The Canary Islands are beautiful, and they’re super cheap, but you should never visit them.

The Canary Islands are a programming center run by military intelligence, where people are kidnapped and drugged so they don’t even remember what was done to them.

I grew up with a mysterious attraction to the Canary Islands, while you can learn more about my childhood programming in my first book, available, for free, below.

I was drugged and programmed at the same soccer camp as Playmate of the Year Marilyn Lange, who became the first woman drafted by the North American Soccer League.

Playmate Kerri Kendall, who features in my second book, was lured to England and then to the Canaries, since they offered a cheap and beautiful place to live.

It’s like the way I was lured to England and then to the Blue Ridge Mountains, as they offered a cheap and beautiful place to live, something you can read about in my third book.

I lived next to a palace that provided a secret meeting place for the New World Order, while a deep underground military base lay beneath my house, and a cult occupied the palace, and a castle sat next door, but I never knew a thing.

It’s kind of like the tunnels under the Playboy Mansion.

Military intelligence took me out of my house, attempted to program me, and I lost time due to memory-blockers like hyoscine.

It’s the same on the Canary Islands, a cheap vacation spot where you will lose track of time.

Deep underground military bases lie under mountains like Hacha Grande.

The secret bases go back hundreds of years, since the lava tubes in Mount Teide gave the enemy an easy way into the mountains.

Also, there are natural caves in which people lived two thousand years ago.

Roque de los Muchachos stands eight thousand feet tall, and it clearly hides a secret military installation.

It has some of the world’s largest telescopes, while NASA and ESA, which use satellites in their attempts to control the earth, maintain a presence.

The Instituto de Enfermedades Tropicales (“Institute of Tropical Diseases”) is one of the seven institutions of the Red de Investigación de Centros de Enfermedades Tropicales (RICET, “Network of Research of Centers of Tropical Diseases”), as it makes bioweapons like the coronavirus.

The use of that virus by the deep state to effect a reset and drive people to forced vaccinations, while it was created at Fort Detrick, is something I predicted on this website before the shutdown even happened.

General Franco set up concentration camps in the Canary Islands, during the Forgotten War, while West Sahara is the world’s second largest producer of phosphate, which has all kinds of uses.

No wonder West Sahara is one of only three countries that does not visit my website.

Spitsbergen, or Svalbard, home to weather weapons and secret military installations, is another.

And I could care less about the third:  North Korea.

No wonder the Canary Islands were featured as the location of the Village in the Prisoner, where you can learn everything you need to know about mind control.

The Canary Islands are strongly associated with four different magic days on the luciferian calendar.

The Pyramids of Güímar align to the Summer and Winter Solstices, two of the four solar days in the luciferian calendar, while they were built by Freemasons, and the Canaries also evoke two of the four quarter days in the luciferian calendar.

To make another Norman Conquest, Jean de Béthencourt sailed for the Canaries on May Day, Beltane, or Walpurgisnacht, before he was made King of the Canary Islands.

Look at his obvious cybernetic implant, as people were often implanted in the Middle Ages.

Meanwhile, the Virgin of Candelaria is the patron saint of the islands, and her feast falls on the quarter day known as Imbolc, Candlemas, or Groundhog Day.

The Virgin of Candelaria is syncretized with Chaxiraxi, the Sun Mother.

The Virgin of Candelaria is syncretized with Nkisi Ndandalunda.

And the Virgin of Candelaria is syncretized with Kali.

Kali is a Death Goddess.

And she demands human sacrifices.

The Roman Catholic Church runs the Canary Islands, as it stands behind the plot against all life. 

St. Ignatius of Loyola College, Las Palmas, is a Jesuit school, on Gran Canaria, and the Jesuits have been involved in spycraft and torture since their founding.

In many ways, the Canary Islands are like Malta, with connections to the Deep State, the Catholic Church, satanism masquerading as paganism, and plenty of gang signs.

Don’t go there.


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  1. The Canary Islands is where Scientology L. Ron Hubbard was “staying” (assigned) when he came up with the infamous “OT III” secret higher level of Scientology in 1967. Hubbard became addicted to drugs there for a time, and then launched the religious order, Sea Organization” which maintains tight control of all Scientology. There are ample clues to Hubbard’s life-long involvement with intelligence (groomed by Naval Intelligence Commander Thompson at the age of 12 regarding Freudian psychoanalysis), but this particular assignment nearly wrecked his mind, driving him to the brink of insanity, and brought about the authoritarian cult of $cientology that practices its own insidious mind control on its followers to this day.

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  2. One of uncles by marriage was a hot shot in the finance world he even knew the big man himself Bill Gates. He said that the Canary Islands is where all the real big players funnel their cash. He went to Oxford and was partner of one of the big firms at one point before being forced out. I only met him a handful of times though.


  3. The only time i ever visited The Canary Islands was back in June 2001. The Island was Gran Canaria ,with a few friends for a holiday.
    One evening as we were making our way through a dining/shopping/ entertainment complex, i was witness to the most brutal act of violence that I’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter.
    A Club ‘Rep’ whom was leading a tour of well behaved mostly British and female tourists to bars and clubs etc, was attacked for no apparent reason by a complex ‘security guard’ with a huge baton.
    The poor rep ended up on the floor with his head split wide open and one of his eyeballs hanging below his cheek. As we were men and not mice we chased said guard, however to our amazement there was a car waiting for him at the exit of the complex and they sped off.
    The same evening one of my friends later, completely out of character decided he wasn’t going to take a cab back to our apartments with us, stayed out and woke up on the pavement the next morning with his wallet, mobile phone and watch missing. We almost forcibly tried to coerce him to return with us but to no avail.
    The owner of the apartments also tried confiscating our passports, however he appeared to be a hopeless alcoholic, the retrieval of passports was thankfully cartoonishly simple. When the flight back home grounded a group sense of relief was felt. Never again, there’s something wrong with that resort .Having travelled extensively throughout the world, i found this to be the one place i would never visit ever again.

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