This afternoon, I was lying on the sofa, when I awoke, as I always do, to microwave attacks against my body.

The perverts were using directed energy weapons to sodomize me, as they do now, as they do all day, every day, while they seek to direct my attention, sexually, to women.


The physical attacks were accompanied by voice-to-skull, as I was forced to fight the enemy, in hive mind, as I do all day and every day.


If you don’t think this stuff is real, listen to Dr. Robert Duncan, a complete douchebag who works for DARPA and CIA, below, as he speaks of microwave harassment, cybernetic hive mind, and voice-of-god weapons.


My image-to-skull (I2K) and voice-to-skull (V2K) attacks included what the scum at NSA, DHS, CIA, USAF, and GCHQ take to be subliminal hypnotic suggestions where they threaten family members, and seek to induce me to drink alcohol, whose taste they ruin with cybernetic attacks.


The microwave harassment was further accompanied by forced speech, as the degenerates, who think they can fool or bully me, yelled through my mouth in what some would take for Tourette Syndrome.


Meanwhile, the scum themselves are fooled, bullied, and raped into submission—like the weaklings they are—-and the craven imbeciles actually believe that I will be tamed as they are tamed.


And meanwhile, my website, which you are now reading, has more than one million (1,622,738) hits and almost seven thousand (6,828) followers, with traffic coming from every country on earth, except five, but including military installations in Antarctica, Greenland, and Iran.

And my books, whose press releases you can find below, linking you to free copies, have roughly three thousand (3000) of each in circulation since their publication, only eight months ago, in March.


The scum actually want this.

It is worth it to them to die, and be tortured by their masters, as they fail to control me, as I teach and motivate others, and I drive them to their own destruction, all so they can put nasty tastes in my mouth, rape my body with their video games, and otherwise misbehave.

Bring it on!

When I woke from my nap, I saw the movie Tolkien was on television.


It’s a good film, which I featured in my open letter to my daughter, published below, when she disowned me, for my political activism, my changed personal attitude, and my recollection of abuse—typical for a brainwashed teenager living in a split household.


I would have liked to watch the film about Tolkien; but, since the scum make that impossible, preferring to attack me, let’s look, together, instead, at the famous author.

Ask yourself, as you should with any cultural phenomenon:  why are hobbits so popular?

You can ask similar questions about the Beatles.


You can ask similar questions about the Preppy Handbook.


You can ask similar questions about Rubik’s Cube.


And you can ask similar questions about all kinds of childrens books written by child molesters, freemasons, and intelligence agents like Lewis Carroll, J.M. Barrie, and Roald Dahl.


What catapults a book, a song, or anything into the public mind?

The Tavistock Institute!

Before there was Harry Potter, about whose use, by MI-7, you can read below, there were hobbits, dwarves, elves, and orcs.


Tolkien influenced other writers, virtually creating the genre of high fantasy, as readers are led to lose themselves in a dream world.

Meanwhile, the bad guys take over, enslaving humanity through their schemes, of which COVID-19 is only one.


It’s only part of the New Normal!


The real Sauron wants you to read about his false counterpart, while he places us under his thrall.

It’s a trick!

The whole thing is a distraction by trash who want to make us look foolish.

How sad that the same process was mirrored in Tolkien’s life.

Tolkien was a kinder version of Peter Pan, a boy who never grew up, heavily used for programming.


Tolkien was targeted throughout his life; but, unlike his contemporary, Ezra Pound, whom the enemy placed in an insane asylum for his political and economic views, as he attacked the international banking system, Tolkien never fought back.

The enemy killed his family, and his friends, while he retreated into a dream world.

Tolkien was born in South Africa, and he was as targeted as the republic.

Early in life, he was programmed, like us all, in sessions he forgot due to hypnotism, drugs, electro-shock, and amnesic walls (which the mind throws up to protect itself from trauma).


As he grew suddenly ill, from the drugs that were given to him, his family thought he had been bitten by a spider, but he had no memory of the event.

Likewise, he was taken off his family’s property by a young black servant, allegedly to show him off to his kraal, but, in reality, almost certainly so that he could be abused in programming sessions.

These sorts of anomalies, and strange family stories, form part of my books, and you can find similar clews in your own life, if you look.


It will help you to unravel your programming.

Since the homosexual cowards always seek to isolate women and children, as they did with me and my daughter, Tolkien’s father was poisoned, dying after he turned three, in what the family took for rheumatic fever.


His mother was brainwashed to join the Roman Catholic Church, itself a criminal organization, linked to mind control, which caused her family to cut her off financially, putting further stress on the young Tolkien.


Then they killed his mother, after he turned twelve, of what others mistook for diabetes.

John Tolkien fell in love with Edith Bratt, who lived in Cheltenham, which is the headquarters of GCHQ.

Later they would marry.

Meanwhile, he was dragged into World War One, which the Freemasons had staged, with the Illuminati, so they could make billions of dollars while they killed millions of people.

Tolkien’s best friends, like his parents, were killed because of the plot against humanity.


After his exposure to the horrors of the Somme, the conspirators sent Tolkien to England, where he spent three years in, and out of, military hospitals.

This provided the enemy with a further chance to implant Tolkien, with cybernetics, and to brainwash him, as the Tavistock Institute performed experiments on soldiers.


You can learn more in The Minds of Men.


The broken shell of a man took his first civilian job at the Oxford English Dictionary, where he worked on words beginning with the letter W.

Meanwhile, he studied dead languages like Latin, Anglo-Saxon, Gothic, Old Norse, and Medieval Welsh.

That’s when he wasn’t making up languages like Nevbosh.

Tolkien went on to teach at Oxford, where he worked on Beowulf.

Scholars had dismissed the work because it dealt with imaginary monsters while it ignored the real world.

Tolkien’s work, for which he is so famous, from the Lord of the Rings to the Hobbit, would follow the same pattern.


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  1. It’s unfortunate but LOTR was heavily used in programming. I have it as a narrative. In 2007 they reprogrammed me and tried to mix in Harry Potter. It only half way took. Not too long after I became disgusted with the whole series and avoided it.

    In regards to Tolkien, they used The Silmarillion. My mom purchased the series for me when I was about 10/11. I enjoyed it but I never became obsessed with it. After finishing the main series plus The Hobbit, I jumped into The Silmarillion. But I could never get past the first few pages. I would get bored, fall asleep or become confused as to what page I was on. I figured it was just me. Meanwhile it was programming trying to keep me away from it because it contained programming triggers. They created an aversion to it simply based on the cover of the book I owned. Which was rather lazy.

    Recently I picked up another version of it with another cover. I was able to read it. Yes, it did have triggers and I believe a great deal of my early programming was scripted on it.

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    1. Thanks for writing, and great spot!

      I had exactly the same experience with the Silmarillion. I loved the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, but I could not get through this other work. As you say, when something like that happens, and you are acting out of character, you are subject to a hypnotic suggestion, delivered by voice-to-skull.


      Sometimes the suggestion can be lifted, as you say, if you change the mix, or if you wait–you’ll just feel different as the enemy undo their own suggestions through sheer incompetence.

      Often, the enemy is just being mean or stupid, trying to keep you away from things you enjoy for no reason whatsoever; but, sometimes, as you say, they want you to stay away from something because it might bring back memories of programming. I had this experience with Robin Williams’s Jumanji and Susan Cooper’s Dark Is Rising, which I wanted to watch or read but found myself avoiding until I figured out what was going on.

      Another example, culture-wide, concerns The Godfather. Many don’t like any of it; but, as for those who do, they never like the third movie. Why? Because the third movie deals with real subjects that the cartel do not want us to see–i.e. the United Nations and the Vatican are international criminal organizations that make the mafia look small-time.



      Aside from changing the mix, waiting for a shift, or not caring, if it’s something important, you just have to do it whether “you” want to or not. Feeling disinclined to exercise is a perfect example, where the aversion (dislike) must simply be ignored.



  2. Hello, FightingMonarch.com

    First off, congrats and thanks for putting this impressive website together.
    I’m already finding it very useful in respect of my own investigations.
    Funnily enough, we’re virtually the same age.

    I want to link you to my own work re: programming and monarch in plain sight.
    I’m not sure how to go about it? I have not dealt with a direct victim of this programme (such as yourself), but I’ve personally been fighting against this wall of (complicit) mass media for 20 years. I am a little reticent to dive-in and outlay a wall of my own research – for fear of triggering, or whatever, etc. Can you advise? I mean this most sincerely. Perhaps I’m being too careful, but this is our first contact. Even if I say so myself – I don’t think there is anyone out there that is quite doing what I do in terms of mass media research. If so, I’ve yet to discover them.

    From my own POV. The Lord of the Rings is elite sponosred mass sodom programming. Ring Lords via Mounts and MIDDLE-earthing. The HOBB(it) – a form of the devil. The opening lines of The Hobbit are uber suspect in terms of crypto-sodomy (a key M.O.). Hence, why the director of the films is (deviant) SIR Peter ‘SODOMY SONG’ Jackson. “Two (Phallic) Towers via The Eye”. And “Return of the (Monarch) King”. “GET BACK” Jackson (sodom beatles), linked to ‘butterfly monarch’ via Heavenly ‘twinned trauma’ Creatures, etc. The films were from (mass homosexual programmer) Robert Shaye’s New Line. The same Shaye (see Tranny Chainsaw) who launched Freddie ‘homo icon’ Kreuger…the NANCIED/JESSIED (homo slang) “man of your dreams” (swoon) via Spring-Wood (you can work it out). U.S. mass media (and beyond), Hollywood/TV, etc. IS (masonic) mass sodom programming – on an industrial scale.

    My comment (above) may appear loaded in respect of citing output as sodom-centric (which it clearly is), but I’ve been doing this decoding for a very long time. I think my research speaks for itself.

    Anyway, I won’t carry-on. This is meant as a type of preview.
    It would be great to hear from you, but there is no pressure.

    Many thanks, and I wish you all the best.

    Horselover Phat.


  3. Sorry, but I just couldn’t help myself:

    Even the Tolkien book: “The Real J.R.R. Tolkien” is penned by a JESSE.
    GREEKED “Xander” = “defending men”. A Jessied defender of men.

    If you want a double pay-off – then see (pork/rogering and cock-pit) Lord of the FLIES (the sexual zipper kind). This is how it’s been done – cryptically. For if it was not done this way, it would be too readily apparent. Therefore, not workable for mass homosexual/deviant brainwashing purposes. I mean this primarily in the ‘macro’ sense of programming.

    It’s no wonder that (masonic-sodom Nazi-Jew) Illuminati/monarch Kubrick (see The ‘chopper’ Shining via monarch King, etc.), a crypto homo-programmer and deviant of the highest order, wanted to make ‘Lord of the Rings’ via The (sodom) Beatles. The “Fixing A-Hole” band via dirt-hole digging (Sgt. ‘Crowley No.2’ Pepper). Lords of the Ring-O (O-Ring). A DICK STAR-KEY Jew via the RING-O STAR(r) – sodomy. APPLE of Sodom, original sin via the (phallic) snake, see Genesis. Most of this uber deviant mass programming is via JEWS who dominate the programming industry (see their control freak mass media, and control freak religion). Sodom Freemasonry IS Jewish kabbalism – The End. DICK/RING-O’s first wife was a COX (Cocks). Not forgetting MEN-LOVE (via homo Warhol), Lennon, etc. Managed by a homosexual (Jew Epstein), and whose record company (military) EMI/Capitol was headed by homosexual Sir Joeseph Lock-Wood. APPLE ‘homo’ FRUITS.

    “Show business – is an extension of the (masonic/satanic-sodom) Jewish religion.” see Lennon/McCartney, July 1966.

    I noted that there is a link to McCartney and your goodself via his Fool on the Hill.
    He was the real force behind (satanic) Sgt. Pepper and via masonic Etonian homosexual, swinging Fraser. McCartney’s International Times (paper) was shut-down due to its running of (illegal) homosexual contact ads. McCartney’s linked Indica bookshop was within spitting distance of the 33° Supreme Council Building, W1 London. In MASON’S Yard. Yes, really. Ahem. The brotherhood of buggery.

    You should see what I did with their (Hollywood’s) rancid ‘Citizen Kane,’ beloved by so many in the JEW industry. I completely destroyed it for the sodom filth that it is – and has always been.

    The god of the Jews is Lucifer/Satan (saturnic black cube) – just as it is in Jewish Freemasonry.
    The Ashkenazim/Khazar Jews that completely own, run, and dominate the Jew. S. of A.
    See Illuminati Rothschild’s impostor Israel.

    Apologies if you find any of this to be offensive.


    1. Thanks for writing.

      IMHO, it sounds like you’re on to something, and, although I like “his” music, I was particularly interested in the facts you offer about Paul (Faul).

      The enemy is certainly perverse, and they certainly go for this kind of signalling.

      I would say, though, that there are good Jewish people, who have nothing to do with this, and the enemy wants the resistance to be anti-semitic, so that we discredit ourselves. Dropping the J-Bomb may drive people away, as it encourages otherwise-open-minded Jews to circle the wagons around bad guys.

      The enemy uses other racial or ethnic groups, and particularly other religions, too. Many of the enemy purport to be Christian–witness the Bush Family. The Rockefellers started off as Baptists, and I believe Cisco Wheeler has written about the enemy’s use of evangelicals. Even the Church of England seems suspect, and I suspect the Vatican lay behind Calvinism in Switzerland, just as the Masons lay behind Quakerism in Pennsylvania. I have touched on the enemy’s connection with the Parsis, who seem plainly luciferian. And the Muslims with their abuse of women seem to practice a religion that was satanic from its inception. Zionist, Freemason, and Illuminati seem better labels–not to mention Nazi–just as I would say “Vatican,” or “Jesuit,” for example, rather than “Roman Catholic.”

      Otherwise, I would note that although the enemy are certainly woman-hating homosexuals, there are good people who have been programmed to homosexuality, and no more, just as some men have been programmed to go for women with large breasts, or blonde hair, or some ladies have been programmed to go for guys in a band, and so on.


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