When I was a boy, everyone read Shogun by James Clavell.  The book was a major best-seller, the Book of the Month Club mailed it to our houses, and the New York Times wrote rave reviews.  Like the control of all media, not just the news and propaganda, the Book of the Month Club, the New York Times, and the literature itself were part of CIA OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD.  They use literature to control how we think, dream, feel, and act–and they don’t call miniseries, like the blockbuster into which they made Shogun, programs for nothing.  Through papers, books, and tv, the New World Order programs us.

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book of the month

My dad read Shogun in the 1970s, and I remember feeling intrigued by the hardback two-volume set our neighbor lent him.  Did I mention I grew up in a satanic cesspool, run by CIA, masquerading as a cute little town, and our neighbor worked for a defense contractor? You can read about our neighbor’s daughter, CIA’s promotion of perversion through books, and a transcript of a programming session under MK-ULTRA below.

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Later I bought the paperback at our middle school book fair in 1981, which I read twice in sixth grade, once devouring it on the plane to England, and following up with Clavell’s Taipan and Noble House.  By 1990, Shogun had sold fifteen million (15,000,000) copies worldwide.

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shogun books

The tv show was even bigger.  Produced by the book’s author, James Clavell, it became the second highest rated miniseries in history with an audience of more than 120 million (120,000,000) viewers.

richard chamberlain in shogun

Richard Chamberlain went to my old college, Pomona, and he played Anjin-San.

More on Pomona and the Destruction of California


Like me and Anjin-San, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, the wife of Sir Evelyn Rothschild, went to Pomona.  He’s the guy poking Prince Charles in the chest below.

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And More About the Degenerate House of Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha)

prince charles and evelyn rothschild

Pomona had a program at Jesus College, Cambridge, although it didn’t exist in Anjin-San’s day.  There I went to study at the same college as Prince Charles’s youngest brother, the idiot, Edward Windsor.

Read About The Boy Prince at Cambridge Here

jesus chimney

Roy Disney, the nephew of Walt Disney, who controlled the minds of America’s youth when he wasn’t raping children, also went to Pomona College, just like me and Anjin-San.

Read Susan Ford’s Tell-All Book on Henry Kissinger, Prince Charles, & Walt Disney


So did Kris Kristofferson, a Rhodes Scholar, who raped Cathy O’Brien, just as Walt Disney raped Susan Ford.  I think the country music outlaw might have been at Pomona the same time as Anjin-San, but I don’t think they liked each other.  Richard Chamberlain is just an actor, deeply brainwashed by CIA, but basically a good guy.  I  had lunch with him once during our centennial celebration, in 1987, on Marston Quad, with our president, David Alexander, CBE, the U.S. National Secretary of the Rhodes Trust, which sends douchebags like Bill Clinton to Oxford.  Kris Kristofferson is more like David Alexander, Roy Disney, or Lynn Rothschild than Richard Chamberlain.

Read About The Most Dangerous Game & Kris Kristofferson’s Crimes

kris kristofferson

Kris Kristofferson is the son of an air force general, with army ranger training, who works as a slaver, human-trafficking, for the Vatican–when he’s not raping children and applying electrodes to people’s genitals.

Read Cathy O’Brien’s Account of Crimes by Kristofferson Here

Read About The Vatican’s Cover-Up of Child Sexual Abuse


All these guys went to Pomona College, just like me and Richard Chamberlain, who starred in Shogun.  When I met Chamberlain he seemed to be in a trance state.    Who knows what perverted sex crimes they did to him when they trotted him out to Claremont with his handler, David Alexander.  Chamberlain’s a good-looking guy, and they turned him into a homosexual.

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richard chamberlain shirtless

In classic cartel signaling, Chamberlain also played the lead character in The Bourne Identity, about mind control, which you can watch below.

Read About Illuminati Mind Control Techniques, Used by CIA, Here

Look how implanted the poor man looks.

richard chamberlain implants

Just like Jason Bourne, Richard Chamberlain looks that way because of cybernetic implants, abuse under MK-ULTRA and PROJECT MONARCH, courtesy of CIA.

Microwave Harassment, Cybernetic Implantation, and Misdiagnosis


CIA lay behind the mysterious popularity of Shogun.  The book is good, but there are lots of good books that don’t sell 15,000,000 copies or get network mini-series with 120,000,000 viewers in one week.


This was a major psy-op–effective because they had something real, interesting, and enjoyable to build on.  Like the book, the mini-series was awesome.  You can watch Shogun for free below.

Here’s a further three hours of Shogun.  (I had to split it up because it’s so long).

And here’s the rest of it.

In classic cartel signaling, Shogun described methods used in mind control programs.  They love to advertise our abuse.

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Richard Chamberlain in People Magazine

Under MK-ULTRA, one programmer drives a hapless subject into another.  It’s like the Reid Technique, where interrogators play good cop and bad cop to break a person held against their will.  CIA loves double binds.

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double binds

I know because I am a third-generation survivor of MK-ULTRA.

Read More About Me Here


Shogun shows the techniques used in hypnotic sessions from its very beginning.  The flashing lights and strobes in the introduction can trigger subjects, sending them into trance.

Read about Color Programming in Underground Comics Here

Cisco Wheeler, the grand niece of General Earle Wheeler, Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff, wrote as follows:

Various colored flashing lights were used in programming at NOTS [China Lake].  Survivors of the programming all remember flashing lights.  The use of flashing lights has been introduced into American culture by the CIA.  If a person goes into bars and places where bands play, you will notice multi-colored lights flashing.  The flashing lights create disassociation, especially in people who are programmed.

After viewers saw those flashing lights at the beginning of every episode of Shogun, they were cast into a topsy-turvy world, just like that of Alice in Wonderland, written by the masonic child molester Charles Dodgson, which is frequently used for programming under MK-ULTRA. 

As Vasco Rodrigues said of Japan, a trip through the looking glass, “Everything in this bloody country’s upside down.”

Vasco Roderiguez

No wonder John Blackthorne got a new name, as he accepted a new alter:  ANJIN-SAN.

Types of Alter Personality (Parts) in Dissociative Identity Disorder
Common: Apparently Normal Parts (ANP) / Host,Child alter,Internal Self-helper (ISH),Introjects,Opposite-sex alters,Persecutor,Protector,Sexual Alter,Suicidal Alter or Internal Homicide,Teen alter. Less Common: Animal Alter,Baby and infant alter, Caretaker/Soother, Demon, Demonic and ‘Evil’ Alter, Fragment, Military or Political Alter, Nonhuman Alter, Robot or Machine Alter, Shell, Spirit, Ghost, or Supernatural being Alters. Sub-parts.No particular types of alter are needed for a DID diagnosis, most people will only recognize a few types. Some people with DID may not recognize any, or may have types not listed. Types of alters depend on what each person needed to survive.

Rodrigues was one of many guides, controllers, or programmers encountered by Blackthorne.  In programming sessions, abusers always work in teams, driving subjects from one into another.  Thus we are presented with false choices between good cops and bad cops, a technique that works because of fear-then-relief response.  The Reid Technique is used to elicit confessions, breaking subjects, and providing them with new identities as they are processed.  It is used by the police, it is used by CIA programmers, and something very like it is used in Shogun.

Fear Then Relief Response – Why Good Cop – Bad Cop Works

Evoking fear-then-relief response, the good cop – bad cop routine starts when John Blackthorne passes through a storm, wrecks his ship, and arrives in a strange land, basically imprisoned, as he is confronted with a false choice between Father Sebastio and Omi-San as authority figures.

Likewise, you can see the succession of abusers that drove John Blackthorne into Vasco Rodrigues below.  He starts with a choice between Omi-San and Father Sebastio, moves past a strange lady, sees another programming pair in Yabu Sama and Hiro-Matsu, rejecting them all, before he is finally driven to Rodrigues–the villain he trusts and accepts as a guide.  Under MK-ULTRA, programmers will always try to make subjects think that one of them is not as bad as the others.  That’s always a lie, and you must never fall for it, but it works in the world of Shogun because the whole thing is a program to lead you to acceptance of your controller.

Just in case you didn’t get the message, a similar progression occurs shortly afterwards in Shogun.  Anjin-San sets out on his ship again, facing another storm, as the earlier episodes are mirrored and nested within similar ones.  He rescues Rodrigues, just as subjects will be made to believe, under MK-ULTRA, that they have rescued one of their abusers–the one who is not so bad.  Going through a series of doors and passages, he faces choices between another Jesuit, Father Martin Alvito, and a Japanese daimyo, Lord Toranaga.  When he rejects Alvito as a translator, he is presented with another programmer, Lady Mariko, who translates, whispering in Toranaga’s ear.  Confused, like any subject, as mind control programmers, from CIA, always promote confusion, John Blackthorne faces further illusory choices when he witnesses an interaction between Lord Ishido and Lord Toranaga before he is taken to prison.  In prison, he is stripped naked, just like a subject under MK-ULTRA, and he finds Father Domingo, who teaches him a new language, and many facts about Japan, mirroring his earlier guide Vasco Rodriguez.  Anjin-San thinks he will be executed; but, after the near-death experience, just like those in programming centers, he is led back to his controllers, Lady Mariko and Lord Toranaga, whom he accepts.  Now he will be integrated into a new world.

Earlier Blackthorne was faced with classic abuse, used by scum under MK-ULTRA, who will threaten a pet, child, or woman to enforce compliance, involving sexual perversion, only to hurt or kill the loved one anyway.  Shogun tells the lies not only that one abuser is not as bad as another, or that they will show restraint or intelligence, but that your obedience will save your loved ones.

octopus political cartoon

In the television program Shogun–and they call them programs for a reason–John Blackthorne learns obedience when his crewman is threatened.  To save him, he allows Omi-San to urinate on his body–typical abuse for the perverts at CIA.  The whole thing is a lie because there is a critical difference between the scene in Shogun and what happens in a programming session–like the ones in the tunnels at Disney World, military bases, hospitals, universities, and people’s houses where they are taken from their beds.  When satanic abusers from CIA threaten your loved one, if you comply, you will not save the hapless person or animal.  The scum will kill, rape, or torture them, destroying them regardless.  This is very important to understand.  You must never think that you can make a deal with satanic child molesters, or that one programmer is not as bad as the others.  They are all as bad as the worst one.  You must never back down in face of their threats or false promises.  They are going to kill your pets, rape your women, molest your children, and destroy everything they can, in the foulest ways imaginable, no matter how you comply and no matter how you fight.  In the real world, Omi doesn’t stop at urinating on your body, and the more you comply the more he’s going to do you damage.  Fight the scum with everything you have.  There’s no other way, and at least you can take some of them out.

How It Works – Never Make a Deal with the Scum!!!

The deceptions, programs, and cartel signaling of Shogun are hardly surprising since its debut was geared to the luciferian calendar.  The mini-series aired the week before the Season of Harvest began, with the autumnal equinox falling on the weekend immediately following.

Learn More about the Luciferian Calendar in my Article on Gravity Falls

Learn More about the Luciferian Calendar in my Article about Lara Logan, Osama bin Laden, and Benghazi

Satanic Holidays

Shogun was full of perversion, it broke network taboos right and left, and it won award after award.  It took the Peabody Award, three Golden Globes, and three Emmys, while it was nominated for twelve other significant awards.  


Why? The mini-series contained several firsts for American television.  It was the first show to use the word piss and to show the act of urination, as Omi-San gave Anjin-San a golden shower.  Men wore fundoshi, exposing their ass cheeks, and we got to see Mariko naked, although the jail scene, possibly implying homosexual gang rape, unlike the book, omitted nudity.  Homosexuality was discussed, as was group sex, while pleasure boys were offered to Anjin-San.  (Later he went for a prostitute, a lovely lady, instead).  Men were tortured, boiled screaming and groaning alive; a human being was beheaded; and people disemboweled themselves with swords.

shogun banner

Let’s not forget that Shogun starred Richard Chamberlain, who uncharacteristically got to act as a teenage heart-throb in the wildly popular Dr. Kildare, in movies about mind control like The Bourne Identity, and also in not only one but two blockbuster miniseries.  CIA lies behind all this stuff, and they always push perversion, so Anjin-San’s earlier miniseries, The Thornbirds, encouraged women to dream of fucking their priests.

richard chamberlain thornbirds

Shogun came from the mind of James Clavell, whom CIA and Tavistock programmed to put perversion, laden with cartel signaling, and some very effective programming, in front of American audiences.

james clavell

Clavell must have been programmed from an early age.  His father was military–always a sign of abuse.  He boarded at Portsmouth Grammar School, where teachers raped and molested children; and he studied at the University of Birmingham, where authorities refused to investigate allegations of campus rape.  Then he showed up in Hollywood–a place rife with abuse.  

Clavell made movies, like The Fly, that suggested rape.

the fly poster

Clavell wrote and directed Five Gates To Hell, in which Asian men rape nurses kept as sex slaves.

Clavell wrote and directed Walk Like A Dragon, in which a cowboy buys a sex slave to rescue her from a life of prostitution.

walk like a dragon poster

The movies don’t just appeal to men’s lust, but they signal the slavery of the men who watch them just as they signal the creator’s slavery.  Through our beta sex training, we are all sex slaves.  This goes especially for the subhuman degenerates that abuse us–although I wouldn’t call their interests sex or even rape.

Pornography, Masturbation, and Why To Avoid It


Later James Clavell wrote Gaijin, in which rape figured heavily.  There Angelique Richaud is raped by a samurai assassin, Ori Ryoma, while she is drugged.  Later he rapes her again, and she yields, tricking him, in order to kill her assailant.  She tries to keep her rape a secret, and she faces blackmail.  She marries the man she loves,  but he dies on their wedding night.  The intrepid heroine becomes hysterical, nearly going mad, only to lose all fear as she comes to herself.  The melodramatic story is laden with cartel signaling, but the female protagonist is strong and sympathetic.


James Clavell was not a bad man.  Although subject to mind control, he fought like hell.  Even when rape figures in his books or films, his women are strong.  They survive the ordeal, and they fight back.  

five gates to hell

Compared to Robert Ludlum, Ken Follett, or Ian Fleming, Clavell shows a deep respect for women.


Clavell himself was abused, when he was held in the Japanese POW Camp at Changi, and he wrote and spoke candidly of the experience. 

king rat book

King Rat reminds me of Empire of the Sun–only it’s a thousand times better.  Spielberg’s film also contains heavy cartel signaling, showing the brainwashing of a child, as he is broken to follow American and Japanese masters alternately, adopting different alters, and rejecting his parents.

The trash in the intelligence agencies can break anyone, although a person can recover himself, fighting back in his sleep, flipping or rejecting hypnotic suggestions, and by learning about the enemy’s methods.

Learn Here about Self-Observation – A Vital Technique for Fighting Back

sun tzu self knowledge

James Clavell wrote, in Shogun,

To think bad thoughts is really the easiest thing in the world. If you leave your mind to itself it will spiral down into ever increasing unhappiness.  To think good thoughts, however, requires effort.  This is one of the things that discipline and training is all about.

I learned about Sun Tzu, and I was inspired to read his book by James Clavell, who, although he was tortured by the Japanese, rose above the experience.  Shogun is not only propaganda, or an engaging story, but a compendium of information about Japanese culture.

art of war

When I was a boy, I learned about the Opium Wars and England’s control of China from James Clavell. 

CIA DRUG WARS – From the Golden Triangle to the Golden Crescent

Learn about the New World Order’s Control of Communist China Here

Plastic Bottles and Deep Sea Mining – Still More on NWO’s Use of China


You can see Clavell fighting back–and not only through his strong female characters, from May May in Taipan, to Mariko in Shogun, to Dominique in Gaijin, to K.C. Tcholok in Noble House, to Hag Struan in the background of the Asian Saga, to the rape survivors of his films.


James Clavell reminds me of Raquel Welch–a real woman about whom I have written elsewhere who was used by the cartel, without her knowledge, but who fought back, strong, in her sleep.

Read my Article on the Beautiful, Sexy, and Strong Raquel Welch Here

raquel western

James Clavell shows real interest in foreign cultures, and his works treat race relations in a way that is authentic, sensitive, and manly–without ever being phony or apologetic.  

james clavell 3

To Sir With Love is yet another of Clavell’s works that shows we are meeting a real person–not a slave of the cartel.

But the place I really see Clavell fighting is The Children’s Story.  Like Shogun, this book grew out of his interest in his daughter’s education, and it is a powerful statement against the brainwashing of children.  I teach this book in university courses treating dystopia, and I recommend that people buy hardback copies.

Read The Children’s Story Here

Asleep, James Clavell fought back.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

james clavell 5


  1. The Children’s Story had a profound effect on me as a young history teacher. We used it as part of our high school Humanities course before standardized tests and Common Core curriculum made us all brain dead. Now that everyone is learning from home for awhile, maybe works like this can be reinserted into the learning process. That’s my plan anyway.


    1. That’s awesome.

      It’s really good to hear from a fellow teacher, freedom fighter, and real person.

      As I wrote in my recent article, exposing Q for the psy-op it is, we all need to make our own plan, as you do now–not follow someone’s else’s.


      Have you thought about starting your own website? It’s cheap to do on http://www.wordpress.com, costing only about $100 per year. That way other real people could still learn from you.

      Write me any time!


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