The New World Order has been using weather weapons for a long time.


There are companies you can hire to modify the weather.


Here is an expose by Jim Lee, at Climate Viewer, on one such company.

Jim Lee has exposed several companies that do this, as the scum team up with the deep state.


It’s called fascism.


It’s what made the Holocaust.


That’s a message MOSSAD seeks to stifle, as they launch attacks against me.


The Israelis are the new Nazis.


CIA, NSA, DHS, and FBI lie behind ISIS.


False flags depend on false identities.


Weather attacks are just about as natural as the latest false flag, which is also disguised as a natural occurrence.




In my books, which you can download, for free, below, I describe the use of a weather weapon, combined with mind control, with respect to HURRICANE FLORENCE, a/k/a FLO, in 1988.


That involved an attempt to manipulate me and a descendant of John Wilkes Booth:  the brainwashed assassin whom the Vatican and the British used to kill Abraham Lincoln.

And, yes, my books, like my life, are just that cool.


The Illuminati have a long history of killing presidents they don’t like.

Kennedy was one.


And I thought Biden would be another, but he’s such a good little boy that his masters may let him live a little longer.


You know, with his unconstitutional mandates and all, about which you can learn below.


Incidentally, Joe Biden was a young associate at my old law firm, for a few months, before he washed out.

When he came back, no one even turned up to greet him in the courtyard.

It’s a good thing that Creepy Joe Biden had politics to fall back on when he failed as a lawyer.

But let’s get back to the blood of assassins.

The scum wanted to breed me and Joy Booth on a luciferian holiday, so they could combine our bloodlines.


You can read more about their obsession with dates below.


They seek to mislead others with mystical beliefs, but they hold the same beliefs.


It’s so them.

Their manipulation of Hurricane Flo was like their manipulation of Hurricane Three.


Their manipulation of Hurricane Flo was like their manipulation of the Cape Sable Hurricane.

That is documented in PROJECT CIRRUS.


Their manipulation of Hurricane Flo was like their manipulation of Hurricane Camille.


And their manipulation of Hurricane Flo was like their manipulation of Hurricane Katrina.


With Flo, they sought to lead me and a fellow student into strange beliefs, as I gave her a copy of Man and His Symbols by Carl Jung.

C.G. Jung is still used to promote strange beliefs, and to manipulate people, as events are arranged in their lives.


That’s why the Police, run by MI-7, were so popular, as they put out Synchronicity.


Through OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD, CIA controls the media.

Plus there’s Army Seventh in Silicon Valley.


They wanted me and Joy Booth to think that Hurricane Flo was connected to a mystical force we called the Flow.

We never even would have heard of the hurricane, but it hit immediately after Joy transferred to Tulane University in New Orleans.

As described in The Minds of Men, an excellent documentary by Aaron and Melissa Dykes, which you can watch in full, for free, below, Tulane is a hotbed of mind control.


Tulane is where Dr. Robert Heath implanted people with cybernetics, as he controlled their minds under the direction of Naval and Central Intelligence.


Since Dr. Heath was still on the faculty, I have no doubt that he brainwashed Miss Booth, who is now the executive director of an eye bank.

This was one of two times when the enemy would seek to lead me to mystical beliefs through their creation of weather and their control of the media.

The other concerned an article I wrote on this site.

On August 3, 2018, I wrote an article called The Whore of Babylon. 


The style was inspired by my conversations, online, with Laurel Glaze, who woke me up to OPERATION GLADIO C.

Laurel Glaze didn’t just teach me about the attack on gun rights, but she also taught me about the satanic cartel signaling in the Statue of Liberty.

Laurel Glaze, who used to own a website called Fifty Shades of Pissed Off, had written a Jeremiad, in which, in the style of an Old Testament Prophet, she said America was going to receive the punishment of a just and wrathful god.

So I wrote my article, essentially calling out Phoenix, Arizona, in biblical terms, the same day I praised my new friend’s Jeremiad, on August 3, 2018.

The very next day, on August 4, 2018, an enormous dust storm, called a haboob, struck Phoenix.

It was a freak storm, made with a weather weapon, like the Dust Bowl.


A British newspaper, The Independent, run by MI-7, called the storm apocalyptic.


The fact that the biblical storm hit Phoenix, just after I called out the city, like an Old Testament Prophet, and it was immediately played up in an English paper, figuratively, as the Wrath of God, was the action of the enemy—trying to manipulate me.

The Whore of Babylon was one of three articles that Laurel Glaze, with her millenarian beliefs, inspired me to write.

Like Clio, the Muse of History, she’s a pretty cool lady—only a lot better looking!

Since Laurel Glaze also gave me excellent insight into OPERATION GLADIO C, I had written an article, drawing on her work, a month earlier, on July 11, 2018.


At the same time I wrote that article, another freak haboob, or dust storm, hit Phoenix.

On July 12, 2018, one day after my article, this was played up in a different English paper, The Express, as the Dust Storm of the Apocalypse!

I could find no other dust storms that hit Phoenix that anyone described as apocalyptic—except for the two connected to my articles, described in other articles published exactly one day after each, in connection with my conversations with a woman who believed Jehovah would strike the United States.

The enemy was creating dust storms and playing them up in the papers just to mess with me—and particularly to encourage a belief in spiritual forces just as they had tried with the descendant of John Wilkes Booth.

Oh, and I almost forgot the third article, the one that Laurel Glaze also inspired, on the Statue of Liberty….


I wrote it on my birthday, Michaelmas, the day dedicated to Michael the Archangel, who kills the dragon in the Book of Revelations.

I’m supposed to be an expert in how to spot hypnotic suggestions.


But I have to admit, I missed the connection, as I failed to notice the enemy’s plans.


They were getting into me a bit with subliminal commands, delivered voice to skull, hence my writing the article associated with Laurel Glaze on a day associated with the Book of Revelations; but, as usual, it had no significant effect.


At any rate, I saw through the charade, or I didn’t even notice the enemy’s ridiculous moves, while I went on to write my series on weather weapons, which includes a piece on man-made fire tornados.


This received an anonymous comment, referring me to a passage about fire tornados in the Book of Revelations.

And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men.

Here you can see the comment with my response.

The enemy recruits uneducated losers from the gutter, so it is no surprise that they are this stupid and obvious.

I had already written about weaponized lightning in my books, as I discussed the subject with Dr. Katherine Horton, an Oxford-educated scientist who worked at CERN, but the fools doubled down on a bad bet, as, simultaneously, they hit my house with a lightning bolt.

Lightning has never struck our house in the forty-two years my family has lived here, but a bolt took out a component to the well, putting a strain on our finances, just as I needed to borrow money from my mother.

Here’s my article on guided lightning, used against targeted individuals, as a weather weapon, which I wrote today.


I was hoping to chill out, but the scum renewed their disgusting microwave attacks immediately after I wrote that article, about which I warned them on Twitter, so I am writing this piece now.

They all crumple when they are raped and beaten, as their masters make them slaves, and they never fight back, seek revenge, or even run away, so they don’t understand my response.


When they hit me, I hit back.

That’s why I created this site, where I have written almost three hundred articles, while I have received one and a half million hits; and that’s why I’ve written two books, with a third on the way, as I lead the trash to destroy each other.

Bring it on!

Oh, and one more thing, I almost forgot the snow storm.

I have written about the use of the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly to create winter storms.


And I have also written about what plainly seems to be the use of a weather weapon, an early ionospheric heater, during World War Two.


See the unusual number of cyclones emanating from England during the hardest winter of the twentieth century, which is the only thing that allowed the Russians to defeat the Germans?

Here’s what happened with my storm.

Last year, through microwave harassment, mind control, and Zersetzung techniques, the trash led my brother and me to a quarrel, which escalated to a shoving match, and my sibling to call 911, resulting in us both being charged.

As I was handcuffed in the driveway, I coolly called the arresting officer out, telling him to give my regards to the fusion center.

The first judge before whom I appeared recused himself, honorably, because the enemy had filled his head with stories about me.

Then, the second judge dismissed the charges, so the enemy failed again.

You can read my letter to the Pennsylvania State Police, which describes the incident, below.


But as to that second court appearance, the day it was scheduled, another freak storm kicked up.

It had not snowed in our county for two years, but, suddenly, immediately before and after my hearing, several inches blanketed the area, as the enemy sought to prevent my appearance in court.

It was a record-breaking storm.

Do you think that’s a coincidence?

I could see what was happening, and I know what to do, so I borrowed my mother’s SUV, with all-wheel drive, and I had no problem getting where I needed to go.

I even stopped to help a stranded driver on the way home.

And I stopped at the package store to buy a bottle.

I spent the day celebrating, warming my feet before a crackling fire, and drinking rum toddies.

They lose.


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Our enemy depends on silence.


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