Many years ago, I went to Pomona College, from which Lady Rothschild and Roy Disney also graduated.


You can read about it in my second book, available, for free, below.

There I took a course in philosophy taught by a man who admired a Nazi philosopher.

Martin Heidegger.

He posed a classic question as to Nietzsche’s madness: did it come from syphilis, although the philosopher was clearly a virgin, or did Nietzsche somehow think himself into insanity?


Here’s a thought.

Nietzsche’s madness was just like the personality shift in Shakespeare’s Henry V.


It came from cybernetic implantation and microwave harassment, while he lived in the Illuminist hub of Switzerland.

This would explain his physical ailments.


Cybernetics have been around a long time.


Once the enemy got Nietzsche into the insane asylum through Zersetzung tactics, it was all over.


All that remained was to offer phony explanations that don’t make sense.


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