Weather weapons are real.

The scum in the deep state have a long and documented history of developing and using weaponized weather.

The Norwegian Spiral Anomaly shows the use of an ionospheric heater to create blizzards for political ends.

And fire whirls are high-tech arson through which the railroads burn people out.

These bizarre events are man-made, and they have enormous political and economic consequences.

There’s a word for them in English.


When the coldest winter in modern European history struck Russia exactly when Germany invaded, to determine the outcome of World War Two, we find weaponized weather.

When Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans, so the taxpayer could be defrauded out of one billion dollars ($1,000,000,000.00), while people were herded into FEMA CAMPS, we find weaponized weather.

And when the earthquake in Haiti allowed the United States military to invade, and the Clintons to defraud the gullible of billions, we find weaponized weather.

Maybe that sounds like speculation.

Maybe you want hard facts.


In 1947, General Electric partnered with the U.S. Army Signal Corps, the Office of Naval Research, and the U.S. Air Force to form the Cape Sable Hurricane, change its color and shape, and slam the storm into Savannah.

In PROJECT CIRRUS, we have documented evidence from more than seventy years ago of the government using weather weapons.

In PROJECT CIRRUS, we have documented evidence from more than seventy years ago of the government creating and moving hurricanes.

Do you think this is the only time they did this?

Now that they have more powerful technology, why would they stop?

A child could tell you.

They wouldn’t.

When else might they have used weather weapons?

When else do we have extremely unusual weather?

When else does it carry enormous economic consequences?

When else did a hurricane change its track?


Hurricane Camille was an extremely unusual storm that forecasters say would happen only once every ten thousand years.

The last one must have had mammoths!

Hurricane Camille was the second-most intense hurricane ever to hit the United States.

Hurricane Camille was one of only four storms with the highest rating given by NOAA.


The Arctic Oscillation was the second lowest it has ever been when Hurricane Camille hit.

It was the lowest when the Norway Spiral hit.

Does that look like a coincidence?

Does it look natural?

Hurricane Camille killed almost three hundred people.

In today’s money, Hurricane Camille did ten billion dollars ($10,000,000,000.00) of damage.

Most hurricanes weaken as they approach landfall, but Hurricane Camille intensified.

Since the storm intensified so quickly and so unusually, it surprized forecasters.

Hurricane Camille caused a devastating 24.6-foot storm surge, the greatest for the U.S.—until Hurricane Katrina.

Remember how Hurricane Katrina looked man-made, and crooks in league with the government stole one billion dollars, as the Army Engineers failed to maintain the dike system?

In Hurricane Camille, winds gusted to more than 170 miles per hour along the coast. 

We don’t know the speed inland, which was stronger, because Hurricane Camille destroyed all the wind-recording instruments.

Hurricane Camille was unusual in its circumference.

Hurricane Camille was not large in diameter, but it was tightly compact.

The unusual size of Hurricane Camille allowed it to maintain its circulation much longer than most hurricanes.

Look how Hurricane Camille changed its track.

You can watch a video about the movement of Camille below.

Hurricane Camille hit Virginia hardest of all, and it hit Nelson County even harder.

Below you can watch A Lady Called Camille.

Across Virginia, on average, Hurricane Camille dumped over two feet of rain in less than a day. 

See the blue dot?

That’s Nelson County.

This is a picture of Richmond.

With most of the rain falling in three to four hours, in the Blue Ridge, more than one hundred people died from floods and landslides.

Witnesses said it sounded like a series of dynamite explosions.

That makes sense since Hurricane Camille had the force of a forty thousand (40,000) megaton nuclear bomb.

Nelson County got hit with six hundred and thirty million (630,000,000) tons of water in two days.

That’s more than one trillion—or 1,260,000,000,000—pounds of water.

Parts of Nelson County got four feet of rain in six hours.

The Rockfish River rose twenty-seven feet.

Hurricane Camille destroyed Nelson County.

That’s where I used to live.

Under Afton Mountain, there’s a secret underground military base, in which I was brainwashed.

It took me years to remember because I was drugged, hypnotized, and electro-shocked.

I’m writing about that now, in my third book, but you can read the first two, for free, below.

Here are press releases, from my publisher, Hokahey Books.

The Virginia Blue Ridge and Piedmont, in Nelson and Albermarle Counties, are crawling with the Rothschild Crime Family.

The Rothschilds owned the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad, which controlled the area since before the Civil War.

Before the railroads, they ran the canals.

And look at the interstate that passes, right by the base where I was brainwashed, and my old home, over Afton Mountain.

Just down the road from my old house, Lady Astor, the first woman to be a Member of Parliament, grew up at Mirador, while her father worked for the Rothschilds.

Just up the road from my old house, Major James Dooley built Swannanoa Palace, while he worked for the Rothschilds.

Swannanoa Palace was a secret meeting place for the New World Order.

Today they meet at Royal Orchard—right across the road from my old house.

Royal Orchard is at one end of Shenandoah National Park, and Front Royal is at the other.

Those names are not coincidence.

In the old days, parks were used for hunting, only by the royals, and they still hunt humans there.

It’s like Chateau des Amerois—the Mothers of Darkness Castle.

The Rothschilds, who built Swannanoa Palace, through Major Dooley, control the English Royals.

That’s why the Palace features swans—a symbol of English Royalty.

Swannanoa Palace was the home to a new age group, the University of Science and Philosophy, endorsed by the Tavistock Institute.

Walter Russell, who founded the mind control cult, married a woman who worked for the Rothschilds.

Daisy Cook, renamed Lao Russell, grew up in the shadow of the Rothschilds’ estate: Tring Park Mansion.

And Claudius Crozet, who worked for the Rothschilds, made the world’s second longest tunnel, right next to my home, under Swannanoa Palace.

My daughter lives in the village he founded.

The tunnel was for the C&O, and, since the tunnel no longer provides access to the base, you can walk through it.

When Crozet tunneled through Afton Mountain, in Nelson County, water poured out of an enormous cave, which was never mentioned again.

To the north, in Shenandoah National Park, there are many tourist caves.

There are Fountain Cave, Grand Caverns, and Luray Caverns.

And there are Shenandoah Caverns, Skyline Caverns, and Endless Caverns.

But in Nelson County, and all to the south, there are no tourist caverns anywhere in the Blue Ridge until you hit Cumberland Gap—three hundred (300) miles to the southwest.

That’s because there is a chain of deep underground military bases beneath the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The DUMBs are hidden under George Washington National Forest.

There’s a documented bunker under the Greenbrier, a little to the west, which used to be top secret.

You can visit the bunker today.


Here’s one of the doors from the inside.

Here’s one of the doors from the outside.

And here’s a door being constructed.

It’s not the only deep underground military base in the area.

On the top of Afton Mountain, next to Swannanoa Palace, sits a water tank with a capacity of four hundred and twenty thousand (420,000) gallons.

It was put there in 1968—one year before Hurricane Camille destroyed Nelson County, killing local residents and forcing them out.

In 1969, the same year Hurricane Camille struck, they put in a sewage disposal plant, next to Swannanoa Palace, with the capacity to serve five thousand (5,000) people.

It has a daily capacity of two hundred and twenty-five thousand (225,000) gallons, although only fifty (50) families live near Swannanoa Palace.

Unlike just about every house in the mountains, Swannanoa Palace has a full basement.

That leads to the secret underground base.

They took the diggings, or spoil, from the excavation to make a golf course more than one hundred years ago.

All of this makes sense only if you understand that a secret military base lies under Swannanoa Palace.

And Hurricane Camille makes sense only when you see how it drove people out.

The government drove people out of Shenandoah National Park one way, and they drove people out of George Washington National Forest another.

It’s not that different from what they did to the Cherokee.

Only because of Hurricane Camille could investors buy the ten thousand acres that were the Big Survey.

That’s how the Big Survey became the Wintergreen Resort.

Without Hurricane Camille, a man-made storm that was directly targeted at Nelson County, BLM could not have built the Wintergreen Resort, which lies only twenty miles from the secret base that sits under the palace next to my old house.

That’s where my daughter and I used to ski.

There was more to the Greenbrier than met the eye.

At one time people would have laughed if you told them there was a secret military base under the Greenbrier.

But now you can visit it.

Maybe there’s something under Wintergreen, too.


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