On February 23, 2019, Natacha Jaitt was found dead.  She lay naked in a bed at the Xanadu nightclub on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.  Cocaine, LSD, and liquor were in her system, but those closest to her insist she no longer did drugs.

natacha jaitt

Jaitt was a well known media personality in Argentina, on t.v. and radio, and she had worked as a model, actress, and escort.  She also modeled for Playboy, where blackmail, rape, and child molestation go on behind the scenes.

The Playboy Mansion, Blackmail, & Rape

Playboy, Satanic Cartel Signaling, & the Computerization of Women


Jaitt was a forty-one-year-old mother of two children, and she had threatened to expose a pedophile ring among Argentina’s elite.  Back in April 2018, she predicted the scum who traffic children would do her in.

I will not commit suicide.  I won’t be bought off or drown in a bathtub, nor will I shoot myself in the head.  So, if that happens, IT WASN’T ME.  Save this tweet.

Jaitt Tweet 1

Jaitt had evidence that local celebrities, politicians, religious figures, actors, and television producers were involved in child abuse, trafficking, and prostitution; and she received many death threats.

 Shortly before she died, Jaitt accused film director Pablo Yotich of raping her. 

pablo yotich

Speaking of Jaitt’s murder, Alejandro Cipolla, an Argentine lawyer, said, “I do not believe that it was because of previous accusations she made. I believe it is because she wanted to reveal something else, something new.”  Jaitt’s brother Ulises thought the same.  Her death occurred two weeks before she was to testify in court.

Who killed Natacha Jaitt? Agents of the Vatican.


In April 2018, Natacha Jaitt spoke with Artyom Reshetnyak about La Alameda Foundation, saying this purported human rights group traffics children from Argentina to the Vatican.

Like Jaitt, Reshetnyak received death threats for his work to expose human trafficking.  One group associated with the Vatican is La Alameda, which sells drugs to children, and pimps them, while it takes out the competition.  The Stolen Children Network, which also claims it helps children, works in league with La Alameda to kidnap children whom it sells for sex.  The Solidarity Network, run by Juan Carr, pretends to look for missing children while it actually kidnaps children, selling them as sex slaves.  Headquarters is in the northern part of Argentina, but the human trafficking network has an international reach to Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Spain, Italy, and the Vatican.

As usual, there’s a big demand for blonde children.  FBI Special Agent Ted Gunderson once said, as he exposed human trafficking by the CIA, a blonde child will fetch as much as fifty thousand dollars at auction.  Likewise, I once saw a blonde teenage girl trafficked through my house by a CIA handler, who claimed to be her father.

FBI Special Agent Ted Gunderson, His Fight against the CIA, PROJECT MONARCH, and the Ritual Abuse of Children

Pornography, Masturbation, & Why To Avoid It

The sexual abuse of children underlies the Deep State, and it underlies the Vatican.

Child Sexual Abuse Underlies the Deep State: A Conspiracy of Silence

Natacha Jaitt may have been a prostitute, but she was a hero.  She accused Justo Gustavo Vera, an associate of Pope Francis, of involvement in a child sex-trafficking ring operating in junior division soccer clubs, calling him a pedophile.

In October 2019, Jaitt accused Gustavo Vera, a friend of Pope Francis, of sex crimes.  She tweeted then,

Justo Gustavo Vera, is a pimp, sex-trafficker, and accomplice of the Pope and, as I predicted, was tried for misappropriation of funds at Alameda and other illegal acts.  God will do what is just, someday. Amen.

pope with vero

Vera operates Alameda, and he has attended various conferences at the Vatican, including one that dealt with child sex trafficking.  It’s perfect cover for someone who is a child trafficker himself.

And, as for his friend Pope Francis, whose real name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio, let’s take a closer look.

pope child

The Pope covered up child abuse by Julio Grassi, an Argentinian priest serving fifteen (15) years in jail for abusing teenage boys.  Grassi embezzled funds from The Happy Children Foundation, which served as a front for the abuse of children.  He first served as a priest at Don Bosco, but the Pope moved him as allegations began to surface.  The Pope sent Grassi to a parish in Buenos Aires where he had unfettered access to impoverished children who did not have the resources to challenge him.  During his trial, many of his accusers were physically and verbally attacked at the direction of the Pope.  Although Grassi is serving fifteen (15) years for child abuse, the church refuses to defrock him.  Rather than apologizing to victims, the Bishop of Rio Negro, Monsignor Marcelo Cuenca Revuelta, said publicly that Grassi, whose guilt had been confirmed by two appeals courts, is “completely innocent.”

In his capacity as president of the Argentine Bishops’ Conference, the Pope approved the hiring of a leading criminal defense lawyer and legal scholar, Marcelo Sancinetti, to investigate Grassi’s accusers.  They produced a thousand-page report, attempting to exonerate Grassi and deny or downplay his sexual abuse of children, sending it to judges who had yet to make a decision on the case.

Bishop Accountability published a detailed summary, with linked sources, of the Grassi case:

Bishop Accountability: Summary of the Grassi Case (online)

Bishop Accountability: Summary of the Grassi Case (archived)


Rubén Pardo was another Argentinian priest, who died of AIDS, and abused teenage boys.  He convinced a fifteen-year-old boy’s mother to let her son sleep over at his rectory.  Then, he raped the boy, Gabriel Ferrini, who reported the crime to his mother, Beatriz Varela.  Bishop Luis Stöckler told her, “Be merciful with persons who choose celibacy as a vocation because they have moments of weakness.”  Mrs. Varela ignored this obscene request, and she brought the case before the Church Tribunal, where Pardo confessed his crime.  Still, the Pope’s diocese argued that the boy’s mother was partly responsible for his rape because she let him stay overnight at the rectory.  After a long fight, the diocese paid the family 155,000 pesos, and the church paid for the boy’s psychiatric expenses after he attempted suicide.  The pedophile rapist priest, Pardo, never received any punishment from the government or the church.

The Pope hid the rapist in Condarco 581, a home for retired priests, in Flores, a neighborhood of Buenos Aires, while the diocese told the victim’s mother they had no idea where Pardo was.  In Flores, under the Pope’s protection, the rapist pedophile priest Pardo taught school, and he heard confessions of children.  When Marco Tossati, a journalist, tried to draw attention to the case, the Pope’s “security guards” threatened him.

Bishop Accountability published a detailed summary, with linked sources, of the Pardo case:

Bishop Accountability: Summary of the Pardo Case (online)

Bishop Accountability: Summary of the Pardo Case (archived)


Father Mario Napoleón Sasso was assigned to work with children even though he was a known abuser who was later sentenced to seventeen years in prison.  As The Washington Post reported,

After local parishioners accused Father Mario Napoleón Sasso of molesting children in a poor, rural province of eastern Argentina in the early 1990s, he was sent to a private rehabilitation center for wayward clergy, La Domus Mariae (the House of Mary), north of Buenos Aires.  He lived for two years at the center and was then reassigned to work in a soup kitchen for poor children in a town outside the capital.  There, he went on to sexually abuse girls as young as three.

The Vatican told the families to be patient, as they offered rosaries blessed by the Pope to the parents of the little girls raped by Father Sasso.  They asked to see Pope Francis, then Cardinal Bergoglio, but he never responded to their plea for help.

Bishop Accountability published a detailed summary, with linked sources, of the Sasso case:

Bishop Accountability: Summary of the Sasso Case (online)

Bishop Accountability: Summary of the Sasso Case (archived)


Brother Fernando Picciochi molested thirteen-year-old Sebastián Cuattromo and another seventh-grade student on a camping trip and at the Marianista de Caballito School.  The parents of another boy reported attempted sexual abuse to Picciochi’s superior, Luis Casalá, but the church did nothing.  Years later, Picciochi was finally sentenced to twelve years in prison for the sexual abuse of five children.  Cuattromo tried to reach out to Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, but he got the run-around.

Bishop Accountability published a detailed summary, with linked sources, of the Picciochi case:

Bishop Accountability: Summary of the Picciochi Case (online)

Bishop Accountability: Summary of the Picciochi Case (archived)


Bergoglio, who calls himself Pope Francis, was Archbishop of Buenos Aires from 1998 to 2013 and President of the Argentine Bishops’ Conference from 2005 to 2011, and he did nothing, absolutely nothing, to fight sexual abuse.

Why? Because he was in on it.  The Jesuit child rapist was just too clever to get caught.  But we can catch him in his lies.

pope laughing

Abuse by priests is rarely reported, although it is a worldwide problem.

worldwide catholic child abuse

Survivors report rape by priests even less in Argentina because scum like Bergoglio run the show.  Nonetheless, despite the efforts of cover-up artists like Bergoglio to protect child molesters, Bishop Accountability published a database of more than seventy (70) sex criminals who held church offices in Argentina, with at least nine (9) still holding church offices.  The actual number is estimated to be something closer to seven hundred (700) sex criminals hiding under cassocks in the Pope’s old diocese.

 Bishop Accountability: Database of Pedophile Priests in Argentina (online)

Bishop Accountability: Database of Pedophile Priests in Argentina

pope laughing 2

Despite all these crimes, Bergoglio, who calls himself Pope Francis, released no documents, no names of accused priests, no tallies of accused priests, and no policy for handling abuse.  He never made an apology to victims, and he denied the problem.  As Bergoglio wrote in his book, On Heaven and Earth,

In my diocese it never happened to me, but a bishop called me once by phone to ask me what to do in a situation like this and I told him to take away the priest’s faculties, not to permit him to exercise his priestly ministry again, and to initiate a canonical trial.

What a liar.  And now this child abuser and cover-up artist purports to speak for Catholics.

pope smile

You can read more about sexual abuse by priests in Argentina and the Pope’s role in these crimes, at least what we know of it, at Bishop Accountability.

Bishop Accountability: Pope Francis and Clergy Sexual Abuse in Argentina (online)

Bishop Accountability: Pope Francis & Clergy Sexual Abuse in Argentina (Archived)

You can read more in the following article about the implication of the Pope in the sexual abuse of deaf orphans.

Pope Implicated In The Sexual Abuse Of Deaf Orphans (online)

Pope Implicated In the Sexual Abuse Of Deaf Orphans (archived)

pope abuse sign language

You can read more at Life Site, which has published several articles on the Pope’s crimes.

LifeSite: Pope Francis’ Commitment To Sex Abuse Reform Is Nonexistent (online)

LifeSite: Pope Francis’ Commitment To Sex Abuse Reform Is Nonexistent (archived)

LifeSite: Francis Ignored & Covered Up Child Abuse (online)

LifeSite: Francis Ignored & Covered Up Child Abuse (archived)

LifeSite: Pope Attacked & Stonewalled Victims of Child Sexual Abuse (online)

LifeSite: Pope Attacked & Stonewalled Victims of Child Sexual Abuse (archived)

LifeSite: Pope Francis Didn’t Just Cover Up For McCarrick (online)

LifeSite: Pope Francis Didn’t Just Cover Up For McCarrick (archived)


You can read more in The Dictator Pope, by Henry Sire, excerpted here.

LifeSite: Excerpts From The Dictator Pope (online)

LifeSite: Excerpts From The Dictator Pope (archived)

Dictator Pope Picture

No wonder the Jesuit is flashing devil’s horns, a masonic sign used by the Illuminati, in the picture below.

pope devil horns

You can read more about Illuminati handsigns, and satanic cartel signaling, in my articles below, or at Vigilant Citizen, which I recommend.

Vigilant Citizen: Pictures of the Month

Mia Khalifa & Satanic Cartel Signaling

Satanic Cartel Signaling: From Miley Cyrus To The Beatles


Cathy O’Brien has written of Kris Kristofferson, a slave trader for the Vatican, and Svali described satanic crimes, the sacrifice of children, committed at the Vatican.

Cathy O’Brien – An American Hero

Svali Speaks: Breaking The Chain

Bergoglio, under his alias as Pope Francis, calls for Europe to open its borders to muslim immigrants, who gang rape women in the streets.

Taharrush: CIA Promotes Sex Assaults By Muslims

Rape Lies At The Foundation of Islam

Coming Soon To Your Country: The Illuminati’s Sick Experiment In Sweden


Bergoglio, under his alias as Pope Francis, criticizes President Trump’s border wall, but he lives behind the high walls of the Vatican, built to keep Muslims out.

Vatican Wall

By the way, that chemtrail in the sky above the Vatican is part of OPERATION CLOVERLEAF, about which you can read more below.

Chemtrails, Smartdust & Mind Control: Look Up! You Are Being Sprayed With Poison!

Bergoglio, under his alias as Pope Francis, criticizes President Trump, saying he is not a Christian.  But he seems awfully chummy with President Macron of France, recently granting him a long audience, and presenting him with the Medal of Saint Martin–this while Macron’s police teargas citizens and fire plastic bullets into their eyes as protests by the Yellow Vests continue.

Springtime in Paris: They Just Don’t Get It

The Yellow Vests Against The New World Order

Police Brutality, Disinformation, & Infiltration Of The Yellow Vests

pope macron

The satanic symbols are everywhere, and it’s no suprise the Vatican named their own telescope Large Binocular Telescope Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research.

For short, they call it LUCIFER.

pope lucifer

There are a lot of people who are good Catholics, who just don’t know what is going on.  As Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler point out, in their invaluable books, the Illuminati use religion to manipulate people.

Books by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler on Illuminati Mind Control Techniques


Other good Catholics know the score, as they call for Bergoglio’s resignation.

Here’s another report by Church Militant, a Catholic group based in Detroit, which calls for the Pope’s resignation.

Pope Benedict resigned.  Let’s make it a tradition.

Bergoglio needs to step down, and he needs to stop calling himself Francis.  This criminal is unfit to lead the Roman Catholic Church.


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  1. I have no doubt everything you state is truth. The Church knowingly covered up child rapist priests crimes for many many years in every country and every U.S. state, all with the help of politicians and/or law enforcement. They allowed the priests to be relocated to other Parish’s (where parishoners were unaware of their previous rapes) so they could continue their deviances. These are sick, sick people. And, then sent them to wonderful places to retire. There is no empathy and compassion for their victims, no ability to know right from wrong and feel guilt. These people at the TOP are demonic reptilians, and believed to commit human sacrifices and drink their blood (adrenochrome). I believe one building in the Vatican is shaped like a snake.
    i am not religious but have heard many horror stories from those raped by priests and their families. They were sacrificial victims. I do believe however that there are good priests who care, but they are rarely heard from as their hierarchies stifle them.
    There are “execution lists” of those arrested, tried at Guantanamo, and executed for child trafficking, rape, child sacrifice, treason, and similar crimes. The Pope and his vermin associates are on that long list, as are the well known names of many politicians, celebrities, hollywood, banksters, and similar. I do not believe the “Pope” is the antichrist, but that person is in one of the other photos.
    Drain the swamp means something. peace.


    1. I don’t think the pope is the antichrist either or that there’s such a thing as the antichrist. It was just an expression to grab people’s attention—like saying he’s the devil incarnate.


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