I have recently written about the War on Christmas, through which the satanists that call themselves the Illuminati–not to mention their dogs at CIA, NSA, and Tavistock–seek to destroy an otherwise wholesome holiday, and they use t.v. to do it.

mockingbird copy

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is particularly unwholesome with its depiction of playground bullying moving to a “happy ending” where the reindeer use a formerly rejected misfit because he has something they want.  The show alludes to marionette training under CIA’s PROJECT MONARCH, and it was sponsored by a defense contractor.

CIA’s Satanic War on Christmas – Rudolph and Marionette Training

Love Actually is another offender.  This film runs on television all year long, as CIA attempts to pollute our holidays.

The film begins with a reference to 9/11 by Hugh Grant.  According to the movie, the attacks on the Twin Towers should make us feel “the world is full of love.” 

In reality, on September 11, 2001, under CIA OPERATION GLADIO B, satanic conspirators staged a false flag attack on the World Trade Center, starting the so-called War on Terror, in which they destroyed our liberties, and the War in Afghanistan, where they have spent $1,000,000,000,000.00 over 18 years to destroy Afghanistan while they extract heroin from the Golden Crescent, which is the largest opium-producing region in the world.

Learn More about CIA’s Heroin Wars

But let’s look at some of the stories in the film.  

sherlock holmes laptop computer silhouette in studio on white background

One concerns a washed up rock star, a heroin addict leading a hollow life, who recycles an old song, which he calls a “festering turd of a record.”  He promotes the “crap” song in the hope that it will become the number one Christmas hit, and the shallow public buys it.  As a happy ending, Billy Mack performs his song “stark naked on t.v. on Christmas Eve” before he returns to the manager he calls “Chubs,” and “the ugliest man in the world,” so they can “get drunk and watch porn.”  That’s how he celebrates Christmas.

Did you notice how he flashes masonic handsigns at the end of the scene?

Illuminati, Masonic, and Satanic Hand Signs


Meanwhile, another character, Harry, cheats on his wife, Karen, with his secretary, Mia, who wears a devil costume, dancing with him and offering to have extra-marital sex, while lewd paintings hang in the background.  One is a large ugly picture of a topless woman cupping her breasts to present oddly colored red nipples, but not showing her face, while another is a row of people’s asses.  What a Christmas party!

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of England, played by Hugh Grant, watches a young female member of his staff, Natalie, appear in a compromising position with a libidinous President of the United States.  The prime minister moves the hapless girl to another job.  Doubtless fearing she will be fired, she sends him a card to say she belongs to him.  The prime minister stalks his subordinate to her home, and he kisses her with greater passion than the president.  Presumably, he will be having sex with this office employee.

Love Actually - David and Natalie After Kissing

Especially given Hugh Grant’s arrest for soliciting prostitutes, the whole thing reminds me of pedophile and rapist Bill Clinton, President of the United States, who engaged in extra-marital sexual activities with an intern, Monica Lewinsky, when he was 49 and she was 22.  Look at the picture above and the picture below, and tell me they don’t look similar.

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

In another subplot, Sarah finally connects with a long unrequited love, when her brother wrecks their tryst by calling from a mental hospital.  You know?  The kind of mental hospital in which you end up if you oppose the deep state or in which you may have been implanted with cybernetics under MK-ULTRA.

MK-ULTRA – Cybernetics and the Minds of Men

More on Cybernetics and Mental Hospitals

Microwave Harassment, Mind Control, Misdiagnosis, and Mental Hospitals

Another subplot contains another “happy ending” where Colin travels to America.  There he meets three promiscuous bisexual women, Stacey, Jeannie, and Carol-Anne, who sleep naked together in a single-bed, and invite him home for sex the night they meet at a bar.  Compared to their room-mate Harriet, the bar sluts are shy.

Another subplot involves John and Judy, who, as their jobs, strip naked to engage in simulated intercourse.  This has ruined their sex lives so they are shy off-set.

Love Actually John and Judy

Overall, there are some touching moments in the film, and I find the story of Jamie and Aurélia moving; but these are buried in a sea of smut, where bad behavior is accepted, and a slough of nonsense where people run through security in post-911 airports while the prime minister does not have access to the home addresses of his staff.  This is not the world we live in.

love actually - sexy women

And it’s certainly not Christmas.


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