The space program has been remarkably free from fatalities.

nasa safety

Except Gus Grissom that is.  Virgil Ivan Grissom was the most popular of the astronauts and the most outspoken critic of the space program.  

grissom cowboy

There was no way the bad guys were going to let someone like Lieutenant Colonel Grissom walk around, exposing their lies and incompetence, so they took him out.

sniper scope

Gus Grissom was the third person to fly in space, and NASA tried to kill him on his first flight.  After he splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean, his capsule’s hatch mysteriously blew open.  He was lucky to survive the attempt on his life, jumping into choppy waters as the spacecraft began to sink, water filled his heavy space suit, and a helicopter airlifted the drowning hero.

 It was later proven that Grissom did not blow the hatch, but the government smeared the brave astronaut, claiming he had panicked and ruined their property.  Meanwhile the Secret Service placed him and his family under watch. 

grissom airlift

Grissom was not only a hero of great integrity but a family man who loved to spend a quiet evening at home.  Despite a hectic schedule, he worked while his children slept, so he could play with them, just as I did during my daughter’s childhood.  He hunted, fished, skied, and spent time on the water with his family.  He also shared his concerns, openly and honestly, with his wife, saying, if there were ever a serious accident at NASA, it would probably involve him.  Like me, his family believe conspirators murdered him. 

grissom family

Training for Apollo I, as foul smells emerged from his oxygen system and communications failed, Grissom asked, “How are we going to get to the moon if we can’t talk between two or three buildings?”  He called the module a bucket full of screws, and he picked a lemon from his backyard, tying it to the spacecraft as a joke.  Unauthorized, he held an impromptu press conference, criticizing the space program, in which he said it would take another ten years to fly to the moon.

nasa lemon

Working with NASA and USAF, CIA assassinated Lieutenant Colonel Grissom.  During an onground simulation, a spark under his seat ignited a fire that engulfed the entire capsule.  NASA claimed the fire burned toxic chemicals, causing the astronauts to die within a minute.  Some say cyanide gas was employed against the men.  Others say the crew struggled to open the hatch for a full five minutes.  Whether they burned alive or whether the fire covered the use of poison remains an open question.

Thomas Ronald Baron, a quality control and safety inspector for North American Aviation, the primary contractor to build the death trap, wrote a fifty-five-page report detailing the shortcomings of the space program.  He testified to Congress that, under then-current circumstances at NASA, we would never make it to the moon.  After Grissom’s murder, Baron worked to expand his report to five hundred pages.  That week, CIA killed him and his family, too, when a train struck their car.

CIA set out to smear Baron, just as they had smeared Grissom.  Performing no autopsy, the government claimed that the program’s strongest critic had raced his car across the tracks, that he was mentally unstable, and that he was trying to commit suicide as he drove with his wife and his step-daughter.  Then they destroyed his longer report.

No one asked questions about Grissom or Baron, while CIA brands critics as “conspiracy theorists,” a term coined in their memo regarding the Kennedy assassination, “Countering Criticism of the Warren Report.”


That’s how you’re branded if you point out that NASA was run by Nazi war criminals like Dr. Wernher von Braun, who were spirited out of Germany as part of OPERATION PAPERCLIP.


Like Braun’s crimes at Peenemunde, we need to expose the lies about the moon landing.  Do you really think this jalopy could fly to the moon?

I Dream of Jeannie: The Fake Moon Landing, Microwave Harassment, & Sexual Slavery

lunar lander

Gus Grissom didn’t think so.  That’s why they killed him.


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