Four years ago, before the intelligence agencies brainwashed my daughter not to speak to me, as they attempt to destroy us both, through Zersetzung, our family went to hear Voces8 in Lancaster.

The singing group is really awesome, although it’s surprizing they played at such an out of the way place.

Given my knowledge of the enemy scripting the events of people’s lives, through mind control, and my memory of particular programming sessions, I suspect this group was led, across the ocean, to the rural county next to mine.

Below you can read one example of the intelligence agencies moving a person, across an ocean, in the story of a woman who came from my home town, in New Jersey, was entrained at the same programming center, left her husband to move to Hawaii, and became the first woman drafted by the North American Soccer League, before they led her to Chicago where she posed in Playboy.

And below you can read a further example of the intelligence agencies moving a person, across an ocean, in a story touching the grand-daughter of a Nazi cyberneticist, who worked for the Pentagon, and the Central Intelligence Agency, a lady they moved six thousand miles from our college, in California, so we could run into each other, apparently by chance, renewing our acquaintance, in the Vienna Train Station.

Further, as to Voces8, whom the enemy moved from their home in England, across an ocean, more than three thousand miles, to an obscure venue in the Pennsylvania Amish Country, forty miles from my house, my suspicion is heightened by the memory of a programming session involving the group, several years back, in which a male and female degenerate, who call themselves Rick and Ann Creole, broke into my house, drugged and hypnotized me, watched one of the group’s videos with me, and attempted to program me with mystical beliefs, as they promoted Christian Forgiveness for the trash that murdered my father, violated my child with an object, and poisoned her dog.

I have posted rewards below.

I have filed complaints with the police.

I use hive mind, with this platform, to destroy the scum.

It’s not as crazy as it sounds.

You can hear Dr. Robert Duncan, a scumbag who works for DARPA and CIA, attest to the reality of voice-of-god weapons, hive mind, and cybernetic mind control techniques, all part of the New Normal, the Great Reset, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in the video below.

You can learn more, too, from the excellent documentary, on MK-ULTRA, run by Central and Naval Intelligence, by Aaron and Melissa Dykes, called the Minds of Men, which you can watch, in full, for free, below.

I did not remember for years because the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency, in league with GCHQ, use drugs that block memory while they weaken the will.

These crimes, which involve kidnapping, and sexual abuse, were thoroughly investigated and documented by a Congressional Investigation, led by the Church Committee, in the 1970s.

The same Congressional Committee also investigated and documented CIA’s control of the media, similar to that of MI-7, through operations like MOCKINGBIRD.

Today, CIA’s dominance of the Internet, which DARPA created, through IN-Q-TEL, is further established.

When the enemy foolishly tried to use Voces8 in a programming session, with me, before the group appeared in Lancaster, they focused on the Corpus Christi Carol, which tells the haunting tale of the Fisher King, who lies infirm, as his kingdom goes to ruin.

This myth, and the attendant carol, were introduced to me at Pomona College, named for the Roman Goddess of the Harvest, a place from which Lady Rothschild and Roy Disney graduated, which I attended with the grand-daughter of the Nazi cyberneticist who worked for the Pentagon and Central Intelligence, before this lady, whose grandfather’s uncle went to school with Hitler, just so happened to show up, six thousand miles away, in a city known for international intrigue.

You can read more in my books, which are available, for free, below.

Here are press releases, which I hope you distribute, as I hope you distribute downloaded copies of my books, so we may expose the plans, and tactics, of the trash in the New World Order.

Immediately after I left Pomona College, and I returned to the States from visiting my girlfriend at Cambridge University, which is another programming hub, crawling with spies, I found myself watching a new movie, which had just come out, on videocassette, called the Fisher King.

This was at a time during which the enemy struck me very hard with microwave harassment and during which the same scumbag homosexual child-molesting programmer, Rick Creole, spoke with me on the telephone, as part of OPERATION SLEEPING BEAUTY, while he pretended to have been a colonel in the Rhodesian Army.

In that capacity, following earlier encounters in a secret facility in England, to which I was led by a chance meeting with a man from the Village of Tavistock, Rick Creole did business with my father’s company, in Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, where the scum sent my girlfriend to be raped, and where she was briefly imprisoned since they accused her of espionage, as my father travelled the former British Empire.

That was my dad’s orbit, after he left military service, often taking leave in the Crown Colony of Bermuda, while he worked for an Illuminati company, DuPont, a defense contractor that supported both the Nazis and the Deep State, not to mention the French Revolution, while they fill our world with plastic.

Truth is stranger than fiction—especially in my life.

The Fisher King was one of several movies made, just for me, as Army Seventh Psychological Operations Group, and British Military Intelligence Section Seven, sought to manipulate my consciousness.

At the same time, the Tavistock Institute was putting women in Playboy who looked like my girlfriends, my friends, and my acquaintances.

Among others, these included the grand-daughter of the Nazi cyberneticist, who worked for CIA, a lady who was now back in California with me, as she bore a strange resemblance to Miss October, an upper-middle-class athlete from Hong Kong who went to college just down the road while she visited the Playboy Mansion only forty miles away.

The Fisher King, with Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges, deals not only with the myth that concerned me, told in the Corpus Christi Carol, which I learned at Pomona College, named for the Roman Goddess of the Harvest, but with drunkenness, suicide, and a mass shooting, while it features a college at which an earlier girlfriend, of mine, studied.

This lady hailed from Everett, a town from which another lookalike was earlier placed in Playboy as she resembled a different woman with whom I have been friends for almost forty years.

Here you can read about the good she did at Christmas, helping abused women and children.

The Tavistock Institute put my Norwegian-American girlfriend’s lookalike in Playboy, too, as they led a Danish lady to pose.

The Tavistock Institute also put a lady from the Netherlands, my English girlfriend’s lookalike, in Playboy, at the same time, as they tried to lead me to sexual assault—a ridiculous plan that would never work since I felt only healthy lust, liking, and respect for each of these women.

Here’s a less formal, and sexy, but contemporary photo of the woman who looked exactly like my girlfriend, who didn’t think she was good-looking enough to beat out five hundred other women for that month’s spot, and who appeared, posed on a horse farm, in England, just like the one on which my girlfriend lived, saying she needed a strong man who would sometimes overrule her, just as my girlfriend and I stopped having sex while we slept a month in the same bed.

And here, for comparison, is a picture of my girlfriend’s grandfather, the colonel of a regiment that fought the Japanese, who was murdered by traitors behind the lines before they gave him a posthumous knighthood.

Here’s a fourth woman who was made the American Playmate of the Year, at the same time they made Saskia Linssen the Dutch Playmate of the Year, while Miss Linssen, who resembled my girlfriend, posed on an English horse farm just like my girlfriend’s mother’s, in the very same magazine.

Lisa Matthews, who didn’t seem extraordinary enough to be the Playmate of the Year, any more than Saskia Linssen seemed extraordinary enough to be the Playmate of the Month, bore a striking resemblance to another woman who went to Pomona, and Cambridge, with me, while we spent our freshman year in the same courtyard as the grand-daughter of the Nazi cyberneticist who worked for Central Intelligence.

What’s up with that?

You can read a little about the lookalike technique, not only in my article below, about a Bollywood Star whom the Tavistock Institute sent against me, who resembled yet another classmate from Pomona, who went to Cambridge, and with whom I fooled around, but in my third book, which I am now writing.

And you can read a little about one of the films the Tavistock Institute made, in an effort to manipulate me, to discredit my theories, in a university course that I teach, exposing globalist plots, in the follow-up below.

Years after I left Pomona and Cambridge, I found myself in programming sessions with the same douchebag, Rick Creole, who had trouble with me in England, when I was only eleven years old, as he kept me drugged in a secret facility, before he pretended to be a Rhodesian colonel doing business with my father, and he attacked me in my house.

These involved the Corpus Christi Carol, sung by Voces8, to which Rick, Ann, and I listened as the trash that drugged me in my house, and took me from my bed, sought to place me under mind control.

Then Voces8 travelled to the county, west of mine, crossing the ocean to play at a remote rural venue, only forty miles away, so I heard them sing at Christmas, not the Corpus Christi Carol, but the Coventry Carol.

Here’s another version, in case the one above, by Voces8, which I had to embed from YouTube, disappears.

The Coventry Carol deals with the Massacre of the Innocents, during which the Jewish King Herod killed countless babies, with his soldiers, as he attempted to murder the Christ Child.

This event was made possible by the Census ordered by the Roman Empire, as described at the beginning of the Gospels, where people, including Joseph and Mary, travelled to Bethlehem, so Herod would have a fix on the babies.

And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed. (And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was Governor of Syria). And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city. And Jospeh also went up from Galilee, out of the City of Nazareth, into Judaea, unto the City of David, which is called Bethlehem (because he was of the house and lineage of David) to be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child. And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered. And she brought forth her first born son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.

The story is commemorated, in part, in the Friendly Beasts, one of my favorite Christmas Carols, which my daughter taught me.

It’s a modern version of a piece used in the medieval Feast of Fools, in which participants would elect a fake bishop, archbishop, or pope, as they mocked church rituals.

You can find a beautiful picture of the Census at Bethlehem by Pieter Brueghel, the world’s greatest painter, in large format, if you click on the link below.

Just as the Census made by the Nazis, with the help of IBM, made mass murder possible, so the Census made by Rome made possible the Massacre of the Innocents.

In the same way, the American Government collected information in Viet Nam, to facilitate old OPERATION PHOENIX, and NSA gathers information through the Internet, where people self-report, as part of new OPERATION PHOENIX, through which they target and kill millions.

Information is the lifeblood of the Surveillance State, which is run by psychopathic mass murderers—pathetic losers who thwart, abuse, and kill each other, while they deliberately or incompetently fabricate and misread reports—and this stuff goes back further than Rome.

Check out the Tower of Babel, from which the Illuminati trace their descent, another masterpiece by the world’s greatest painter, Pieter Breughel, which you can find, in large format, if you click on the link below.

The Tower of Babel is not that different from the cellphone towers that the slaves of the Freemasons, and the Illuminati, use to broadcast signals into our heads, as they guide people from one continent to another through mind control.

In this it resembles the older GWEN system, or the developing satellite system, through which the New World Order will increase the number of operational satellites, in the next eight years, from about four thousand (4,000) to more than one hundred thousand (100,000).

Babylon is the place from which Zoroastrianism, which involves the luciferian rites of the Parsis, otherwise known as Jains, not to mention Judaism in its present form, and its successor religions, Christianity and Islam, derive.

Babylon is the place in which money was invented, in the form of the Shekel, so it makes sense that the enemy is directed by the central banks, which include the Federal Reserve.

The Creature from Jekyll Island, contained in the article above, exposes the plot, but the bankers also have some very weird beliefs, about which you can read in the book linked below.

The Illuminati and the Masons drive our government to spend more than it has, developing mind control programs, using technology like that in the one hundred patents linked below, which is used to broadcast signal to the cybernetic implants in our bodies.

They can put thoughts in your head, feelings in your heart, and words in your mouth, as they guide your body, and they shape your life, if you don’t know what’s going on.

That’s what was happening to me for many years, to the women in my life, and to the women who posed in Playboy.

What a coincidence that, the very night before the Sandy Hook Massacre, when children were killed, en masse, as part of OPERATION GLADIO C, through which they seek to destroy gun rights, I had what I took for a premonition, as I looked at another of Bruegel’s paintings, the Massacre of the Innocents, which you can find, in large format, if you click on the link below.

It involves, in small part, the manipulation of Mia Khalifa, a porn star promoted by the British Broadcasting Company, brought up as a Christian in Lebanon, a place controlled by CIA, who went to military school, made hijab porn, and posed as the Virgin Mary, as she was threatened by ISIS, before she gave her gun away in front of millions.

Like some of the lookalikes to the women I dated, Mia Khalifa, formerly known as Sarah Chamoun, might not be the first person you would expect the media to hold up as a sex symbol, so her prominence alone seems suspicious.

The imbecilic homosexual, Rick Creole, whom they sent against me, time after time, was actually so stupid that he told me, in advance, in a programming session, that he would put Rhodesia in the newspapers, and he broke into my house again, with his confederate, Ann, one year later, on the night of the Dylann Roof shooting, for which he took credit, as the shooter wrote his manifesto:  The Last Rhodesian.

Meanwhile, just as I was compiling photos of Playmates, and Christmas Carols, not to mention paintings, so I could write this article, an advertisement by a crisis actor, purporting to be the mother of a child killed at Sandy Hook, just so happened to appear, apropos of nothing, unrelated to any of my searches, at the beginning of a video on YouTube.

The stupid little shitboys who play with their video games, like the Gnomes in Schriever Air Force Base, playing with each other’s toys, in the Magic Mountain, actually think that I will take their obvious move as a Sign from God.

They tried similar nonsense, when I attended Pomona, with respect to a hurricane, while they tried to breed me with a descendant of John Wilkes Booth, back in 1988, and it didn’t work, even when I was asleep, but, like any addicts, the losers in the global intelligence community keep calling and raising, never folding, throwing good money after bad, while they borrow from the house.

If you think something is a Sign from God, it is most likely the satanic enemy, who serve the Prince of Lies, engaged in operations like PROJECT BLUE BEAM.

Don’t fall for it.

The enemy is insane, moronic, and self-destructive, so there is little sense in their actions, although, it is certainly part of the program to make others look crazy through Zersetzung techniques perfected by the East German Secret Police, or STASI, whose head, Markus Wolf, the Man without a Face, was hired as a consultant by the nascent Department of Homeland Security.

The satanic enemies of humankind constantly seek to lead others, including me, to mystical beliefs, which include not only the products of the New Age but those contained in World Religions.

Luciferians hold ridiculous beliefs, as they sacrifice living beings, according to their calendar, and each other, according to their soul contracts.

Jews, with their Kabbalah, share an interest in numerology, while their Homeland is modelled after Nazi Germany.

Muslims rape women in our streets, with objects, while they slice the clitorises from the bodies of their daughters, they deface our churches, and they demand our tolerance.

The Roman Catholic Church is a criminal organization, amassing trillions of dollars while it shelters child molesters, and the scum perform strange rites in the catacombs.

The Evangelical Protestants are chockerblock with deviants.

Svali, a bloodliner, an insider, and a programmer, has born witness to satanic practices within the Vatican.

Cisco Wheeler, whose grandfather’s brother was the Head of Joint Chiefs, has born witness to the manipulation of other Christians.

And, of course, the enemy’s weapons include New Age Beliefs, which, sadly, many Christians can spot as satanic, while they miss the manipulation of their own churches.

As Jesus might say, they should note the beam in their own eye not the mote in their neighbor’s.

Carl Jung was one writer whom the Tavistock Institute used against me, as they manipulated the Swiss psycho-analyst who heard voices in his head, and I gave his book to a descendant of John Wilkes Booth, the brainwashed assassin who killed President Lincoln, with whom they tried to breed me, first on Walpurgisnacht, and then on the Day of the Skulls.

Robertson Davies was another writer whom the Tavistock Institute used against me, as he wrote about painters, spies, and weird beliefs in books that were wildly popular during my days at Pomona, which Lady Rothschild and Roy Disney attended, before I gave copies to one friend connected to Royal Dutch Shell, and Malta, who believed the Virgin Mary spoke to him, and another friend in whose cabin I had my premonition of the mass shooting.

John Godolphin Bennett was a third man whom the Tavistock Institute used against me, who earlier served as the Head of British Military Intelligence, B Division, with responsibility for the entire Middle East, following the Armenian Genocide, before he embraced a series of flaky spiritual beliefs, as I learned the Gurdjieff Work from his former student, living in Israel, to whom I gave a Robertson Davies book.

Learn to spot the enemy’s moves.

You are not crazy.


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Our enemy depends on silence.


  1. That is interesting that a fairly popular classical group had a concert in small venue area. No doubt there was some kind of energy ritual taking place.

    I’ve had strange things happen with music, art and other media that I liked. However they don’t use it in my programming but for the masses. It’s very strange to see some thing that only I know I like suddenly become popular or pushed or have it be something a “media star” loves. At first I wrote it off to being paranoid. But it has happened so many times it is past the odds.

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