I don’t know where to start with Sigismund Schlomo Freud, who renamed himself Sigmund Freud, as he sought fame.  Honest:  That’s his middle name.

freud car crazy eyes

Brainwashed by the Illuminati, Freud embraced hypnotism, the very stuff they use on their victims.

Books by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler on Illuminati Mind Control Techniques


Looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, he also advocated cocaine as a cure-all.  That’s no surprise because the Illuminati, like their dogs at CIA, are seriously into cocaine. 

Remembering George Bush – Murder, Pedophilia, and Cocaine

cia cocaine

Each time he snapped out of it, or things just didn’t come together the way he wanted.  It took a while before he found something to make him rich and famous.

ticket to success

It was psycho-analysis.  Claiming that no one could psycho-analyze himself, Freud founded a new system based on his violation of this principle.  He claimed that boys secretly want to fornicate with their mothers, that girls wanted to have penises, and that healthy women had the wrong kind of sexual climax.  Freud made up the vaginal orgasm, as lacking in basis as the death wish he postulated; so he damaged the sexuality of any woman stupid enough to listen to him.   Freud asserted that sculpture evolved from people playing with feces, that weaving came from women braiding their pubic hair, and that civilization derived from the ability not to urinate on a fire. 

freud crazy eyes 2

Freud insisted that we all had terrible things in our heads, so people would accept as normal the perverse suggestions that the Illuminati, or their dogs at CIA, put into their consciousness, using hypnosis, drugs, and implants. 

More on the Origins of Microwave Harassment – It’s More than 100 Years Old!

Wardenclyffe Tower (Tesla)

Whatever is wrong with you couldn’t possible have to do with ongoing abuse under MK-ULTRA, with all their obscene technology, but rather it must derive from some mysterious emotional cause.

Microwave Harassment, Mind Control, and Misdiagnosis


And if you believe in international conspiracies, like Sherlock Holmes in The Seven Percent Solution, just remember what Sigmund Freud told the great detective.  It’s all in your head.

freud hypnotism

You need to stop believing in conspiracy theories….


But let’s look at some of Freud’s case studies.  You know, where he “helped” people.

freud confused

In Dora, Freud not only analyzed Ida Bauer, attempting to man-splain her sexuality to her, but he published his findings.  Freud diagnosed his patient with with hysteria, a diagnostic category rejected even by the frauds that practice psychology today.  That alleged disease–as phony as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, split personality disorder, or fixed paranoid delusions–involved women with “sexually forward behavior” and “a tendency to cause trouble for others.”  Some women were put into mental hospitals by their families.  There, because doctors attributed hysteria to the malfunctioning of the womb, women were forced to endure involuntary hysterectomies, as surgeons cut out their uteruses, cervices, ovaries, and fallopian tubes before throwing them out with the medical waste.  Freud was progressive in that he did not advocate these methods, attributing hysteria to mysterious emotional causes from which he, too, claimed to suffer.

L0040300 Female patient with sleep hysteria

Freud was a step up from other psychologists–who wouldn’t be?–but he still didn’t get it.  When Dora treated him as a wayward servant, giving him two weeks’ notice, he thought she was putting herself down.   Puzzled by female desire and behavior, Freud asked,

Was will das Weib?

Most translate the question as “What do women want?” But Weib is mildly derogatory in German, and Freud was expressing frustration, so I think a better translation would be…

Dames–who knows what they want.

Freud sure didn’t.  An older man sexually assaulted Dora, planting an unwanted kiss on her, so she slapped his face.  Her own father did not believe her story, and he insisted that she go into psycho-analysis because she reported the assault.  At least Freud believed her story, but still he insisted that Dora must have found the attack sexually exciting.

dora - ida bauer

Another of Freud’s case studies, Analysis of a Phobia in a Five-Year-Old Boy, concerned Little Hans or Herbert Graf.  Freud encouraged Little Hans’s mother and father, and many other parents, to collect information about the sexual life of their toddler.  Little Hans was afraid of horses, so Freud labelled him as a neurotic who suffered from “equinophobia.”  Hans’s father attributed his fear to “sexual over-excitement caused by his mother’s caresses” in addition to interest in the large penises of horses.  Freud did not reject this explanation, but he postulated that his five-year-old victim was really scared by the arrival of his younger sister and his curiosity as to where babies come from.  Freud went on to explain Hans’s fear by claiming that the five-year-old wanted to replace his father as his mother’s sexual partner and that he feared his father would castrate him for this desire, while he had mixed feelings about masturbation.   As things degenerated, Little Hans became preoccupied with excrement, while Freud and his father encouraged him to associate childbirth with defecation.  

little hans - herbert graf

Little Hans saw many Freudian therapists following his interviews with the master until the truth came out:  The boy had been scared by a horse.

scary horse

The Illuminati had just the tool they needed with Freud.  This guy could really mess with people’s heads.

freud stages

The fact that Freud is still regarded as the father of modern psychology alone suggests how brainwashed people are.


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