It’s amazing what passes for normal.


That’s the joke behind The Ladykillers, where a nice old lady mistakes a group of criminals for respectable people.

First the film featured Alec Guinness.

Then it was remade by Tom Hanks.

You know: Tom Hanks?

Tom Hanks, like many in Hollywood, is a child molester who drinks adrenochrome in satanic rites.


You can see one survivor of his abuse, a brave lady who has come forward, below.

Tom Hanks made his debut as a cross-dresser, who sneaked into a place reserved for women.

It was like the government’s guidance on transgender use of toilets.


That was put forward by Barack Hussein Obama II.

Tom Hanks promoted irresponsible behavior in Bachelor Party.


Tom Hanks promoted adultery, bankruptcy, and weakness in The Money Pit.

Tom Hanks supported Obama’s former vice president, Joe Biden, whom CIA plans to assassinate.


Uncle Joe likes the ladies.

So does another of his supporters.

Gaga likes to dip in the lady pond.

Here she appears in a dress made of meat.

Tom Hanks promoted the PATRIOT ACT, and the WAR ON TERROR, through the production of Band of Brothers, which he staged immediately before 911.


The whole thing was a false flag.

Tom Hanks supports NASA, which seeks not to explore space but to control earth.


But let’s return to his remake of The Ladykillers, originally starring Alec Guinness, who is just as much a creep.

The film is similar to another film with Alec Guinness, put out by Ealing Studios, The Lavender Hill Mob.

Not to mention an earlier Ealing Studios Film, The Man in the White Suit, which made light of Nazi companies like DuPont.


In Kind Hearts and Coronets, Alec Guinness made light of murder, and the crimes of the peerage, while he engaged in cross-dressing.

Alec Guinness was a bisexual who hoped to become a priest in the Church of England.


The church would have given him plenty of access to the bodies and minds of children–even more than Hollywood.

Alec Guinness was known for “cottaging,” and he was once fined all of ten guineas by the English Police for engaging in a homosexual act in a public toilet.

He also served in the Royal Navy….

I wonder if he ever met Lord Mountbatten–whose double could have appeared in Kind Hearts and Coronets.

Tricky Dick was the child-molesting royal, whose nephew, Prince Andrew, is a rapist.


Here you can see the First Sea Lord with his homosexual lover and nephew–or is it his son?–Prince Charles.

Here’s the pervert on holiday, in Malta, with the young prince.


Charles and Uncle Dickie were very close….

Prince Charles was also close to the child molester and rapist, Jimmy Savile, whom Mountbatten introduced to the royal circle and whom his mother knighted.

Here you can see the First Sea Lord with his homosexual lover and cousin: Edward VIII.


Edward VIII said he gave up the throne for love, but he tried to pimp his wife to Hitler, who refused, so he had to settle for farming Wallis Simpson out to Joachim von Ribbentrop.

The Royal Navy is just as bad as the American Military when it comes to homosexual rape.


The son of Alec Guinness was stricken with polio, one of NWO’s many plandemics, a bioweapon to promote vaccines.


The Crown, which knighted Alec Guinness, twice, lies behind the New Normal.


The Vatican, to whose church Guinness converted, upon his son’s illness, is another international crime syndicate, in league with the Rothschilds, who run the Windsors.

Their rivals are the Rockefellers–a different brand of scum.


The Vatican is a front for child molesters.



Alec Guinness wasn’t the only one who converted to the Papal Fold–so did his beard–I mean wife–who was a Jew.

Well–her father’s people were Jews.

According to the Jewish racial purity laws, which resemble those of the Nazis, your mother has to be a Jew for you to pass.


That’s why the Jews hate shiksas, who steal their men, and dilute their racial purity, while they use slurs for all Non-Jews:  Goyim or Gentiles.

Meanwhile, Alec Guinness took anti-semitic roles in films like Oliver Twist.

There he played Fagin, a Jew who corrupts the children he molests.

Later, Alec Guinness would play a brainwashed prisoner of war in The Bridge on the River Kwai, a film you can watch, in full, for free, below.

Since Hollywood, like Ealing, always thinks in formulas, they brought Alec Guinness back in Tunes of Glory, a film you can watch, in full, for free, below.

Alec Guinness has a widow’s peak–a sign of the psycho-surgery through which the Tavistock Institute implants people.


You can learn more about cybernetics programs in The Minds of Men, an excellent documentary film, by Aaron and Melissa Dykes, which you can watch, in full, for free, below.



Microwave harassment, and voice to skull, are heavily suggested in Tunes of Glory.


V2K often manifests as tinnitus–a ringing in the ears that covers hypnotic commands on a subliminal frequency.

Check out the scene in which tinnitus builds.

Or the nervous breakdown at the end, also featuring tinnitus, where it’s manly to break down, neglecting your duties, going to pieces, as you remember another man, who made the manly decision to kill himself for nothing.

Those are the messages you find in Tunes of Glory–where Susannah York looks like a man.

The hypnosis that tinnitus covers, while it is transmitted by radio, as well as forced speech, accompanied by neurolinguistic programming, is featured in Star Wars, where Alec Guinness plays Obi Wan Kenobi.


In Star Wars, Alec Guinness befriends a young boy.

And he appears with a gay robot.

And he wields his light saber.

Earlier he had grander roles–like in Lawrence of Arabia, which you can watch, in full, for free, below.

Lawrence of Arabia featured a homosexual child-molester, who worked for British Military Intelligence, while he embraced the false religion of Islam.


Alec Guinness would appear in other high-falutin nonsense, like Passage to India, which portrayed rape survivors as hysterical women who need to apologize to darkies while they imagine their assaults….

Similar nonsense, in which rape was dismissed as non-rape, appeared in Doctor Zhivago, more trash to feature Alec Guinness.

The treatment of Lara, a brave and beautiful woman, truly bothers me.

Here she appears dressed as a whore in the satanic colors of red and black.

It makes me want to vomit!

Not to mention the weakness of Yuri Zhivago….

After he helped create this filth, the cartel honored Alec Guinness–just as they honor Tom Hanks.

That didn’t stop NWO from attacking Alec Guinness with microwave harassment.


When he died, Alec Guinness had prostate cancer–a result of microwave blasts to his penis, anus, and the area in between.

That’s how the New World Order treats its own.


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  1. This material is very hard to swallow… but my heart, with all the evidence, tells me it is true. I pray for all those involved, especially the victims. I myself was subjected to V2Skull and MK-Ultra at the hands of an extremist FLDS group, in Salt Lake City. Thank you for spreading the truth, I really appreciate your hard work.


  2. Sarah Ruth Ashcraft is the victim of Tom Hanks.

    [A thread from twitter was sent with the original comment, but the international crime cartel interfered with it loading properly].


    1. Thank you, my friend.

      I have incorporated the picture of Sarah Ruth Ashcroft, with her tweet, which you sent, into the article above.

      Nice teamwork!

      Our freedom, our strength, our intelligence, and our ability to work together are some of the many qualities that make us so much better than the enemy–qualities they will never have, which is why they always lose, tearing each other down in their slavery–a fact that makes them insane with rage.

      I hope that you and others will continue to write to contribute to articles–something that happened very nicely not just here but also in the piece on Vassar.


      Let’s fight them together!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. We’ve found something else in USSR movies.


        – The signals and codes are usually provided at the start of the movie (within the first 10 minutes).
        – When you research USSR/CCCP children movies over the past 70 years, it is difficult to find any ‘Girl’ films. It appears the majority of children’s films were ‘Boy’ films (95% based on our observations thus far).
        – Many of the films are set in a ‘Camp’ of some sort – i.e. Political, Summer, Holiday, etc.
        – Almost every USSR/CCCP children’s film contains scenes of children (Boys usually) in a state of partial or full undress and nudity. Research indicates this was particularly the case during the 1960’s and 70’s.
        – Octagon symbolism and codes are present.

        #octoring #octozone
        BY OCTOZONE I give you quote and his page

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  3. ISAAK KAPPY revealed him too and died because of Tom Hanks.



    For years now, Tom Hanks has been creeping people out with bizarre pictures of random single gloves, shoes or boots found on the ground, combined with strange captions. Many of the comments on these posts state that these pictures actually represent people who were killed or abducted by the occult elite.

    About a month prior to Kappy’s death, Hanks (who was accused by Kappy of pedophilia) posted a picture of a glove on Route 66 (Kappy died on Route 66) with the caption: “Historic Route 66. Roadkill? I hope not! Hanx.”


  4. Well, hmm, disturbing, unbelievable, very weird, uncalled for really, crazy & why are we the people allowing all this? Isn’t it all preventable? I suggest too,, perhaps move into the wilderness, the country, a desert island…If you are near those 5G towers, wear ear plugs. This whole thing of evil running the world is plain ridiculous!!


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