Weather weapons are real.


At Weather Modification History and Climate Viewer, you can learn, from Jim Lee, about the history of hurricane modification.

Inspired by his sites, I’ve been doing my own research, analysis, and guesswork.

And I didn’t even have to put on my raincoat.

Let’s look at our biggest hurricanes.

The New World Order used weather weapons to create, turn, and use Hurricane Three.


The New World Order used weather weapons to create, turn, and use Hurricane Camille.


The New World Order used weather weapons to create, turn, and use Hurricane Katrina.


The New World Order used weather weapons to create, turn, and use the Cape Sable Hurricane.


For that, we even have a name:  PROJECT CIRRUS.

The New World Order used weaponized weather to create and use the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly.


And the New World Order used weaponized weather to create and use the record-breaking winter that determined the outcome of World War Two.


That’s why you see the unusual number of cyclones, and the unusual track that emanates from England, in the map below.


Nowadays they’re even using fire tornados!


It’s part of a larger attack through which they use global climate change to drive us to one world government.


Where else did they use weather weapons?

Here are my ideas on what caused the Dust Bowl.

In short, the New World Order, working through the federal government, caused the Dust Bowl by encouraging farmers to cultivate larger and larger parcels of land, before it used weaponized weather and bank loans to foreclose on those parcels, so it could expand the power of the federal government and place even larger parcels in the hands of agribusiness. 

First the government needed to drive the Indians off their land, so it encouraged settlement and development of the Great Plains through the Homestead Act of 1862, the Kinkaid Act of 1904, and the Enlarged Homestead Act of 1909.

When combined with the common failure of homesteads, which allowed neighbors to buy each other out, these laws caused land to be held in larger and larger parcels.

To buy each other out, farmers borrowed more and more from banks.

Using the federal government, the banks were setting a trap.

Then, the banks financed the Russian Revolution so that increased demand encouraged farmers to put even larger parcels under cultivation.

That caused the farmers to borrow even more.

Soon they would not be able to pay the banks back, so they would lose their farms.

The same bankers who financed the Communists would win big in the Dust Bowl, just as the federal government would win big.

It was the New World Order.

And they used weaponized weather to achieve their success.


You can see it not only in the banking and farming practices that led to the Dust Bowl, plus the history of weather weapons, but in the dates on which things happened.

The New World Order is satanic, it is run by the banks, and it is obsessed with magic numbers and dates.


November 11 is a big one.

The eleventh day of the eleventh month is when they chose to end World War One, which they started to create the Federal Reserve, and Federal Income Tax, to support war profiteering.


It was 11/11/1919.

That’s not a coincidence.

You can learn more in my books, which you can download for free on this site.


They are informative and entertaining!


You can get a sense of them below.


Rhodesia figured in my programming, under PROJECT MK-ULTRA, and it declared its independence on Armistice Day, also known as Veterans Day, eleven seconds after the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month.

It was 11/11/65.

That’s not a coincidence.

The eleventh day of the eleventh month also had the storm that started the Dust Bowl.

It was 11/11/33.

That’s not a coincidence.

Exactly seven years earlier, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the federal government started building Route 66.

It was 11/11/26.

That’s not a coincidence.

Route 66 would carry all the refugees from the Dust Bowl straight to California—or to Chicago.


The federal government had built a road right through the middle of nowhere on a magic day.

To travel from Kansas to California, you could follow the Yellow Brick Road.

Plus it was connected to a tornado!

The Wizard of Oz is used in government mind control programs.


That’s from Cisco Wheeler, whose grandfather’s brother was the Head of Joint Chiefs.

But what would she know about secret government programs….

The Wizard of Oz deals with monetary policy.

The Illuminati, and the Freemasons, who run the New World Order, and the banks, love to put out secret signals in books like the Wizard of Oz or with magic numbers and dates.

They’re like gang signs.


President Kennedy tangled with the Federal Reserve by signing Executive Order No. 11110.

That’s another double eleven—just like all those November Elevenths above.

The New World Order killed JFK on 11.22, doubling the number, as a sign for anyone who could read it.


They’re that crazy.

Like the moronic burglars in Home Alone, they leave clues at the sites of their crimes.

And they even advertise their plans.

Remember how the bankers started the Russian Revolution, financing Communism, to drive up the price of grain and to lead the farmers to put more land under the plow?

The bankers advertised their plans for world domination in the Communist Manifesto.

The Communist Manifesto contains ten planks setting forth the plan for the New World Order.

One is the creation of a central bank like the Federal Reserve.

Another is a progressive income tax, which helped put the farmers under, as it paid for the central bank.

Another is mandatory education by the state, so you can be brainwashed never to learn about this stuff.

And several deal with the common ownership of land and the mass production of food.

Agribusiness, run by companies like Monsanto, is just as bad as the banks.


They are both the farmers’ enemy.

Who were the losers in the Dust Bowl?  

They were the family farmers and ordinary people just like you and me.

Who were the winners in the Dust Bowl?

They were banks, agribusiness, and the federal government, which are our enemies.

Because of the Dust Bowl, banks foreclosed on family farms.

Because of the Dust Bowl, the federal government greatly expanded its power over “land management” and “soil conservation.”

But the government, which teams up with companies, as it did in Communist Russia, or in Nazi Germany, does nothing to help farmers or to conserve the soil.


Because of the Dust Bowl, agribusiness took over the Great Plains, so the same farming practices that allegedly caused the environmental disaster have intensified.

But the Dust Bowl does not repeat itself….

That’s because the whole thing was caused, not by agricultural practices, or even by government policy, but by weaponized weather.


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