Did you ever wonder why, if you get hit by lightning, you are far more likely to get hit a second time?

Some people just keep getting hit.

It’s not that they can’t learn to stay out of storms.

It’s not that they have angered the sky gods.

And it’s not bad luck.

People are hit with guided lightning, and the deep state lies behind it.

The deep state targets people.

The deep state uses directed energy weapons.

And the deep state uses weather weapons.

More than seventy years ago, in PROJECT CIRRUS, General Electric partnered with the U.S. Army Signal Corps, the Office of Naval Research, and the U.S. Air Force.

They increased and turned a hurricane to slam it into Georgia.

Vincent Schaefer, who worked on PROJECT CIRRUS, went on to PROJECT SKYFIRE.

This involved the control of lightning by cloud-seeding.

Military grade technology is always far beyond what they show us.

They used weather weapons to create the Dust Bowl.

They used weather weapons to determine World War Two.

They used weather weapons to create and turn Hurricane Three.

They used weather weapons to create and turn Hurricane Camille.

And they used weather weapons to create and turn Hurricane Katrina.

They used an ionospheric heater to create the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly.

And they are even making firenados!

The burning of selected targets, through high tech arson, to drive people into FEMA camps, and clear the way for a high speed train, is yet another example.

We know they were playing with lightning in PROJECT SKYFIRE.

We know there is money in this stuff.

And we know their technology is more advanced than ever.

This schematic is from NATO.

HAARP is outdated.

Now they have EISCAT 3D.

They’ve been doing this a long time.

They were showing off the more obvious stuff, almost fifty years ago, in popular sources.

Why would they stop?

As with a fire whirl, lightning can be directed to hit particular targets, but it looks like nothing unusual.

And if you say the government did it, you look crazy, so they can take you out through gaslighting.

Let’s take a look at the technology.

Here is a video where a regular guy makes a small lightning gun, at home, using Tesla coils.

On the Science Channel, you can watch the MythBusters, Adam and Jamie, use a Tesla coil, combined with a stream of water, to create a lightning bolt that they direct to hit a dummy.

Tesla technology is used for microwave harassment—a different kind of targeting by the deep state.

It has so many uses.

You can learn how to fight back below.

And you can learn more here.

But it’s not all Tesla coils.

Here you can watch Julia Wilde, a beautiful science nerd, talk about guided lightning.

And here are far less attractive men discussing the same subject.

They’re both good videos, but I think Thomas Dolby said it best.

She blinded me with science!

This stuff is real!

Here the Weather Channel describes the use of lasers to create plasma channels that guide lightning strikes to particular targets.

Here you can read a popular article in the New Scientist on how lightning can be directed by laser beams.

Here you can read a scholarly article from Science Advances, the open access multidisciplinary journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), called “Laser-assisted guiding of electric discharges around objects.”

Here’s a video on rocket-triggered lightning by the University of Florida.

And here you can read a scientific paper that appeared in the Journal of Geophysical Research, a publication of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), called “An ‘anomalous’ triggered lightning flash in Florida.”

Here’s a scientific presentation, sponsored by AGU, on rocket-and-wire triggered lightning.

It is very obvious that the government has the power to use lightning as a weapon.

And it is obvious that the government targets particular people.

Does this explain why some people are hit, more than once, by lightning?


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