Did you ever ask yourself,

Why is Halloween so popular?

Halloween, or Samhain, is a satanic holiday.

The days between October 27, or True Samhain, to November 1, the Day of the Dead, surround the luciferian quarter day that ends the Season of Harvest.


You can read about the holiday, and the satanic community in which I grew up, in my books, available, for free, below.


Here are press releases from my publisher, which will give you an overview.


Since the New World Order is satanic, it promotes Halloween, which accounts for the constantly rising popularity of a formerly insignificant holiday.

Halloween gets bigger every year, but Christmas gets smaller.


Christmas gets more corrupt.


There is a war on Christmas.


Throughout the month of December, people spend money they don’t have, they over-eat, and they drink too much, while the cops lie in wait, waiting to hand out DUIs.


Throughout the month of October, horror is promoted on the television.


In the mind control hotbeds of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, teenagers perform acts of vandalism on Mischief Night.

In Michigan, another hub of mind control, they call it Devil’s Night.

Children are sent to the houses of strangers on All Hallows Eve.

At best, they are given candy to rot their teeth, make them hyper, and fatten them up.

At worst, they could be molested or poisoned.

But it gets worse.

The candy given to children is not only bad for their bodies—like the rest of the filth made by Monsanto.


Some of it contains nanotechnology.

Sour Patch Kids is a classic example.

That’s smart dust on that candy.

It’s part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


It makes transhumanism possible.


Neural dust contains microscopic robots, and it is used for medical purposes.


Like the vaccine….


Nanotechnology is used in mind control programs like MK-ULTRA.


You can learn more in Aaron and Melissa Dykes’ excellent documentary, The Minds of Men, which you can watch, for free, below.


CIA spent billions of dollars to develop mind control technology, and they were exposed by Congress.

Why would they stop?

As exposed by FBI Special Agent In Charge, Ted Gunderson, the CIA is full of child-molesting satanists.


The Central Intelligence Agency did not spend all that money to develop technology in order not to use it.


Subliminal commands are broadcast to our brains on frequencies too low to be heard by the conscious mind, just as hypnotic suggestions are laid into muzak at the grocery store.


These suggestions are mistaken for our own thoughts—if we notice them at all.


STARGATE PROJECT fooled soldiers into thinking they were remote-viewing, using extra-sensory perception, while images were beamed into their minds.

Sound far-fetched?

Then why is there an internet challenge combining sour candy and mental telepathy?


Why does Skittles say, 

Share the sensation….

That’s the essence of hive mind about which Dr. Robert Duncan, a douchebag who worked for CIA, and for DARPA, speaks below.

Why is the rainbow, a symbol of color programming, employed by Skittles?

What does it mean to taste the rainbow?

Color programming is real.


So is dusted candy.


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9 thoughts on “DUSTED CANDY!”

  1. I noticed this year the attempts of the fake “cancelling ” of Halloween, just to get parents to buy into it more, thinking it’s for their children, not knowing that is exactly what the cult wants…meanwhile they say that about Christmas & nobody gets offended since it’s now just about gift giving & material nonsense, again not realizing we are being attacked spiritually. Please keep up the great work.


  2. I still can’t get why people watch horror movies and like Halloween because for me it always feels too real and too scary. And why people wanted their kids to visit stranger’s houses — what is wrong with this world?


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