I have written elsewhere of the corruption of children through MAD MAGAZINE.

How CIA Used MAD To Poison Young Minds

alfred e neuman

That’s horrific enough, but nothing is too low for the degenerates at CIA that stood behind this rag.

What They Want To Take From Us – Part One

What They Want To Take From Us – Part Two

What They Want To Take From Us – Part Three

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Between 2005 and 2009, the magazine published fourteen issues of Mad Kids, a spinoff publication aimed at a younger demographic.  Or maybe, given the decline of education, it was simply aimed at stupid children who lacked reading skills.

Spongebob Squarepants makes children stupid, but MAD KIDS used it for worse.  Playing on fart jokes, it sought to make children into slobs and to make them hate school.

mad kids 2

Meanwhile, the first issue made jokes about vomit, while it encouraged young boys to torture their sisters.

mad kids 1

This lack of empathy drew on the Wimpy Kid books, which celebrate emotional immaturity, while MAD KIDS encouraged children to dislike waterparks where they might have fun outside.

mad kids 4

The aptly named Wimpy Kid may have played video games all day, and lied to his father, when he could have read books or played outside; but MAD KIDS wanted it worse.  They encouraged bondage, while they sought to drive children away from Wii, to degenerate games like Grand Theft Auto, so they would think crime was fun.  While the magazine sought to make children ungrateful for the video games their parents bought them, it encouraged children to play sick so they could trash their the house.

mad kids 3

Meanwhile, MAD KIDS encouraged children to hate the vacations on which their parents took them while they complained.

mad kids 3

Worst of all, MAD KIDS encouraged the torture of animals, laughing at their fear and pain, while children stuck dynamite up their rectums and chopped them to pieces.

mad magazine pokemon

ALL CAPS are a giveaway.


That’s what MAD and CIA are all about.


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