I am constantly harassed by subhuman degenerates in the Department of Homeland Security, run by their masters in British Military Intelligence, not to mention their slaves in the Irish Directorate of Military Intelligence, and the moronic trash in the People’s Republic of China that take their orders.

Microwave Harassment & Misdiagnosis of MK-ULTRA Symptoms

Self-Observation – How To Fight Microwave Harassment


Tonight, I had hoped to enjoy a quiet meal, but the scum sent Chinese imbecile slaves, male and female, to talk with me, by V2K, while I cooked my food.

V2K (Voice To Skull) – What It Is and How It Works

pasta pan 2

That’s no surprise since my website, which has received 449,408 hits, has gotten 299 hits from Red China, 483 hits from Hong Kong SAR China, 10 hits from Macau SAR China, 1,761 from Chinese slaves in Indonesia. 1,257 hits from Chinese slaves in Malaysia, 1,002 hits from Chinese slaves in Singapore, 267 from Chinese slaves in Viet Nam, 130 from Chinese slaves in Cambodia, and other hits from China’s sphere of influence, including traitors in Australia.


After all, I have written about the planned false flag attack on China’s Three Gorges Dam, through which the New World Order will kill up to one billion people.

Read More about how CIA Staged the Cultural Revolution and how CIA Will Blow Up Three Gorges Dam

Three Gorges

And I have written about the false flag attack, through CoronaVirus (COVID-19), that the New World Order, through Bill Gates, chose to originate in Wuhan.

More on How the New World Order Started the CoronaVirus Plan-Demic in China

wuhan seafood market map

So it’s no surprise that extremely stupid and ill-mannered Chinese, run by their imbecilic white trash masters, from England and America, especially Maryland, bothered me tonight.

ugly chinese

Just when I was about to sit down, having cooked my supper over almost a full hour, a moronic female degenerate, a Westerner whose masters run the Chinese, said, using Voice To Skull, thinking she fooled me, thinking that I would mistake her imbecilic utterance for my thought, 

“Thank you, for letting me eat my food in peace,”

Thus she destroyed my tranquility.

fake bitch

That’s why this article goes out, and I threw roughly 8,000 calories of well-cooked and otherwise delicious food in the trash.

trash food

I can afford it, because my mother, who has plenty of money, bought it.

middle finger

NSA ruined my supper, so now it’s go time.

Their stupidity, and the imbecility of their slaves, helps me lose weight.


Because of constant microwave harassment, including idiotic threats and “subliminal” suggestions, I have lost more than forty pounds over the last year, while I lift weights and gain muscle mass.

john sullivan

Good grows from evil.

fortunate fall

That’s CIA all over.  The scum think they can speak for me.  They think they can make me eat food, while they wreck my enjoyment.  What else do you expect from the perverted slaves and subhuman imbeciles that started with experiments on James Olds’s rats?

white trash

Their idea of how to train a rat was not to make friends with it, using positive re-enforcement, but to combine sadistic and moronic electroshock with electro-induced “reward.”  It was too simple and too effective just to give a rat cheese.  It makes the scum feel powerful to hurt a rat, play games with it, and offer fake rewards. 

More on James Olds, Cybernetics, and CIA MK-ULTRA

When you realize that our enemy started with “scientists” like James Olds, not to mention B.F. Skinner, and his experiments on rats, a lot becomes understandable.


Never make a deal with the scum!

What CIA Wants To Take from Us

octopus political cartoon

We are their rats.  That is the entire nature of the New World Order’s disgusting program, NEW PHOENIX, on which the Rothschilds and their slaves in London, Rome, and Geneva spend billions of dollars.

More on MK-ULTRA – CIA’s Cybernetics Program


Earlier, while I tried to enjoy my cheap red wine, and I continued to warn the degenerates—warnings that they continue to purposely misconstrue as pleading—I listened to Joni Mitchell sing “Woodstock.”

Roberta Joan Mitchell, OC, is my hero, and the shit in the deep state have destroyed her.

How The Shit at CIA Controlled & Destroyed My Hero Joni Mitchell

joni mitchell

But, to paraphrase Hemingway, another of my heros, killed by the scum, we, the true heirs of humanity, can be destroyed but not defeated.


Watch Joan’s video, above, and you will see images of the devil, witchcraft, an omega sign, and an extremely odd symbol in the background.

The Same Sign Shows Up in the Harry Potter Books

sign of the deathly hallows

That’s what NWO calls cartel signaling, which my hero, Joni Mitchell, refused to use, refusing ever to flash the so-called peace sign, a satanic and masonic symbol.

Read More on Satanic, Illuminati, and Masonic Handsigns


It’s no surprize since CIA created the hippy movement, but I was very interested to see such overt cartel signaling in Joni Mitchell’s live performance of her song, Woodstock.

More on Timothy Leary, the Counterculture, and CIA

More on Ken Kesey, the Counterculture, and CIA

v.signMy hero, Roberta Joan Mitchell, OC, sang of how we were caught in the devil’s bargain.

soul contract - deal with devil

The deep state can go to hell.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

Rhodesian soldiers charging.0


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