You have every right not to be vaccinated.

I wrote about the coronavirus before the shutdown.

I predicted the shutdown.

You can read more in my article against the New Normal.

The vaccine is dangerous.

And it is a plot.

I have successfully resisted an attempt to put a needle in my body.

I got a religious exemption using the language below.

And I got a philosophical exemption using the language below.

You will need to tailor your own objection using these forms and your own research.

The laws of your state will be different, which is right and proper.

Different laws in different states (federalism) is what stops the enemy from taking us over, as they seek to increase the power of the federal government.

With a little research, you can find out if there is a pending law or existing laws in your state, and you can craft your own response.

Do your homework.

Do not let them hurt you, your loved ones, or your children.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

3 thoughts on “HOW NOT TO BE VACCINATED”

  1. It’s sad when the very people I work with (those that have gotten pharmaceuticalized by this covid-crap vaccine) make jokes about those of us who haven’t/won’t vaccinate – more so if that person gets sick.
    I keep getting ‘ragged’ day and night because I won’t get those shots.
    They keep telling me that eventually the company will require the vaccine in order to work there.
    To which I say… see ya!
    After 20 years working there – (30+ at taking care of my own medical needs) I can use some time off.


  2. Thank you!
    It also violation Nuremberg code — because there is no virus and forced vaccination of unknown medicine.
    Also I have research resource recommended by Fiona Barnett herself: Christopher Lord (Thruthiracy). Know how to spot them know how to stop them. Let’s share and stop them all together.


  3. Here’s Christopher Lord (Thruthiracy) best research Why Red shoes. Can you post it into your blog? I split his video into pictures so all you need to do is to take and post them into your blog.
    Please take and share. Revelation will be their downfall.


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