The Fourth Industrial Revolution involves the combination of human and computer systems.

You can read a white paper, on the subject, by the British Government, below.

Nowadays, the United Nations works to put a smartphone in the hands of everyone on the planet.

With its partners, the United Nations works to put everyone online.

And they traffic children.

In the old days, there was no internet and there were no cellphones, but they did have radionics.

They attack our heads, hearts, and bodies with radio signals.

The radio signals go to cybernetic implants in our brains.

The nanotechnology in vaccines is only one example.

It’s easy to notice the enemy’s attempts to hack your body, heart, and mind—if you pay attention.

It’s easy to notice the enemy’s attempts to hack your body, heart, and mind—if you know something about the mind control technology developed by NSA, CIA, and GCHQ.

It’s easy to notice the enemy’s attempts to destroy your life if you understand the nature of the Deep State in England.

It’s easy to notice the enemy’s attempts to destroy your life if you understand the nature of the Deep State in America.

And it’s easy to notice the enemy’s attempts to destroy your life if you understand the nature of the Satanic Vatican—not to mention the unsophisticated, moronic, and perverted Jesuits who run the thing.

They have radio towers, they have satellites, and they have neural dust in our bodies, but it helps their radio system if they have receivers in our homes.

Before they had smartphones, they had microwave ovens—with computer chips.

Before they had smartphones, they had electric razors—with computer chips.

Before they had smartphones, they had stereo systems—with computer chips.

It was the Internet of Things, as the conspirators advanced the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and they used television and magazines—before they had the world wide web, in which we are now caught—to put consumer goods with computer chips in our houses, while we stupidly bought things we didn’t need, as those things impoverished our lives, and they helped the enemy, while we were told, again and again, that computers make our lives easier.

At the direction of the oligarchs, the sound systems were made by the same company that made the microwaves—with ovens for girls and stereos for boys.

Playboy was used to control sexuality, to push consumerism, and to promote the latest stereo system, with the best sound quality, because they wanted us to have something, anything, with a computer chip in our house.

You can read about what they did to me and others in my third book.

You can read about what they did to me and others in my first book.

And you can read about what they did to me and others, in my second book—where I really got into sound quality.

It’s all in Playboy.


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Our enemy depends on silence.


  1. Good afternoon for everyone who wants to was their time watching the World Coup (no typo), please waste your time with something else, in Brazil presidential elections and world coup are always in the same year, why do you think that happens? Why is Brazil the “country of football/soccer” when everybody knows the best football is actually European? Because it is the country where people are heavily brainwashed with football and politician idol-worship (yes). Please read this—deceiving-the-var.html and this if I could I would have a blog too and tell everything I can about this lame thing called commercial sport, just remember Paul the prophetic octopus what a joke bye FM thanks for letting us speak for freedom.


  2. Ok, sorry, just one more, this is Qatar’s world cup logo, apparently an “8”: (It’s the fist picture). It’s not actually an “8”, if we pay good attention it is the shape of an Ouroboros, the serpents that eats itself, please take a look at the first picture at this site and if it is of yours and anyone’s interest, here’s a basic and quick explanation of the Ouruboros meaning:
    It is possible to find basic, but still good, information about the egyptian god Ra in wikipedia, remembering the 13 steps of Ra which are partly about death, and we can also consider Qatar’s world cup mascot “La’eeb” which is theorically that piece of cloth arabs wear on their head to protect from sun and dust but the mascot kind of looks like a ghost:
    Will Qatar’s world cup be about physical death, or death of more of our rights, or of what is left of our consciousness of reality due to us being surrounded by so many screens, waves and all kinds of invisible things affecting us in the last decades, so well described in this site? Or will it be the death of an age, with some event happening that will strongly show its spectators from all around the Earth that a new age in this world is definitely comming and it is not like we will have to adapt but that we are already enslaved enough to only accept? Who knows. Even the ball will have a chip…


  3. 2018 cup in Russia had as its symbol a cup that looked like a mask. One year later covid-19 became worldwide news. Will somethig happen after the 2022 cup if it doesn’t happen during the world cup? Let’s always be alert and prepared. These events are never entertainment. They just wear out their sportist slaves amongst many other kinds of slavery happening while programming the population and they send messages. Thanks for reading.


  4. Number 8 symbolizes death, coming after number 7, which symbolizes the peak of a cycle (10).
    But FIFA describes it like that: “FIFA World Cup 2022 Official Emblem
    The swooping curves of the emblem represent desert dunes, and the unbroken loop depicts both the number eight – representing the tournament’s host stadiums – and the infinity symbol, reflecting the event’s interconnected nature, fusing tradition with modernity”. Source:,nature%2C%20fusing%20tradition%20with%20modernity.

    Eight was also Hitler’s most obvious number, relating to a war that became symbol of death more than any other (at least to Hollywood, media and pop culture): Heil Hitler = H H = Eight Eight = 88 = SS.


  5. Just another good link about the World Coup
    If we read the blogs altogether we understand better what happens to us in this artificially built prison called material world, whether we are MKd or not. In your blog we see the devices and scientifical part. In that one above the sinister Watcher cult is denounced with the worship of these stupid illuminati and their puppets to demigod-like creatures and how many events in the world are nothing but rituals of worship of these beings (and this world coup is sick and brazilian player Neymar is hurt once more, I wonder if it’s just football or ritual beatings/torture). In Sick Sad World blog ( ) there is also nice material although the author stopped posting long ago.


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