holiday.

The Masons, like the Shriners, and the Jesters, are a satanists, and in their foolish superstitions, which match their ridiculous rituals, they believe in lucky days and lucky numbers.

You can read more about the luciferian calendar, which governs their actions, and their need to spill blood on magic days, like Halloween, on which they killed Houdini, in my article below.

Declan Howard, who had the misfortune to be born into a luciferian family, told me that my analysis, and understanding, as expressed in the article above, fit with what he knows.

As his cousin, Ian Fleming, who created James Bond, after he worked for MI-6, said, in paraphrase, repeated coincidence amounts to enemy action.

But what would a man barched at Eton know about the homo spy trade….

See Grunkle Stan’s fez?

It’s just like the one they gave to their party girl….

And it’s related to the one George Bush is wearing….

This stuff is suggested in Gravity Falls, as the scum cannot help but advertise their plots, just as they could not help but kill Houdini on the satanic holiday of Samhain, ending the Luciferian Season of Harvest, which we call Halloween.

Houdini, while he became a Master Mason, and before he was inducted into the Shriners, was exposing their plots.

British Intelligence, along with their slaves in the National Security Agency, want people to believe in magic, and in supernatural powers, so they can be manipulated.

That’s why the Tavistock Institute promoted the homosexual rapist trash, Aleister Crowley, who worked for British Military Intelligence, while he called himself ridiculous names like The Great Beast 666, Perabduro, and Ankh-f-n-Khonsu, as he promoted High Magick.

Aleister Crowley was the father of Barbara Bush, a Moon Child, according to their absurd beliefs, who married the Director of Central Intelligence, or the CIA, George Walker Bush.

The Bushes are no better than the Clintons, which explains why they supported Hillary’s bid for the presidency, against their own party, the Republicans.

PizzaGate is real!

That’s why Steven Spielberg sent his private jet from the Hamptons to New Haven, to a place called “Pizza – A Love Story,” to pick up “fifty pies.”

These are satanists who rape their own children, in Sealing Ceremonies, and the children of others, while they engage in human hunting parties at Chateau des Amerois, the source of a bizarre reference to One Thousand Points of Light.

The rapist trash, Dick Cheney, who violated his own lesbian daughter, while he ran his slave, George Bush, also hosts human hunting parties at his ranch at Greybull, Wyoming, where he violated Cathy O’Brien and her child, Kelly.

Meanwhile, while the Masons, and the Shriners, and the Jesters, are not raping and trafficking children, they seek to promote ridiculous beliefs, which some of them hold, and others use to manipulate their colleagues.

That’s why the Tavistock Institute promotes Carl Jung.

That’s why the Tavistock Institute promotes spirit boards.

Harry Houdini was exposing their lies.

Harry Houdini was exposing their fraud.

Harry Houdini was exposing their crimes.

Harry Houdini was teaching people that belief in the spirit world, and in ghosts, was nothing but nonsense.

Harry Houdini was not afraid to lose influential and rich friends, as he exposed criminals.

That’s why he fell out with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Harry Houdini was a brave man.

He was not afraid of death.

They could not scare him.

As one of his many feats of derring-do, Houdini became the first person to fly an aeroplane in Australia.

You can watch his film, The Grim Game, where he does stunts, climbing on the wing of a biplane, below.

It’s pretty cool.

Many of his famous escapes, his famous magic tricks, whose inner workings he shared, with the public, as he exposed the lie of magic, involved a brave and clever man, facing death, in public.

He even exposed a man who was once his hero, from whom he took his name: Robert Houdin.

That’s what frightened the scum.

That’s why they killed him.

Do you really believe that Harry Houdini, an ultra-fit man, died from a single blow to the stomach, on a satanic holiday, after he took on the international crime cartel, from an inside position, as they sought to brainwash the public?

Or do you think something else lay behind it?


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