They just keep coming.

As I show in my third book, to be published next year, the slaves of the New World Order, the Illuminati, and the Freemasons are addicted to the same techniques, which fail to work even on sleepers.

That’s a theme of my first two books, which you can download, for free, below.

Here are press releases from my publisher.

And here’s an introduction.

As described below, the masonic imbeciles sent the BollyWood Star, Freishia Bomanbehram, of Whack, against me, in a move that took them more than five years to develop but that took me thirty minutes to spot.

In connection with the attack, described in my article, linked above, the morons from Tavistock went on to put a film before me last night.  

Like a punchy fighter, they are swinging wild haymakers, leaving themselves open to my counterattacks.

It’s like George Foreman fighting Muhammad Ali, in the Rumble in the Jungle—and they’re going to take just as much of a beating.

It’s like the time some yob took on Sherlock Holmes.

I will teach them the sweet science.

I teach a college course on the oceans, and we are moving on to my lecture on plastic waste, based on an article I wrote more than three years ago.

So, MI-7 made a documentary just for use against me, which just so happened to be at the top of the movie picks on my television, courtesy of NETFLIX:  SeaSpiracy.

SeaSpiracy is made not by a Parsi under the control of the Masons, like Freishia Bomanbehram, of Whack, whom I exposed less than two weeks ago, as the unwitting tool of the English imbeciles, but by a Moslem, Ali Tabrizi, as the unwitting tool of the English imbeciles, whose false religion I exposed more than three years ago.

The English seek to play us like puppets.

They offer false choices.

Jew against Moslem, Moslem against Parsi—whatever….

That’s how the international intelligence community, and the supercomputer that USAF runs at Schriever, “thinks”—in zeros and ones.

Funny how the Air Force has such a large presence in England….

Ali Tabrizi is the maker of SeaSpiracy, and his mother works for NHS, who lock down England through a conspiracy, involving COVID-19, which I exposed before it happened.

Here’s another article I wrote about the shutdown, by CDC, before it happened.

My articles were absolutely accurate, and not remotely anti-semitic, but they earned me immediate targeting by the ADL, as described below.

The Jews at MOSSAD, like the Parsis and the Moslems, are slaves of the English Freemasons.

That’s why we see the Seal of Solomon, a masonic emblem, not only in the death camps, run by the Nazis, but on the flag of the biggest concentration camp of all:  Israel.

Here the Star of David, so-called, appears on the Masonic Seal of the Grand Chapter of London.

Here it is on an antique masonic jewel, like many that predate the false Zionist state.

Here’s another.

Complete with pyramids, from the Egyptians who held the Israelites in captivity, as the Illuminati go back to Babylon, which held the Israelites in captivity, that one has the All-Seeing Eye!

Like the Courts of Jesters, to which only Grand Masons, like the black sheep of my family, my great-grandfather, may belong, they love sick jokes.

See the hand-sign?

But let’s get back to the moslem tool of the masons.

See how English Ali Tabrizi looks?

See how satanic Ali Tabrizi looks?

See how soft Ali Tabrizi looks?

This is what they send….

It turns out that his studio, Disrupt, also put out CowSpiracy, which the enemy tried to connect to the college course I teach on agribusiness at the same place where I teach my college course on the oceans.

That’s the course that connects to Freishia B, who shows up on the internet, just as I need a service project for my students (which she just so happens to offer).

And that’s the course that connects to SeaSpiracy, which shows up on the television, just as I need a documentary film for my students (which this just so happens to offer).

And, while I often shoot from the hip, I find another video, on YouTube, right next to SeaSpiracy, where a scientist fact-checks the documentary, which just so happened to show up, while I was drinking, and picking a video for the next day’s class; so, if I had shown SeaSpiracy, in class today, I would have looked foolish, or easily misled, to my students, and they would have questioned my entire message.

Do you think it’s coincidence? 

Do you think I’m paranoid? 

Or is it just that the morons from GCHQ, at Cheltenham, and CIA, from College Park—not to mention NSA—are employing mind control devices, through the internet and the television, as they send their assets, who are controlled opposition, in their pathetic attempts to control me?

Just as I spotted Freishia B, and Whack, in less than thirty minutes, while it took them more than five years to develop the asset they sent against me, I spotted Ali Tabrizi, and SeaSpiracy, in less than ten minutes, while it took them more than one year to develop the asset they sent against me.

It reminds me of the time I took out Q-Anon, in an article that has more than forty thousand (40,000) hits, the first time I took notice of their psy-op, or watched their video:  The Fall of the Cabal.

With the Illuminati hood, and the Masonic keyhole, and the computer zeros and ones—showing binary code—how obvious can you get?

And I didn’t even mention the skulls….

Like in Skull and Bones….

Or the Masons’ rites….

Or the Jesters’ pins….

Or the snakes….

Or the slavish mottos….

They think they are sneaky, but, damn, they are obvious!

The international intelligence community, like the police state, recruits from the gutter.

It makes sense that they’re stupid.

But, driven by the drugs that destroy their bodies and minds, through which their masters control them, and each other, they think they’re geniuses.

They are boys playing a man’s game.

Not a real Sherlock—like me.

They play a pathetic James Bond.

While they try to take on John Drake….

I live for the danger they present!

Like that loser in Owning Mahowny, they’re getting desperate.

They keep doubling down on bad bets—always calling and raising—never folding.

They can’t step away from the table.

I’ll teach them to fold.

They lose.


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Our enemy depends on our silence.

5 thoughts on “KISMET MY ASS – PART TWO”

  1. Love your work. Interested whether you’ve changed your mind at all re: “Qanon”. Qanon is a media and ruling class construct. There’s no organization “Qanon”. There’s “Q” which good or bad, provides hints, links, crumbs, and an urging to research for yourself….and “Anons” who are random citizens trying to make sense of it all. Some Anons make sense, some are “out there”. General Michael Flynn has been linked to Q. After the election he said “get involved locally. That’s the plan”. What. Wait. THAT’S the plan. So a lot of us did. We learned by going to school board meetings that we weren’t alone. We pulled our kids out to homeschool. We got involved locally. So do I “trust the plan”? No. But I trust that I’m the plan. Plant a garden, buy from local ranchers, homeschool, know my local officials, fight like hell. Virginia gives me hope. We are “the plan”. The plebes will never rise up? Maybe they will. Just maybe


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