Cybernetics and radio transmission are regularly used to transmit ideas to people, as they think the ideas are intuition, inspiration, or visualization.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro-LinguistIc Formulae (NLF) invariably accompany Voice-to-Skull (V2K).

I have written about it in my second book, where I discuss the use of mind control at a boarding school in England.

I have written about it in my third book, where I discuss the use of mind control at a palace in Virginia.

And there’s probably something in my first book, which you can also download, for free, below.

For those who haven’t the time or inclination to read my books,

Shame on you!

But, nonetheless, to give you the SparkNotes, I have linked my article on the brain-waving of ideas to scientists, and mystics, below.

The imbeciles behind these attacks cannot resist giving themselves away, so they leave stupid gang signs, clues, and tells at the scenes of their crimes.

This accounts for catch-phrases like “it’s not rocket science” or “it’s not brain surgery,” while the one thing these practices have in common is the brain-waving of ideas through radio, cybernetics, and mind control.

So why do you think people say, when they have an idea,

I just had a brainwave….

It’s not a conspiracy theory.

It’s mind control.


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11 thoughts on “BRAINWAVES!”

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  2. Can you suggest method for restore correct sleeping in MK ULTRA? I have some issues with sleeping the whole 8 hours cycle.


    1. They are constantly disrupting my sleep. I simply exercise a lot, and I sleep whenever I can. Today I was able to sleep twelve hours, and even take a nap in the afternoon, but, for many days last week, they had me up at 2:30 a.m., so I sprung out of bed and worked. If they are leaving you alone, sleep as much as possible regardless of the time of day. Then, when they are attacking you, get to work!

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  3. Totally out of topic, but why do they talk so much about the titanic? Why the media never forgets it? Was it really an “accident”? What’s the real importance of that?


    MK DELTA survivor Booke Federline

    shares the information

    Follow your intuition

    Abuse deliberately attempts to take away our inner guidance

    Trusting inner wisdom & this sacred feedback loop, is our greatest shield of protection from programming & mind control

    The feminine, right brain is targeted in MK programming through abuse to the left side of the body (left body connects to right brain), death experiences & drugging

    It is far more difficult for programmers to access the right brain. The heart is connected to the intuitive right brain & may even be stopped to access

    Programming over intuition, is frequently held in place by demonics that cause dissociation, or a reactive state to push away truth

    When we say things like, ‘this always happens to me’, it may reveal a programmed trauma trigger. These trauma circuits, disconnect us from our inner knowing, keeping old emotional & thought patterns active

    When we become the observer we step outside the pull of emotional patterns. By living consciously in every moment we become free

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