While international communism was created by the banking elites, the Communist Manifesto has, as five of its central planks, not only the abolition of private property, and the abolition of inheritance, and the confiscation of property from those who fight communism, but the use of a progressive income tax, stealing money from the farmers who grow our food, and from other citizens, to support a central bank.

The Communist Manifesto has, as another plank, the imposition of government controlled education to brainwash the youth, while innocent children are forced to take dangerous vaccines and to eat unhealthy food.

The Communist Manifesto has, as another plank, the imposition of government controlled communications to brainwash everyone, as the globalists control your access to information through the television, the cinema, and the internet.

The four remaining planks concern government control of agriculture, so they can force not only your children, but also each of you, to eat the slop produced by agribusiness.

That’s all the planks, while, nowadays, communism is called globalism—or simply the government in action.

You can read more about how the bankers are behind the communists, the capitalists, and the government in my third book.

Plus, there’s the work of Professor Sutton.

Bill Gates is out to get you as he uses (a) the core curriculum, to brainwash your children, (b) the internet, to control your access to information, (c) vaccines, to destroy your health, and (d) agribusiness, to force-feed you with garbage that not only makes him money but also makes you sick.

The Rockefellers are working with Bill Gates to destroy everything in sight.

They use the United Nations.

And they use Communist China.

Let’s look at how they are moving against our food supply, while they claim their goal is to eliminate hunger and to fix the environmental problems they are causing.

It’s a lot like their use of the Dust Bowl, about which you learned a grossly distorted story in their schools.

It’s a lot like their use of Holodomor, about which you will never learn a damned thing in their schools.

The War in the Ukraine is an attack on the world’s food supply, just as the Communist Jews used the control of agriculture, through Holodomor, or the Terror Famine, to kill more than seven million of the Cossacks.

The globalist controlled media, through the television and the internet, falsely blames the war on the Russians, but even they admit the effects on the world’s food supply.

While they talk of eliminating hunger, and they claim to love the earth, the European Union has shut down three thousand farms in the Netherlands.

While they talk of protecting you from harmful food, and they recruit desperate farmers, driven from the heartland, to serve in their military, the United States is raiding organic farmers.

Above you can watch the real documentary, Farmageddon, which was made by honest people, viciously persecuted by the government, because they wanted to control their food supply.

It’s kind of hard to find since the New World Order immediately made a movie with exactly the same name—just so they could poison your child’s mind as they use the internet, which they created, to hide search results.

If that’s not suspicious, I don’t know what is….

There is a war on farmers, and it is a war on you.

That’s so Bill Gates, and his banker buddies, can buy up the farms, as they seek to control your food.

So what can you do to stop these criminals?

You can learn more, and take action, through the John Birch Society.

You can contact your state and local officials to urge them to adopt a law similar to the Food Freedom Act enacted by the State of Wyoming.

You can contact your state and local officials to urge them to adopt a law similar to the Freedom to Farm Act proposed in the State of Missouri.

You can buy organic heirloom seeds from Baker Creek, while you plant your own garden.

And you can simply visit local farmer’s markets and local farm stands.

Think global, but act local!


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6 thoughts on “FARMAGEDDON!”

  1. We love our local famers markets (and the ones we buy from when traveling). I was just there this morning. $32 of produce was SO MUCH FOOD, I could hardly carry it all!

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  2. Hi Great article! Funny how in the west everything was obviously staged -> suddenly in accord to the media people got sick of left wing ideas; “right wings” rise in the second half of the 2010’s (with tacky updated country music background at least in Brazil) but now they come supported by farmers (agri-business), not by traditional religious people praying rosaries; they win elecions and prove themselves to be a joke and a communist fraud but for having washed the hands of some big fishes who deal with agri-business they still got support from them (what a great support because they are millionaires) and polarization was impossible not to remain; then war in ukraine happens bringing crisis to global agri-business! – and people were already situated in this agri thing environment because of this left-right wing polarization that emerged recently, and the countryside, which was ignored for so long as just a part of every country’s culture and geography, became a remarkable topic in the news, in discussions in educational institutions and in conversations all around. This was all to prepare people for the politics they will start applying to the country, relating them to this sustainability rubbish, so that they don’t find weird why suddenly countryside life started mattering. Can’t people see how predictable all of that was?

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  3. Let’s not forget that in the 20th century they already started dismantling the countryside’s autonomy and distant life from politics and the urban environment when socialist politics at least in latin america started preaching that agri-reform, which basically meant using a bunch of poor people with no land to plant and no food to eat to invade land that belonged to other people. Needless to say most people prejudiced with this kind of poltics weren’t top dog farmers and companies but someone’s grandpa we knew in the neighborhood which means it were these demons always in power using us against one another once gain. This ended up being retired when it got worn out and now the new way to control the country as not- a- good- place- to- try- to- free- oneself- from- the- illuminati- and- become- autonomous is this sustainabilty laws that will start being implanted until 2030 or 2050. Imagine if we live to see the consequences. I still can buy organic vegetables and fruit at the pomeran fair in front of my building every friday. I wonder if it will be over in some years due to the high prices of maintaining such a business, leading them to sell their farms to big companies and farmers and becoming part of the dependent “useless eaters” who need the supermarket for everything like me. Or if some “natural disaster” will happen and destroy most of their lands and people in order to be replaced by satanists, leaving alive only the ones who are part of the gang.

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  4. Talking about ukraine is i only I who think zelensky’s voice is like a radio? That dude looks totally “possessed” like he doesn’t speak for himself.

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