For roughly two years, I have been taken with Ukrainian culture, as I listen to Cossack music, watch Cossack swordplay, and drink vodka.

This interest has been spurred by mind control, since the New World Order controls not only the television but the internet.

The internet was made by DARPA, and it is nothing but a mind control device.

That’s why video after video promoting the culture of the Ukraine has appeared, when you could find nothing similar on any other former Soviet Socialist Republic.

The Tavistock Institute lies behind it all.

They have been firing up the Cossacks, while they interest people like me, but now they want to repackage them, calling them Ukrainians, as they put down Russia, whom many Ukrainians welcome as a liberator.

Many people in the Ukraine are cheering at the arrival of Russian troops to depose the government that has attacked them.

There is a reason why the wrongful government of the Ukraine, which persecutes Russians, has placed large parts of its country under martial law.

The Ukrainian Government would not do this unless they knew that their people supported Russia.

They know the free people of the Ukraine, the Cossacks, would join with their liberators from Russia, so they use their army to put them on shut-down, while they forcibly conscript men as old as sixty.

Cossack means the free people, who call themselves, and expect to be called, Cossack!

Something’s going on, as interest in the Cossacks, and their culture, builds, while the map changes, and the news tries to build sympathy for the Ukrainians while it attacks the Russians.

The enemy is playing games, as we have experienced a Cossack Renaissance in the years before a war broke out in their home country.

What lies behind the resurgence of Cossack sword-play?

What lies behind the resurgence of Cossack horse-riding?

What lies behind the resurgence of Cossack singing?

Through mind control, these warlike people are being revved up.

That’s why we see outstanding films honoring Taras Bulba a/k/a The Conqueror.

It’s even better than the earlier version, with Yul Brynner, based on the book by Nikolai Gogol, while all tell the story of the Ukrainians’ fight against Western and Turkish Empires.

And here, too, is another version of Taras Bulba, which you can watch, for free, below.

The Story of the Cossacks is about their fight against Poland, which now belongs to NATO.

The Story of the Cossacks is about their fight against Turkey, which now belongs to NATO.

The Story of the Cossacks is about their unity with Russia, which prepares to fight NATO.

The Story of the Cossacks is about their fight against the Jews, who not only financed the attempts to enslave them but also created the genocide against them, Holodomor, while the Jews smear these brave and heroic people.

The Cossacks are in the limelight, as they rediscover their warlike culture!

The Ukraine belongs to Russia, as it has for hundreds of years, so the Cossacks will fight again, for Russia, once they are properly reabsorbed into their larger homeland.

The brave and beautiful people of the Ukraine are being revved up to fight World War Three, so their virtues can be used by people behind the scenes to destroy their traditional enemies, as they side with their friends, in part of a larger scheme.

But first the New World Order wants us to feel sympathy for the Cossacks, so they repackage them as the Ukrainians, who are supposed not to like the Russians, and who are supposed to welcome interference from their traditional enemies (a) in NATO, which includes Poland and Turkey, and (b) in the world media, which is run by the Jews.

The only reason we are suddenly hearing about the killing of millions of Cossacks, in Holodomor, which was covered up for almost one hundred years, is that NATO wants to create popular support for its opposition to the union of Russia and Ukraine, so it can build up troops along the borders, while, at the same time, the forces behind the scenes, which work to create World War Three, in order to drive us to One World Government, not only want NATO to be militaristic, as they provoke and react to threats from Russia, but they want the Ukrainians, who rediscover their warlike history as Cossacks, which involves their traditional support of Russia, to be militaristic.

In different ways, the media is revving up both sides.

MI-7 is using the radio, the television, and the internet, while CIA employs OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD.

In the coming years, Greater Russia will launch a fight planned by the New World Order, to destroy Israel, as they take out Turkey, the only muslim ally of Israel, which belongs to NATO.

Cossack culture, like Cossack history, supports this goal.

It is only a matter of time before the Ukraine, which has belonged to Russia for hundreds of years, where the Cossacks speak Russian, and have served proudly as the best units in the Russian Army, is reabsorbed into all the Russias, along with Belarus, as the Cossacks launch attacks against the Turks and the Jews.

That is the plan of the New World Order, which lies behind NATO, and plays both sides against the middle, as they plot the destruction of Israel—a state they created for this purpose.

They will use PROJECT BLUE BEAM to make it look like biblical prophecy, as they paint the coming war, still years away, in not only cultural but also religious terms.

One of many moves in the Great Game, still played on the world chessboard, by the Freemasons, using Russia and England, is the resurgence of interest in the Cossacks.


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  1. Reading from Fiji. Thank you. Love your work
    Blessing to you and your family
    I pray the real God of our savoiur keep u and your family safe.
    Stay strong. I appreciate every word u share
    I never belive the main stream media
    The Lord has been good to me.
    I don’t have a job and jot much
    But I have lots of prayers.
    Thank so much again. 🌺





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