In 1977, Wil Huygen published his book, Gnomes, in English.

The book became an instant bestseller, with seven hundred thousand (700,000) hardbacks sold in the first year.


What’s that about?

Whenever a book enjoys that kind of popularity, the Tavistock Institute, along with British Military Intelligence Section 7, lies behind it.

Not to mention the Central Intelligence Agency and Army Seventh Psychological Operations Group, which operates from the heart of Silicon Valley.


I have written about MI-7’s use of Harry Potter.


I have written about CIA’s use of the Preppy Handbook.


I have written about the use by Army Seventh, and MI-7, of James Clavell’s Shogun, which was made into a mini-series.


These books had unbelievable sales for one reason and one reason only:  they were promoted, through mind control, by the Tavistock Institute.

Another book that dominated the Seventies was Mysteries of the Past, distributed by the Book of the Month Club.


Mysteries of the Past was part of the same program as Gnomes, and it appeared at roughly the same time.

The enemy wants us to believe in foolish things, as we attribute spiritual causes to their obscene manipulation of the most trivial events.

Mistaking microwave harassment for kundalini awakening is only part of the attack.


They want us to believe in mysterious forces with which we may confuse their social engineering programs, like Jung’s synchronicity.


Not to mention their use of subliminal messages relayed to cybernetic implants in our skulls through which they pretend to speak for the ghosts of dead relatives, guardian angels, or whatever.


Presenting subliminal voice to skull as intuition is another favorite trick, which plays out in the story of Walter Russell, an artist who predicted the discovery of plutonium, neptunium, and deuterium.


It’s a mystery of the past—unless you know what’s going on.

The New Age is satanic.

Run by the masons, with their ridiculous rituals and handsigns, the enemy is addicted to signaling.


They leave their gang-signs sprayed across our neighborhood.


Is it really a coincidence that Air Force lies behind this stuff?


Did you know they call the scum in their deep underground military bases by the name of Gnomes?


That’s where they rape little girls, just as the gnomes in Gravity Falls kidnap Mabel to make her their wife.


This stuff is real.

Just ask Cisco Wheeler, who exposed programming by the Illuminati, partly in connection to military bases.

Her grandfather’s brother was the Head of Joint Chiefs.

So what would she know about secret government programs….

The scum at Schriever Air Force Base use their supercomputer to mess with us in the most trivial ways.

The traitors mock us while they lead the gullible to attribute their mischief to gnomes—or the cynical to jokingly dismiss it so.

It reminds me of the so-called gremlins that sabotaged work in the Army Air Corps.

It reminds me of the spooks in the CIA, whose omnipresence is invoked in The Wizard of Oz, often used for mind control programming.

And it reminds me of the creepy Roaming Gnome, which follows you, wherever you go, through Travelocity.

Is it really a coincidence?


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Our enemy depends on silence.

3 thoughts on “SPOOKS, GREMLINS, & GNOMES”

  1. This year, there are Christmas Gnomes in every store. I knew it had to be a programming signal of some kind. They are ugly and I wouldn’t want them in my house even if I was given one for free.

    It is rare that I notice personal voice to skull programming. I see the mass blasts to my home area in which they try to influence everyone’s dreams.

    Recently, in a rare personal blast, they were trying to entrain me toward gambling, lottery, and alcohol. Interestingly, the voice had a British accent. It makes me wonder if I was handed to an overseas group.

    They are always handing their “projects” around. Then they wonder why the programming breaks down. Too many cooks in the kitchen.

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