Have you ever heard of the Norway Spiral?

Take a moment to watch these videos.

And check out these photos.

The Norwegian Spiral Anomaly lasted ten minutes. 

It happened on December 9, 2009.

Ocean Engineer, Tony Spell, M.Sc., examined the event in his paper, “Estimation of the Location, Trajectory, Size, and Altitude of the ‘Norway Spiral’ Phenomenon,” which you can read, in full, below.

I am an arts genius, not a science genius, and I’m just learning about this stuff, so I’m not in a position to challenge Spell’s findings.

Still, although anyone is subject to mind control, and Spell could have made a mistake, his description and analysis of the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly seem worth considering.

I am going to trust him for the measurements.

The development of the Norway Spiral occurred approximately 60 miles (97 km) inland (west) of the White Sea.

The Norway Spiral travelled northeast over the Barents Sea, and it dissipated 143 miles (230 km) northeast of its initial development.

That was 70 miles (113 km) offshore. 

Spell calculated the center of the Norway Spiral at a very high altitude ranging from 107 to 166 miles (172 to 267 km) during its progression, with the initial size of the spiral measured at approximately 95 miles across (153 km).

At the time of dissipation and expansion of the void, the Norway Spiral grew to an approximate scaled width of 391 miles (629 km), reaching a remarkable altitude along the upper edge some 351 miles (565 km) above sea level. 

Although the Norway Spiral appears to be slow-moving in the videos, this is an illusion caused by the vast distance of the observation from over 530 miles (853 km).

From the video frame captures and the subsequent vector analysis, the estimated velocity of the spiral center along the trajectory was found to exceed 8,000 mph (12,875 kph). 

The combined expansion of the void and the north-northeast trajectory of the center give an estimated velocity of the leading edge of the void (northward) at an incredible 13,000 mph (20,920 kph). 

What caused the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly?

It wasn’t the Northern Lights.

Norwegians know what those look like….

It wasn’t UFOs.

NASA, USAF, and AATIP want you to believe in aliens.

That’s why they shine lights in the sky as part of PROJECT BLUE BEAM.

It wasn’t a wormhole for time travel.

Q-ANON wants you to believe in time travel.

They seek to make you politically passive as they sedate you with Q-DROPs.

It was weaponized weather!

Tesla proposed that people could change the weather using radio waves.

The New World Order has been using weaponized weather for a long time.

Tesla technology is not used only for mind control.

Tesla technology is used to weaponize weather.

Jim Lee seems to know about the subject, so I am starting to watch his videos.

His website, Climate Viewer, looks good.

So does his YouTube Channel.

Jim Lee’s focus on directed energy weapons is technical.

Mine is psychological.

And mine is historical.

I give practical tips for fighting the enemy, as I note their moves, without understanding how their technology works.

I understand how it works on my body, my life, and the lives of others, now and through history, and that’s enough for me.

You don’t need to know the inner workings of guns, mines, tanks, boats, or planes to be a good tactical officer.

I cannot do what Jim Lee does, so I refer you to his material.

For some, it is helpful to see the technical reality of the attack against us.

Whether it has to do with weather.

Or whether it has to do with mind control.

Chemtrails, through which the enemy sprays smart dust, fungus, and god-knows-what are important.

You can learn about chemtrails from Jim Lee.

Here’s another of his videos.

But chemtrails are not the only piece of the puzzle.

Ionospheric heaters are used for weather modification.

There is a worldwide network of these things.

Here’s a book I found on HAARP, which may be of interest.

It looks pretty official, but, then again, it’s only mainstream science.

Here’s a video from the heart of enemy territory:  MIT.

Aside from clueless or ingenuous scientists, you can find articles and videos where the mainstream media tries to man-splain HAARP.

That’s when the U.S. Naval Research Lab isn’t refusing to talk about HAARP.

The Office of Naval Research is behind all this stuff.

Aaron and Melissa Dykes show how the Office of Naval Research lies behind horrific mind control programs.

Cisco Wheeler shows how the traitors rape children at China Lake.

That’s the naval base in the desert.

HAARP lies in Alaska.

HIPAS is there, too.

ARECIBO lies in Puerto Rico.

Here’s a video about it.

They’ve been using that thing for at least the last fifty years.

See the date?

That article was put out on Samhain.

Here’s an article by NATO about the Halloween Magnetic Storm!

Satanists not only run these programs, but they love magic days!

Can you believe they actually call the Arecibo Heating Experiment by the name of HEX?

Give me a break!

It reminds me of the Vatican’s telescope.


EISCAT lies in Norway.

Below you can watch a short video about EISCAT.

Like a lot of this stuff, it’s in several different locations.

SPEAR lies in Svalbard.

If you search for Svalbard, which is one of only six countries in the world that has not visited this website, don’t forget it’s also called Spitsbergen.


They just put up EISCAT 3D.

EISCAT 3D has tens of thousands of antennae.

CUTLASS lies in Iceland.

And it’s also in Finland.

KAIRA lies in Finland, too.

SURA lies in Russia.

SURA has partnered with SWARM, a company that makes small-sats, or SPACE BEEs, which was recently acquired by SPACEX.

USAF plans to plasma-bomb the sky with micro-satellites!

What fun!

CHAIN lies in Canada.

There’s another ionospheric heater in Platteville.

That makes sense since Colorado swarms with Air Force scum.

I would bet they have ionospheric heaters in Greenland—-which is also crawling with military.

And I would bet they have ionospheric heaters in Antarctica.

There’s something called UAS down there.

Here’s another map showing UAS.

There’s also something in Lagos.

Not sure what this is….

Or this….

I found them together.

Here’s another piece of the puzzle.

And another.

Here’s a tutorial Jim Lee put out, showing how to use the far more sophisticated maps at Climate Viewer.

They are a fantastic resource for finding not only weather events but also ionospheric heaters, incoherent scatter radars, directed energy weapons, and ionosondes—-not to mention ELF & VLF transmitters. 

There have to be more.

There’s no way that NWO would show us the largest or the most important.

HAARP is probably small time next to the other stuff they have.

I have yet to educate myself on the technology, but it seems to depend on satellites as well as ground-based heaters.

That makes sense.

NASA doesn’t want to explore space:  they want to control the earth.

That’s why they plan to put up more than one hundred thousand (100,000) satellites this decade—-increasing the number of operational satellites by more than thirty times (30x).

They are coming for us all!

Through Climate Viewer, Jim Lee has shown that geoengineering projects go back at least seventy years.

Through Climate Viewer, Jim Lee has shown how hurricanes have been modulated at least seventy years.

Through Climate Viewer, Jim Lee has shown how ionospheric heaters work.

Through Climate Viewer, Jim Lee has shown how Climate Global Control Trading LLC creates and steers hurricanes.

They are one of many companies that team up with the deep state to screw us over.

I can only assume that the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly was deliberately caused with an ionospheric heater.

Do you see the spirals in the patents?

Don’t they look like the beginning of the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly?

Remember those maps that show the trajectory of the Norway Spiral?

That puts the original spiral at the ionospheric heater at Monchegorsk, on the Kola Peninsula, which is associated with a Russian Air Base and the Kola Science Center.

I can’t find a picture of the HF Heating Facility near Monchegorsk, but it is described as one of the largest in the world in the academic papers below.

The Government says the Norway Spiral was the failed launch of a Russian missile.

Sounding rockets are used with ionospheric heaters.

So we have the location and the source.

The Norwegian Spiral Anomaly was caused by the HF Heating Facility, near Monchegorsk, on the Kola Peninsula, in connection with the Kola Science Center, the nearby air base, and the launch of a sounding rocket.

What we lack is motive.

What would the Russians get from this?

Are there other players?

What else happened in the Winter of 2009 to 2010?

At exactly the same time of the Norway Spiral, the United Nations held its Climate Change Conference in Scandinavia.

Does that sound like a coincidence?

Three weeks before the Norway Spiral, ClimateGate occurred.

Does that sound like a coincidence?

As I have written elsewhere, global climate change is a false flag attack through which the New World Order creates environmental problems as they attempt to drive us, by the fear-then-relief response, to one world government.

The Norway Spiral calls for a more nuanced analysis, and I have yet to figure out what is going on with this thing.


Clearly, however, the event is man-made.

And, equally clearly, the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly is connected to globalist initiatives.

What effect did the Norway Spiral have on the weather?

One week after the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly, record-breaking snow fell on Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C.

The December 2009 North American Blizzard resulted in the declaration of states of emergency in Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland.

Does that sound like a coincidence?

Two weeks after the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly, an even bigger blizzard slammed into the United States.

It developed so rapidly that forecasters had a hard time understanding it.

The 2009 North American Christmas Blizzard was given the highest rating by NOAA.


Does that sound like a coincidence?

Immediately after the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly, England was slammed with extremely heavy winter weather.

Immediately after the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly, Europe was slammed with extremely heavy winter weather.

They say these storms are caused by the Arctic Oscillation, which was the lowest it has ever been after the Norway Spiral hit.

Does that sound like a coincidence?

You don’t have to be a scientist to see that something’s going on.

I have every faith in the Earth’s eventual ability to kill as many humans as necessary to stop this nonsense.

And the Earth can fight back now, just as people can fight back.

Still, we need to acknowledge the ability of the New World Order to create weather.


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